Custom made P90 Single Point Sling


Great work. Looks like it is from the manufacture.

Outstanding work indeed.

I was planning to make one for my Hot Toys P-90 (showing my age here :smile:), this would be a handy guide to make one now. Thanks Chris.

The HT one is good in combination with the matching GIGN figure. Slightly over scale, but better execution than this one. ZyToys has better functions though like moving fire selector and a cut out ejection port.

I love the old DML P90s. I consider the ZY ones to be “side-grades” rather than true “upgrades.” Admittedly I don’t have any of the ZY examples, but I try to avoid their stuff.

I may be biased…

Still, I would welcome an updated P90 with the same execution as the best of what SS, DAM, and E&S have to offer.