Custom Benelli M2 shotgun

Hey Guys,

Back again with another recent custom weapon build by me. This time I want to show off my new custom Benelli M2 tactical shotgun. For this piece, I simply switched out the pistol grip stock on a Hot Toys M3 shotgun (released with multiple different figures) with a rifle stock from the Dr. Figures RX4 rifle to make it a little more unique. I have used this stock on a couple of different shotgun builds now and it has definitely improved the pieces that I have used it on. Judge for yourself…

As always, your thoughts / comments / suggestions are welcomed.

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Nice to see your building again. Great job on the Benelli! I used to own a Benelli. They are great, great shotguns!


Glad to see this one getting some love. The M2 has always been a weird one, what with the convertible pump/SA function. It’s also the first 1/6th weapon I owned, from DML’s “Rick” ST6.