Crazy Figure Task Force Ranger Master Sergeant (Operation Gothic Serpent) 1/12 Scale Figure Review

Box Contents

  • Master Sergeant figure
  • 6 Bare hands
  • 4 Gloved hands
  • BDU combat uniform (Tricolor Desert Camouflage)
  • OD color T-shirt
  • PT vest
  • SF Chest rig
  • OMEGA Tactical vest
  • 2 American flags
  • Radio bag
  • Pistol Holster
  • Canteen and cover
  • S Belt
  • Hip bag
  • Night vision bag
  • Sundry bag
  • Compass Pouch/first aid kit
  • ALTA kneepads
  • PRO-TEC helmet
  • AN/AVS Night vision
  • NVG Batteries
  • Goggles
  • Bottled drinking water
  • JULIET Sports glasses
  • GSG9 Boots
  • MX300R Radio
  • Unilateral Headset
  • RO727 Carbine gun and red dot sight
  • Gun lamp
  • 5 M16 Magazines
  • M1911A1 Pistol
  • 2 Flash grenades
  • M18 Smoke bomb and sleeve
  • 2 .45 magazine cases

Over the last few years, I have started collecting more and more 1/12 scale items. I mainly collect the Marvel and Star Wars figures produced by Hasbro with the few offshoots here and there depending on the subject matter. If I collect the high end 1/12 figures it’s normally from companies like Bandai or Mezco. When I saw the Crazy figure stuff I was skeptical due to fear of knockoffs or sub-par quality, especially for the price I was not going to run headfirst into a no-name company. Seeing as how some reviews showed the product as a shrunken down DAM Toys Gothic Serpent set I decided to give them a try. The set is almost identical to DAM and is a great filler for someone like me who never bought the 1/6 versions and regretted it ever since.

This is just a quick review to show the quality and make of the figure. I have the Gordon and Shughart figures coming in tomorrow. I will apologize in advance for the images, they are not the best and I did not get good shots of the helmet, radio, and rifle. I will try to get shots of those at some point. I was trying to put the figure together and take photos at the same time. I also need to get a new lightbox as I haven’t had one in years.


The box is very clean with images of the figure on the front and back. Very 1/6 in design as they show where parts go and have the usual “Choking Hazard”. The figure and pieces come in the foam “trays”. This was nice to see as they will keep the paint apps safe when stored. Unlike companies like Bandai and Mezco who use plastic trays. All the pieces when put in the tray after inspection fit well and don’t shift around much.

Scale and layout

The one issue most companies face when dealing with 1/12 is the scale. They can all be labeled as 1/12 but they vary widely height and scale-wise. I used my Mezco Netflix Punisher to show that the scale is about the same. Figures like my Ben Affleck Batman make the Hoot figure look short, to be fair the Batman makes all figures in 1/12 look short.

The other image show all the pieces removed from the box and laid out. For 100 bucks he does come with far more than my other high-end figures who are only about 20 dollars less. The detailing is about equal. The price is rather fair and in my opinion, this figure is better than the other companies.


Like the 1/6 figure, they can get technical with the name but it’s obviously based off Eric Bana as Hoot. The figure is rather sturdy for the size and scale. With companies like Mezco and Bandai, my fear is the figure falling apart taking it out of the tray. This base body feels and acts more like you used a shrink ray on a DAM body.

The body is a mini DAM body with a few changes. The shoulders attach to a thicker peg so they can more under all the gear and uniform without a big fear of snapping. The hands use a more Hot Toys like a peg. The crazy figure was smart and made the pins on both ends thicker so swapping isn’t as big of a “hold your breath and hope” moment. The bare hands do not have as much detail as the 1/6, i.e. the veins and skin texture. The gloves have some texture in the “cloth” section. The feet use the “Beet” system so no feet are included. The head is decent for the scale. It’s like the DAM version, so not 100% likeness but looks like a person and not a cartoon.

Uniform and Boots

The uniform is where Crazy Figure really won me over. Buying Hasbro figures I am used to no soft goods. The few Mezco figures I do have come with the suit or clothes sewn on to the body. That normally makes it look bad if the sew job wasn’t as clean as it could be. This uniform is tailored well and the sewing is very nice. Some of the pockets could have been cut better but that’s what happens when you make the scale smaller. That’s a small nitpick as from a distance it looks great. Like the 1/6 uniforms, there is a mix of pockets that function and some that are just for looks. The leg and chest pockets do open. The patch is an iron-on I believe, it does not have a “seam” so there shouldn’t be much of a chance of it falling off. The shirt is also held closed by small magnets. That was a nice surprise, I was afraid of the snaps as the 1/6 variety have a tendency to snap easily.

The boots are beets as mentioned before. They are solid plastic with minimal weathering on the toes. They do provide enough support to the figure that he does not topple over easily. The one minor nitpick I have again is the design. A figure like the Mezco Punisher comes with an ankle joint and the boots are separate pieces. That would benefit this figure a bit with the kneeling poses. Overall they look good, have nice detailing and hold the figure up.


