DAM Preview of Upcoming Russian Figure


Altyn and gorka? Would have preferred a more high speed SSO type of figure

That on his back? Hard to tell, but looks plausible. Found on BBICN



DAM ran out of current figures to copy, so they had to go way back for this one. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I mean to be fair, every spetsnaz officer looked exactly like that for a good 8-10 year period! I’m excited regardless, Gorkas are so cool and I’ve been trying to pick up a SMERSH (or Partizan?) rig for years. Just wish it had a PKM.


This is definitely a cynical cash grab on the part of Dam. I’m almost sure this is a re-release of the Vympel figure, complete with the rare-as-hens-teeth Partizan webbing and plum colored AKS-74N rifle, both of which sell for absurd amounts of money when parted out. The Vympel figure as a whole is one of the most expensive legacy Dam Russians on the collectors market, after maybe the PKP gunner and special edition ATACS Alfa operator. The re-release will draw in both figure and part collectors, without the burden of having to create unique new content. The RPG is intriguing though, and as a kitbasher and parts collector I’m hoping for a few addons to justify this being a “new” figure.

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I’m not opposed to reissues of popular figures if enough time has elapsed. Parts have disappeared from the market and so reissues inject a fresh supply.

I don’t think our hobby is in a growth period, but reissues make it easier for newbies to grab a figure based on a particular subject without paying through the nose for an “antique.” They also get to benefit from updated bodies, tooling, etc. that the original release lacked. I get that this doesn’t really benefit us old hands who either own the legacy release or parts from it, and would like to see something new.

Personally I hope we get an AK-74 with wood or plum furniture, I’ve seen enough triangle folders from DAM.

If that is an RPG-7D, I hope they can execute it better than the DiD version. DiD’s breaks down, but you can’t stow the tube underneath the launcher like on the 1:1, and the DiD model has a standard RPG-7 rear vertical grip. The 1:1 RPG-7D has its rear grip offset to the left of the launcher to accommodate stowing the tube for transport. Thus making the DiD version a mashup between the two variants. The DiD PG-7/PG-7M is also slightly off compared to the 1:1, several 1:6 manufacturers such as Armoury and HT have been unable to accurately tool up a PG-7 for some reason. They’re always missing or fudging one detail or another.


Seems to me that very few of us are excited for this, I personally am very interested. I’m happy to see more of the gorka. And I’m really looking forward to this figure. Also that helmet could very well be a Maska but it’s likely it’s just an altyn.

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It’s definitely a Smersh. You can tell by the butt pack as it has two buckles.

I picked up two of the previous DAM FSB Vympel when they came out and it is a great figure . I think this one will also be great but the big question is if it will be $80-$100 better than the previous version, since DAM prices have gone up around that much.

The KGBhobby sets were wonderful, and in that case I think the older DAM FSB sets were very much worth the additional $30-$40 to get the complete set and undeniably better weapon.

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Dams quality seems to been consistent throughout all of their Russian figures so I don’t think we have to worry about that. But the price is a definite concern, but I think the quality rpg is a good piece for me. And maybe a higher quality helmet. I’m still hoping for it being a Maska helmet.

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image lightened a bit for some additional details

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Definitely a rpg on his back but the helmet is still of question (It better not be another zsh). And whatever firearm is the primary.

Thanks krisbe. There’s nothing innovative about this figure but I don’t care! If it releases more useful parts (harness, helmet, gorka, weapons) into the 1/6th market then I’m happy. I’m not prepared to pay 5 bills to get these parts from an older figure.


Same here. When DAM released the Hunk figure through EKUAZ, I wasn’t paying attention. That figure contains a lot of updated parts and clothing for my old HT military figures. I’m still regretting not putting the PO because now it’s selling for serious money.

I wouldn’t mind DAM re-releasing KSK team leader or DEA agent with no change whatsoever, I’d snap them in a heartbeat.

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On a personal scale, I wouldn’t mind re-releases of some of the older figures that I missed, because I started late into this hobby.
Certainly, the idea to produce figures in limited quantities has collectors in mind, who can then hold some rare, vintage pieces or hope to make money from future prices for sought-after figures or parts. On the other hand, as some of you have pointed out, this hobby does no seem to be growing, these days.
You can see some old figures being offered for ridiculous prices at the usual auctions, but some of them are offered more or less for ever, probably because the number of people willing to put out that sum of money for a figure is a very small one. So, seeing figures as an investment for future monetary gains doesn’t really seem to be a sure bet, for me. Better invest in the stock market or vintage cars, if you want to make profit…
I mean, Kenner/Hasbro did some re-issues of the classic Star Wars figures, so why shouldn’t DAM or others be able to do the same. The molds and everything should still be packed away, somewhere, shouldn’t they?
Even if Flagset is a shady company, I would buy their early SFG figure without any hesitation if they chose to release that one, once more.
Also DAM’s MARSOC and maybe even some Russians… :wink:

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Altyn or ZSh. Any other helmet would require a new mould and it doesn’t look like a SKAT. I guess, we will be disappointed.
Shame on me in case I am wrong!


Just saw the release images. Figure might be a huge letdown for some as anticipated already. AKMS rifle w/ GP-25 and APS pistol with wooden stock. ZSh helmet.

RPG-7D and munitions look good. I’ll source several of those to completely replace the DiD launchers in my collection.

I was gonna complain about how they lifted the AKMS configuration wholesale from 78070S, but this rifle has the resin pistol grip, while 78070 (and 78083) have the earlier laminated wood pistol grips. Both are correct for the AKM series, but the resin appear to be far more widely circulated. So I guess I’ll pick up one of these rifles.

The PBS-1 suppressor has officially lost its status as an exclusive item as this is its third release - I’m surprised they didn’t include yet another PSS with this release :joy: Now tool up some 5.45 suppressors DAM!

Good to see another APS with holster stock. The Spetsnaz in Dagestan figure is about six years old at this point, and DAM is already reissuing the AKS-74u.

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Just looked through the pictures again, it looks like there is a separate assembly that simulates the tube in the stowed position? So the tube detaches but does not actually connect to the launcher. Wonder why DAM couldn’t engineer that. So we get another chunk of plastic.

Well looks like I’ll just have to find a better primary and helmet for him. I don’t think all wood would match the visuals of it. I really wonder why they don’t want to reuse the old altyn mould, It’s been forever.