Custom Norinco Type 56 SKS rifle

Hi All,

Inspired by some of the recent work of some fellow members who have tried their hand at modding the ugly post-apocalyptic SKS which came with the VTS Wasteland Ranger (aka: Mad Max) figure, I too have finally finished my own attempt. Unlike some fellow members, however, I have added the distinctive ‘pig-sticker’ bayonet found on Chinese variants of the SKS to really make this piece stand out. I also added a little paint here and there to touch up some of the surgery. This now looks so much better than the original. You be the judge!


This build is basically the VTS SKS will all of the superfluous crap (scope and mounts and that weird block grip) removed, and the addition of a bayonet (sourced from a Minitimes Type-56).


As always, your thoughts / comments / suggestions are welcomed.


Wow! This looks really goood! Fantastic paint work, too! :+1:

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Hey! I’m that fellow member!

Did you have to do any modding to the Minitimes bayonet, or was it a straight swap? I might look into doing this.

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Wow…I just knew you could make a better one! :wink:

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You are indeed that fellow member, Scrib!

The swap was relatively straight-forward. Simply pop the pin out and you have yourself a bayonet. Be careful though as it is spring-mounted. You will need to source a new pin as the original is not long enough to fit the SKS. I just used a short length of wire. While the bayonet does swing forward and lock in place due to the spring, it is not recommended as this will likely break the thin plastic holding the pin in place.

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Well, that just looks brilliant !
I have the VTS rifle because it is quite nice, under all of the added movie stuff. I will definitely be attaching a bayonet. Your fixes show the best way to deal with the ever-occuring “close, but not what we’d want”, situation.

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