D-Boy Breacher (1st SFOD-D), Iraq 2006

Here’s something I’ve been tinkering with for awhile now.

“Delta Force,” officially known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta ( 1st SFOD-D ), is one of the U.S. special missions units primarily focused on the counter-terrorism mission. SFOD-Delta has been through a few name changes over the years, and even though it will likely always be known as SFOD–Delta, it was recently renamed the Combat Applications Group (CAG) and is now officially known as Army Compartmented Elements (ACE). (Military.com)

For probably close to a decade now I’ve wanted to do a proper “Classic OIF” D-Boy. You know, wearing DCUs, a MICH '01, the full Paraclete set and with a Gangsta-gripped 416. I’ve now managed to get my hands on the right parts, and am satisfied with the outcome. I may do other iterations on this theme in the future, but for now this is (to me) the “grail” kitbash I’ve been working on for so long.

CAG Breacher - Loadout

Uniform + 1st Line

  • Footwear -Danner Acadia Desert (SS)
  • Fatigues - Modded DCUs (ES + PH)
  • Belt - USGI Rigger’s Belt, OD (DAM)
  • Lanyard - TAG Pers. Retention Lanyard, OD (DAM)
  • MT - Gerber Multitool + carabiner (PH + SS)
  • Gloves - Mechanix MPACT, Original (VTS)
  • Forearm - UA Wrist Coach, black (PH)
  • Bucket - MICH 2002, AN/AVS-9 NODS + battery, ESS goggles, strobe + light (DAM)
  • Comms - PELTOR Commtac (old?) (TCT)
  • Illum - Petzl Headlamp (DAM)

2nd Line

  • Vest - Paraclete RAV w/ groin protector, OD (DAM)
  • Rifle mags - 2x Paraclete Double M4, OD (DAM)
  • Holster - Tac Tailor MBITR pouch (mod), OD (DAM)
  • Comms - Paraclete MBITR pouch w/ 12g, OD (DAM)
  • Frag - Blackhawk! M67 pouch, black (DAM)
  • Flashbangs - Paraclete double Flashbang pouch, OD (DAM)
  • Pistol mags - Paraclete double pistol pouch, OD (DAM)
  • Wpn cache - Blackhawk! shotgun holster, black (DAM)
  • Patch - Full colour USA flag (PH)
  • NODS - Paraclete AVS pouch (DAM)
  • GP - Tac Tailor 3x4 GP, OD (DAM)
  • Hydration - Paraclete Camelbak pouch, OD (DAM)
  • TQs - NAR TQs x 2 (DAM)



  • Glock 22 (or 17?) Gen 2 w/ 2+ base plate (DAM)


  • Gat - HK416 (DAM + mod)
  • Optic - EOTech 552 (DAM)
  • PEQ - PEQ 15 w/ pressure pad (DAM)
  • Grip - “Gangsta” Grip, CAG special (custom)



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Well done! Very practical, “low gloss” kit up. While carrying quite a bit, these guys look pretty streamlined, compared to now.

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Thanks! Agreed, it’s a great period/subject, kitbashing-wise, for that reason.


Wow :astonished: Nice one @Canuck!:clap:

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Yes!!! :+1: That’s a really nice one! And I can understand why this is the “grail” kitbash for you.

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Thanks both! More to come soon :wink:

I love this! Something very mystique about these guys… Bad-ass operators for sure!

Looks nice and clean. Thanks for the ref photos as well, I always thought the vest is too bulky (I have one from Soldier Story) and voila the real thing is actually very bulky.

Thanks both.

Yeah, the old Paraclete vest was pretty bulky, which reflects the type of mission CAG (and other SOF guys) were doing in Iraq at the time: SWAT-type “door-kicking” missions in builtup areas where they a) usually had a ride to the X and b) expected heavy resistance once inside. A big beefy armour setup is preferred when you’re going up against barricaded enemies in close quarters. Meanwhile in Afghanistan, lighter setups were favoured. Compare pictures of CAG in Iraq and NSW in Afghanistan from the same period - while CAG often wore heavy setups with groin protection, their NSW counterparts were often using slick armour with chest rigs, or no plates at all (with exceptions of course). Once things wound down in Iraq, there was a corresponding move to make armour lighter and a lot of the platforms with level IIIA soft armour - like the RAV - were dropped in favour of plate carriers like the MBAV, JPC and 6094. Even today, though, you’ll often see CAG wearing beefier JPC/AVS/SPC setups with abdominal and side plates, reflecting their typical mission type.

On a side note, a lot of the older vests by Soldier Story, TCT, HT, TS and the like were far too big. Heavier vests like the RAV/CIRAS/Interceptor should extend down to a point several inches above the belt line (not below it, as with many older 1/6th vests); and plate carriers should stop at or above the belly button. ES is pretty good about sizing their plate carriers small I think, but DAM’s are often far too large.

You nailed the look on this one.

This is an interesting pic. Seems a bit later than 2006 with the use of Multicam and DCUs, and the H&K 416. And the Gen2 DCU pants. What would those little white tabs be at the knees on the 2 uniforms?

Interesting that they have a bunch of colourful patches too, which isn’t something you normally see from Delta boys. Usually you don’t see more than a flag patch, and a blood type patch.

Thanks! No idea on the clips - initially I thought they were some loose threads or some sort of uniform defect, but I’m beginning to wonder if they’re breaching related (ie junction/some other sort of clips for shock tube, det cord etc). Often when you see tape or other weird accessories mounted on the legs its for breaching.

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