DAM C-More and Vector color matching

Hey all,

Does anyone own all or a combination of the following products?

-DAM EF014 (Green Vector)
-C-More sight from DAM EF018 (Woodland Vector)
-C-More sight from DAM EF009 (Camo AK-74M)

I’d like to procure a C-More sight for my green EF014 vector, but I’ve been squinting at pics and it looks like the EF018 C-More is too light and the EF009 C-More is too dark? Is this the case, or is one of the C-Mores an exact color match for EF014?

Sorry, lacking EF018 here. Anything, I can do for you?

Could you take a pic of the EF009 C-More either next to or attached to the green EF014 Vector?

Cmore from the AK is slightly darker, but overall a nice look in my opinion.

Thank you! Hmm. I think I’ll wait to see if anyone can take a pic with the EF018 C-More. I do have the EOTech 551 from the set fitted to the Vector, it’s (obviously) an exact match color-wise. Thing is, I have various EOTechs fitted to four of my five Vectors, so some optic diversity would be nice.

It is a bit difficult to pickup the differences here with the flash but the 018 C-more is lighter in color.

I don’t have the AK variant, but I just updated my Kriss Vector review with both those versions.

The EOTech looks to be a bit darker, and the C-More more of a brown than green in hand

That’s perfect, thanks Adam. I will stick with the 551 on the green Vector and give one of my black ones a matching C-More.