Custom SIG MCX and LVAW rifles

Hi All,

I have managed a little more time at the bench lately and have customised a couple of new SIG MCX rifles. Here I present the siblings: the SIG MCX Virtus and SIG MCX LVAW rifles. These 2 builds represent the love children of the E&S MCX from the British SCO figures and the LVAW from the E&S Elite Unit Weapons Set C. I simply switched out the lower receivers rather than trying to remove and re-glue the stocks. I have always liked the look of that particular skeleton stock on the MCX and believe that this now looks much better than the original sliding stock.


Aside from switching the receivers, both pieces received custom paint jobs: an anodised finish on the Virtus and a snakeskin camo on the LVAW.


I am pleased with the way that these worked out and feel that I got them pretty close to the inspiration pics (shown below).

Your thoughts, comments, and criticisms, are of course, as always welcomed.


Mate love these weapons they fantastic! Great job on the repaint. :+1:


Both look great turkeyshot. Some very impressive custom work going on.

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Those are looking good, as expected from turkeyshot! E&S really could have been more ambitious with their LVAW sets. I assume they still have the sliding MCX stock mold available.

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Beaitiful mate love the snakeskin camo.

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These are absolutely awesome, totally jealous of these.

Also agree on the skeleton stock, that’s my favorite.

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These are beautiful! Awesome work. I love the LVAW with that sliding stock. :call_me_hand:

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Cheers Darren! Glad that you like them, mate. :beer:

Thanks Suicide_Commando!

Thanks Scrib! I fully agree with you about the LVAW sets. It would have been nice to see a wider range of handguards and stocks in those sets. It is a pity that they only utilised different 2 stocks and 1 handguard despite having moulds for the skeleton stock and MCX handguard as seen here. The buffer tube stock on the DAM MPX carbine is very nice, as is the way that the stocks are interchangeable on the DAM versions. It is a shame that the parts from the 2 brands are not interchangeable.

Cheers Nick! :tumbler_glass:
The snakeskin camo is relatively straight forward to replicate … spray a darker colour through a fine mesh (I use a piece of mosquito net) onto a lighter base colour.

Cheers Luke! Great minds think alike.

Thanks oso2013! Changing the lower receivers is a straight swap. Just pop out the pins and switch 'em over. Very easy to do and well within the skill set of one such as you. The paint job took a little longer, but was still a pretty simple process.

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Cheers indeed, Im just starting to experiment with spray painting weapons so thanks for the tip.
I think it may be a while before I’m brave enough to risk my sigs yet though!:beers:

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