This section will cover the PT armor and knee pads. The knee pads use elastic straps and can be adjusted for a tighter fit. I slipped them onto the legs before I put the boots back on. The pegs may work but due to their size, I was not willing to test it. They are nicer than the 1/6 counterparts as the front does not fall off. The glue in spots is visible but a minor weathering could cover that.

The Body armor is very thin and maybe a tad over scaled. I could be wrong as I do not own a 1/1 copy to test it on. The flag patch is Velcro and can be moved around if need be. This comes with another minor nit as well. I would have liked a plate in the back, some padding or more material would have given it that body armor look. I failed to see if the flap functions, on my next run through I may see if I can pad it out.

Base build

The figure is fairly easy to put together. I’m sure with the background knowledge of how 1/6 works, it makes this easy to figure out.


The sunglasses have translucent lenses but follow the same path of 1/6 and feel like they could snap at any moment if a light breeze comes by.

They do fit the head well, but I wouldn’t put them on if the helmet or even radio sit on the head.

The pistol is one solid piece. Nothing moves or comes off. This is one of the pieces I am not as impressed with. I may swap it over to a Mezco 1911 which allows the slide and mag to move.

The holster is detailed of a small piece. The sewing is like the uniform, it is clean and allows the pistol to sit without forcing it into place. The male portion of the clip was on the web gear when opened. The leg buckle actually works. I did learn that in the future I may just slide it on before the kneepads. The buckles clip easy but are a nightmare to work at this scale.

The radio pouch uses MOLLE to attach to the web gear. It is able to run over the belt with no issue. MOLLE at this scale is a pain to work. Using picks or toothpicks may be the best way to run it. The radio does fit in with no issue and the cord can be adjusted to hold it better.

The black pouch uses the MOLLE system as well. There are no functioning zippers on any of the pouches. They come pre padded and sewn shut. That does make it a bit of a pain if you want to adjust how “full” they are.

The compass and pistol mag pouches are plastic. They use the old plastic clip-on method. They slip on (and off I may add) super easy. They make it easy to adjust the loadout when need be. None of them open but are detailed.

The canteen and pouch are both plastic. Unlike the previous pouches, this one can open and you can remove the canteen. The flaps are easy to open and the peg is sturdy enough to allow this action. Would I recommend doing it often, no but if you set up a scene you can without fear of breaking it.

The smoke grenades and the pouches are like the canteen with their function. The labels on the smokes are clear and fit in the pouch without rubbing or bouncing around.

The OMEGA vest comes with the butt pack and NVG pouch pre-attached. The belt can be removed from the vest if need be. The NVG pouch is like the black pouch and is “shut”, while the butt pack is able to open and be stuffed. I added two mini weights to mine and trimmed the straps as they were overly long.

The chest rig fits all the mags and flashbangs provided. It will have to be adjusted before being put on. The one issue this piece faces are the lame stick pads to keep it shut. They only hold if you apply a lot of force on them. I plan to attach magnets at some point for a more consistent hold.

The magazines and flashbangs contain solid details as well. The wording on the flashbangs is easy to read. That is until the micro wording pops up. I was happy to see that the magazines had the “bullet” paint app. I was sure they would have made solid color mags as it’s a minor detail.

The figure came with a mini water bottle as well. It wasn’t until I watched the movie again and saw the end that a bottle is tucked in behind the chest rig that I understood the inclusion. It is a solid piece with no removable lid. It’s a nice piece but like the sunglasses went right back into the box.

Now bear with me as I will try to cover the rifle, helmet, goggles, and radio. The rifle is one solid piece minus the removable magazine. The optic can come off as well. Mine is on very tight and I did not risk sliding it. The stock can be adjusted as well.

The helmet comes with all the padding and Velcro pre-attached. The NVGs can be moved up or down based on preference. Like the optic they can be removed but I avoided testing that as well. The battery pack has small stickers to add detail. I will try to get some better shots of the helmets with my next figures. With the padding already in the helmet, I was skeptical of how well it would sit on the head. There is A LOT of padding, but surprisingly it sits very well on the head. The goggles come with the typical soft elastic. They can be adjusted and sit on the helmet or face.

The radio is solid and has a much sturdier feeling wire than most 1/6 radios have. The headset can be adjusted to the head but still seems large. Once you stuff the head and radio in the helmet, it looks all-natural. The radio-like battery pack has small stickers to add detail. The only issue is the antenna. It is very small and could probably snap off. I suggest waiting to add that at the end of construction.


This was a great purchase for the price. With the scale being smaller and not to everybody’s liking, I am hoping the price point stays fairly steady for now. The body feels more stable in hand. It is nowhere near as fragile as the other stuff that I pose then avoid touching again. I do have plans to buy some other pouches to add to him as well as some of the Mezco gun effects.


Great review! I picked up a 1/12 scale Crazy soldier just about 1 month ago to see if they were any good. To my surprise they were. But they were expensive for the little buggers…at about $90 a pop. I just wanted to see the quality of them. I don’t think I will pick anymore up…