Custom Mk16 SCAR PDW

Hey fellas,

I have been quite productive of late and have been able to gradually start ticking off a few projects that I have had in various stages of completion for quite some time now.

Today I want to share my new custom SCAR PDW. Very little to report on here, aside from repainting the various grey furniture elements black and adding some new accessories, and she is reborn.

As always, your thoughts / comments / criticisms are welcomed!


Very slick mate, looks great to me .I’m loving the camo with the black. Top job.!

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great work there turkeyshot! Great, great work!!!

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She looks beautiful! Great work!

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Thanks fellas! I am pretty happy with the way she now looks - the small repaint has significantly altered the overall look of the piece, and the Fab Defense folding grip looks awesome the way that it tucks up into the magwell.

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Looks great and the backdrop is amazing!

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ES should consider a rerelease this in the proper black colors. People will want the FN tan as well so would probably make for a good A/B figure.