Some might like this new upcoming GK figure. For everyone who missed out on the MP9 or likes other weapons or items from this set:


The Head is the same like from 78013 DEVGRU RED TEAM – VBSS

A return to form for the GK line?

It will be nice to have more MP9s available, though customers who want the suppressor are SOL. I may have to pick up the AR-7, though DAM merely gave the existing mold for the stock a new paintjob. Older AR-7s with wooden stocks don’t have the texturing on the grip that current-production models with the synthetic furniture do.

I’m disappointed to see that they are continuing to use the crappy old G18 mold when they’ve produced two new molds for the G17: the Operation Red Sea medic’s Gen 3 and the Gen 4 with the upcoming 78072 figure.

And the Engrishy story is as great as ever! Decidedly wackier compared to past entries.

I like the dpm pants

MP9 variations would have been welcome. With rail instead of fixed grip or other attachments.