Custom Law Enforcement M4 with RRA Tactical Carry Handle

Hi All,

I have always loved the look of the Surefire M500 with the taclight built right in to the foregrip; it just screams tactical SWAT load-out. I was therefore very happy when SS released one with their NYPD ESU figure a couple of years ago - this was a huge improvement over Art Figures version from a few years prior. Although, I felt it needed something else to really complete the look, so after going back and forth with different ideas for a while, I decided to make a custom Rock River Arms Tactical Carry Handle to complement it. What was a great looking law enforcement M4 is now (in my opinion, at least) a much better looking piece.

As always, your thoughts / comments / suggestions / criticisms are welcomed.


Nice build, I agree that it really stands out.
I’d wager many folks would think that’s a 1/1 image.


Agreed on the carry handle, it looks great!

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It does look great. Scratchbuilt, or 3D printed? I like this version better than the NYPD ESU release. I think it has that retro carry handle look while still using the same optic.

I just picked one of those up too, not too long ago.

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All scratchbuilt. I would love to try my hand at 3D printing some day, but that is not something that I have dabbled with yet.