DAM gas mask repaint

I did a bit of an experiment today, to see if I could re-paint one of my Green DAM gas masks Black. And I am very pleased with the way it has come out. I firstly painted some Humbrol Maskol onto the green lens, to protect it from the paint. Once it dried, I then used the Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black paint onto the mask.
Once that was all dry, I gave the mask a dust over with some Tamiya Soot weathering powder, to add a flat look to the mask, and finally I then peeled the Maskol off the lens.



That looks fantastic. Nicely done. Thanks for the tip with the Maskol, I’ll have to try that.

Thank you for the reply, and I am glad that the tip will help you.
Doing this today, has made me think. As the Black acrylic paint works on the mask. I am wondering if White would work as well?
As I am thinking of a white mask for my DAM winter naval figure. And putting some mirror tape on the outside of the extra glass lens. So that I might be able to replicate the mask in this picture.


Yep’r, good ol’ Maskol is the way to go. Great job!

Great upgrade.

The paint adds a nice texture to the mask as well.

Thank you for the replies.
This is the weathering powder I used, which helped to get the flat level look to the mask.
ICapture Selection-20210709-152923-1

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This is the other part of the mask assembly I made, so that the filter can be worn on the back of a figure.

I would suggest using some krylon metallic spray silver foil. Pretty much exactly the same outcome as the reference picture I’m going to be doing the rest of my gas mask in a few days and I’ll post finished images here if anyone’s interested.


Hi, yes I would be very interested in the result you get.

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I use this weathering technique also. Great effects!

If I may show, this is my attempt at a hand painted White gas mask. To be honest, it would be better spray painted. The mirrored lens was a cut out section, from a sticky roll of mirror material, applied and trimmed to shape with a sharp model knife.

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Im still working on mine but I have the outer lens and vent sprayed just need to spray the main mask and the cover for the filter white and today or tomorrow will likely be finished.

Got some in progress pictures of the vent and filter.

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Very nice work, the spray paint definitely gives a better effect to the mask and filter.

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Thank you very much. Sadly I don’t own any airbrushes so this is likely the best I’ll be able to get it without it. I’m finishing up the main mask tomorrow and I hope it turns out as good as the other pieces did.

That mirrored lense really looks effective. Great job mate

Would love to see the finished gas mask on a figure

Darn great job there!

I have the finished product. I got my fingerprints on the visor but it makes it look a little bit worn. All in all I’m very happy with how it turned out. Obviously the visor isn’t the same reflectiveness but I think it’s more suitable for the scale

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What I did if anyone would like to try to replicate it is I used krylon silver spray paint and put a coat on the visor let it dry for around an hour. Take off the front vent and use krylon flat white colormaxx put probably two or three coats depending on how well the first goes on. Be careful about the slits on the vent as to not have them clog. The filter is a little more finicky if you leave the cover on. Spray it down thoroughly but keep your distance as to not leave a thick coat on, you only need a thin one. Let it soak in and after an hour or so see if it needs more coats.
The main mask surprisingly was the easiest part for me, I kept my distance from it while spraying but making sure I got all sides and the straps I didn’t mind to keep the green visor and just sprayed over top of it. That’s about it. Not crazy in depth but the most important part is keeping distance when spraying.