Daewoo K2 Assault Rifle


I thought this was interesting.


I am still waiting for a proper quality 1/6 Korean rifle. If I am not mistaken, one company once made a K11, but in low detail quality?


Well…your going to wait a long time…LOL! The shop owner order a lot of these like I told you on the other post. He sold his last K1 about a month ago. It has been at his store for over 10 years! K2 sold at a modest rate. He sold out of them around 5 years ago.

K11? No I think you talking about XM29 OICW which was made by Dragon and it had great details.


Interestingly enough the K2 is a highly sought after airsoft rifle by western collectors as the only replica is from Toystar in South Korea. Pretty neat rifle that was well ahead of it’s time by the looks of it.


Seems like I meant the Hasbro F2000 from FN.

Some company released K1 and K2 in 1/6?


Yeah, the Hasbro F2000 from FN did not have great detail, in fact I think it was under sized. More like 1/7 scale.

I thought I wrote about it on this site, but it was OSW (reply 6):

The shop is run by a friend, but like I said, he is all sold out. Sold out of the K2 years ago. In fact, when they were plentiful, I was giving them out like candy to OSWers.
K2 is undersized, while the K1 is oversized…LOL!


I did get that K1, but missed out on the K2. one day I may find one.