Custom Made 1/6 Scale Blackhawk Cabin Diorama by Elfbait

Custom Made 1/6 Scale Blackhawk Cabin Diorama Revamped or Revision 2.0 by Elfbait!
Painted in Army Olive Drab!

Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System (FRIES) actually works! The rope is included. He had to learn how to create a fast rope, including how to splice the top end for the realistic look!

The M1e4D is totally revamped, as well as the spent cartridge chute, which is now articulated and actual mount system for the Blackhawk! Swivels in all directions.

The gunner seat has been revamped and improved in metal with parachute material that has been stitched on to the metal seat!

Ceiling of the BH has metal wires and communication wires going throughout the cabin and can hook up for two crewmen!

Hydraulic brake fluid lines to the wheel!

Enough space to hold at least 6 of your figures!

This has been redone to make it more accurate to the real Blackhawk Helicopter! Painted in the shadow lines! Took months of revision!

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Phenomenal work and a lot of features. Is it unique or will be in production?

Thank you very much chpo! A lot of work has gone into this.

It is already produced. Already 2 have been sold, 2 more have to be revised. Another guy is thinking about buying it. Kim has not made many of these. I have just sold 2 before the revised ones. So he has made a total of just 6. 2 before, 2 now, and 2 left.

6 already. It’s much better detailed and larger than this BlackHawk section a company once released. Forgot the brand though.

Do you know how much work is going into one of these?

That is outstanding.

Sculpting this masterpiece took a lot of time. The original mold took around 300 to 400 hours. Don’t have the exact time, but he gave me ballpark estimate. Then there is the painting, another 5 hours. The chair, 5 hours. The Minigun, here it is the same, I cannot give you the exact time, but around 10 to 15 hours. Etc… All of this adds up. Kim is a master when it comes to resin. Resin costs were about $200 alone!

I am selling these. If anybody wants one, they can PM me. We do take installments! Pay whatever and whenever you wish. No pressure.

Remember, there are only 2 left and he has to revise them.

Thank you very much Suicide_Commando!

Sorry, I have too little space and only police figures, that doesn’t match it. But thanks :slight_smile:

Hey no need to thank me. That is some amazing work. I can believe it took all of those hours, there’s a lot of attention to detail there.

Looking great with the upgrades. On a different level compared to previous attempts like the Scale Store/DA ones.

chpo YOUR MIKE!!! LOL! GREAT LOOKING! BTW, he is making the canisters for the minigun. I think it suppose to hold 4,000 rd.

Thank you all for responding. Kim has just made the ACME M134 Ammo Canister for his M134D for the Blackhawk Helicopter. This is a bad a**! Now the main box is metal, but the rest is done in resin as most of his things.

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I can say that this, the model is amazing. What you see in the pictures is what you get. I am very happy with mine. I just need to fine tune some fasteners that were lost in the mail, that escaped the packaging. And get my crew and passengers all squared away.

The upgrades are well worth it.

When the weather gets a bit colder, and I can’t work outside any more, I’ll start messing around with my gear again.

I haven’t been on the site for a bit. Schedule has been a bit nuts. But I will return

I figured you might end up with one of these Mike with the subject matter being right up your alley. Fasteners aside it sounds like it survived the long journey. Speaking of helicopter projects did you ever manage to get anything done with those little bird benches?

I’m looking forward to a slow spell myself, for the last month I haven’t had time for much of anything. Seems like everyone wants work done ahead of the holidays earlier than usual.

Pics Mike…we are all waiting on the pics! LOL! Kim sent the ammo can from the states. You should get it by next week some time.

It survived the trip very well. It didn’t handle the clutz handling it very well though. I had it on the desk and knocked the landing gear off it when I walked into it. Good thing I know a good Aircraft Tech.

I have been in the same boat since Feb. Work and family stuff.

It arrived yesterday. I had this strange package arrive, and had no recollection of why I should be getting one. It’s fantastic. Now I need to figure out where/how to mount it in the cabin.

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Some more of Elfbait’s work

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This update just reminded me I need to take care of a few things… like pictures and repairs.

And the ammo box is just as amazing as the rest.

Distractions are bogging me down again.

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