Custom Made Berets by Anthony

I bought a beret from Anthony on his ebay site:

What can I tell you…the beret is great and HE COMMUNICATES WITH HIS CUSTOMERS! Number 1 service! Has unbelievable comms! Treats his customers with respect!

Now for the sad part of the story…another beret maker, whom I shall not reveal his name. I wrote him a message and I wanted to buy two berets and asked why the additional shipping is 0.00, but I get charge 0.20P? But he simply blacklisted me without writing me back as to why. I managed to buy the beret, but he refunded my money. I am sorry but this guy shows no respect…

With Anthony, you will always get respect and great comms!

Thank you very much Anthony!

Thanks for sharing the beret source, Dave. They look good, as well as the other stuff. Sorry to hear you had difficulty with the other source.

Thank you Mike. :+1: