DAM Gangster’s Kingdom Spade J...with a twist

Hey all,

On a whim, I decided to work on a kitbash, and having received the final parts today, I can now show it to all of you: Spade J from DAM’s GK line!

Wait, something seems off…

Yeah, definitely off…

He doesn’t look like a comic book character!

I like a lot of the early figures from the GK line, cartoony features and all, but my budget when they were releasing dictated me only picking up firearms I was interested in from the sets. Which is actually still the case. The earlier figures are quite expensive and I think I missed the boat there.

With switchblade. I was able to source most of the parts from the GK001EX version of Spade J, which I actually like more than the original release with the brown jacket and cap.

Hood up. The head is DAM’s Jason Statham from 78066, and the jeans are from DAM’s Spade 4 “Chad” rather than GK001EX. Spade J “Ogier” is a cartoony caricature of Statham. One of my favorite aspects of the GK line is the hilariously Engrishy translations of the ongoing story included with each new release.

This is kinda outside my normal wheelhouse, but when inspiration strikes (helped by finding a critical mass of Spade J parts on eBay), it’s hard for me to stop myself.

Parts list (all are DAM)
Headsculpt: 78066
Body: 78062
Cap, jacket, hoodie, satchel, scarf, necklace, wallet & chain, boots, switchblade: GK001EX / Spade J EX
Beretta: GK003 / Spade 3 “Bernie”
Jeans: GK004 / Spade 4 “Chad”
Hands, belt: 78024 (spare parts I had lying around after purchasing the boxed figure years ago)

Thanks for looking!


I enjoy DAM’s GK line, and I think they could stand to focus on it a bit more, as it’s a nice change of pace from all their military figures, and helps set DAM apart from other manufacturers, besides the top-tier quality of their products. To my knowledge, no other manufacturer makes figures with “stories”, let alone ones as interconnected as that of GK. Even if they don’t make more figures, I’d still want them to make more content in that universe. Comic books like the ones that come with some of the figures, but longer and serialized, would be great.

I like it a lot, feels like a Guy Ritchie take on GK, congratulations!

I really like your take on this figure. IMO, DAM’s GK line would be truly awesome if the figure’s headsculpts didn’t look so cartoonish & dumb.

Exactly what everyone’s been saying, like the ideal version of the GK line. Reminds me of the movie “Ronin” for some reason.


Definitely can see that ref, the “Euro” meld of the film has a lot of this.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone. I had fun putting this together!