CTSFO June 11 2022 Worthing, UK

Perhaps a figure that could be easily and simply made?

Ferro Concepts Slickster:


Warrior Assault Systems Drop Down Utility Pouch:

C2R Fast PTT Pouch

LBX Bungee Pack:

GM Tactical Glock 17 Viridian x5l covert holster Gen 1:

PIG FTD Alpha Gloves:


US Night Vision Triad Aiming Laser:

Steiner MK4 Battle Light:


Very clean low profile look to it.

That would be a cool figure! Slick, sleek and high speed! Maybe E&S will step in?!

Well the market certainly seems to be getting bored of US figures lately, maybe a good time to freshen things up with something a bit more grey. DSI are crying out for a figure and they still have the old MCX tooling for the CTSFO.