DAM 78063 DEA SRT Agent El Paso


Boooooo! That just sucks…


Perhaps a standard and a deluxe version ?


Standard looks very deluxe haahhahah.
As discussed on other threads think just shows certain sellers increasing pricing. Hobby kinda feels its going that way, to a degree. My regular suppliers keeping pricing sensible…so I am buying. Juts pre ordered him $150 inc shipping to UK. Have seen this figure @ $208 (+ shipping add did not say). No way paying that hahahha - Go and collect 1/18 Marauder stuff, or 1/12 star wars. I like a good return on my £££££
Happy shopping all…find the bargains


$215 at one regular online dealer, $190 at another. The shifting sands of the products seems to mean some dealers are being more particular about what they carry.
It’s an interesting figure, lots of stuff, and a few weak spots (I agree that DAM needs to sort out their Glocks). I find myself thinking the yearly shift in the price ceiling has no limit, except in value rendered.


Yeah, $215, that’s not even close to the $200 dollar mark. Then add and $25 for shipping too. It’s a real nice figure but… I dunno.


Even with that price tag, this one blows my hair way back. I’ll have one.

I don’t even mind the hairdo.

This figure can be done as-is for me, swap uniforms… changed, swap weapons, changed, add some Division type gear, changed, hell add some sci-fi gear… changed again.

I believe the saying is “winner, winner, chicken dinner”.


This is a great looking figure. Probably the first DAM figure that’s not a con exclusive that has really stood out. The amount of gear is a nice bump. So the 200+ tag is sort of fair. I am happy that we finally get other gloved hands that are not just rifle grip or bare.

I guess I am the odd man out and it may be that I haven’t been around many Glocks but I don’t see the design as all that bad. To me SCARs and Glocks always looked like lego guns based on the block design anyway.


I blame fairys and dinosaurs. This would be an ideal time for competitors to pivot towards gear sets and open up a much wider price gap. At these prices the bodies and head sculpts are becoming less relevant and if anything, far more divisive.

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DAM has decided to retire their previous multicam fabric in favor of a new more subdued fabric. All previous DAM multicam products are henceforth double rare.


Very nice. The new color looks much better. Perhaps this will be the best MC Uniform in 1/6?!


I agree. That new set looks so good. I will have to grab a set or two.


I also prefer the new version. Good choice.


Me too.:slightly_smiling_face:

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