DAM Previews Russian Sniper

Exposure adjusted so you can make out a bit more detail.


seems to be an interesting project … :blush:

Good bye ZY2012, I guess? Unfortunately, DAM provides a PSO-1. A different optics mould would have been appreciated.

I can also spot a gas mask?

Oh wow, now that is cool. And yeah, looks like a gas mask to me chpo.

Shots fired in ZY’s direction!

Looking forward to this. It appears to have a synthetic finish. Makes sense for a modern figure.

@chpo, is the PSO-1 not the correct optic for the SVD? Or did you want to see something more modern?

Yes, or sth else in addition, like the one from ZYTOYS. Everything correct is fine by me, but I like more options.

I like it. More EMR camo, likely a load bearing vest and appropriate mag pouches for an svd, the rifle itself, and a PMK-4 respirator! Also finally using that Obzor sight from the modern firearms release a while back. Looks like it also includes a helmet; hopefully we’ll finally get something other than the VDV specific 6b28, maybe a 6b47, 6b71m or LZSH-1 low cut.

hmmm, the first DAM 78070 Russian Naval Infantry was a sleeper hit, sold out super fast once it was release and is going for high prices now. Good to see DAM following it up with potentially another Russian grunt ?

DAM it, they just keep pulling me back in…

The first figure, the Russian Airborne Troops VDV In Crimea figure, went way too quickly, I misjudged in getting only one. I think DAM figured out they were on to something.
The follow -on machine gunner, in winter uniform, is a good one, but a lot of people wanted more of the first. To me, the two versions of the Naval infantry figure is meant to catch some of that fire.

Now this sniper, if he is what he appears to be, will slot in nicely. It would also salve the ouchies of frustration over the female paratrooper - tho all they needed to do, was also release a male paratrooper, equipped for a jump.

The gas mask is bound to the special edition, like the ghillie suit.

It was a shame with the Natalia figure, as i had to kitbash my male paratrooper figure instead.