DAM comtac help

A few days ago, a radio headset from the DAM HRT figure that I had ordered finally arrived. However, it won’t sit properly on my headsculpts, which in turn prevents their helmets from sitting properly as well. I believe that this is because the prongs on the head band didn’t go deep enough into the connecting pieces on the ear pieces. Any ideas for what I could do?

Does the headsculpt on your figure have more hair, or “big hair”? The HRT (Kevin Costner) sculpt has buzzed sides.
I’m wondering if you might have to trim down the head, or possibly modify/remove the helmet liner, to fit the headphones. In the past, that was done, but I am not as familiar with the type of headphone that attaches to the helmet.

Usually what I do is get a pair of flat tipped tweezers then position them over the prongs and gently bend them inward so the headset cups will be drawn onto the side of head. Sometimes you need to bend the headband first or as well depending on the hair situation with a particular head. It can be a bit fiddly to get them to sit right on the ears and squeeze under a helmet if you have a balaclava and a head with sculpted hair as they’ll want to splay outwards. Angling them in a bit helps with that.

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Like I said, the problem is with the prods and connecting rods. This has been the case for almost all of the DAM headsets that I’ve tried, with the notable exception being the ones from the FBI SWAT figure with which I have had an excellent fit on the sculpts that I’ve had them on. The prods must be the key, because I’ve already tried switching the rods out with those from the HRT set and observed no difference.

In truth, My interest in the HRT one lies solely in its bulbous style of mic. So another option, if I can’t get it to fit right, is to transplant its mic onto the SWAT head phones, or do vice versa with the prongs. Certainly it would be easier to source other DAM headsets with the type of mic I want and just transfer those onto the only types of headsets which actually fit, than to source more of the HRT ones.

Ok, I finally found a solution. I took a look at the prongs on the SWAT headset, and realized that they’re actually shorter than those on the HRT set. So I took a wire cutter to the latter ones and made them more or less the same length as the former, allowing them to go much deeper into the rods than before. Now it has little trouble fitting under helmets.

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