DAM SKS modding

Has anyone attempted to mod the SKS from the two Mad Max figures? I don’t own one, so I don’t know how solidly everything is attached.

I want to know if that big ugly block on the underside of the forearm is easily removable, and how it’s attached - is it part of the forearm mold, or is it pegged/glued on?

I’d also like to remove the two scope mounts on the receiver. How solidly are they attached?

I have had similar thoughts.

I don’t have the rifle in question, but modding it to resemble a more traditional SKS shouldn’t be too difficult. Even if that weird chunk on the grip is molded on, it should still be quite easy to cut it off, fill the wound with some modeling putty, and sand it back flush. The scope mounts should just pry off: slipping a thin blade under the mount is usually enough to break the bond. A little sanding and it should come up OK. A lick of paint will hide any surgery.

The final challenge will be scratch-building the folding bayonet.

Looking forward to seeing any progress you might make on her.

turkeyshot, I don’t have a fraction of your gun customization skills, I’m afraid. Best I would do here would be to pry off the scope mounts and the forearm block, and if removing said block left an ugly gaping wound, wrap some strips of electrical tape around the forearm to keep with the post-apoc look.

I wouldn’t be looking to add a bayonet either. I’ve never painted any of my arsenal, but some of it could use a touch-up. Wish I had access to an airbrush.

I bought one of the Type 56 carbines (Chinese SKS copy), when a few were released loose, from the Women’s PLA ceremonial guard figures. They are finished as the nickel/chrome finish, which can be “blued”.


I also have some of the old 21C SKS rifles, from their NVA figures/uniform sets. They aren’t bad, but have the usual early, deep grain stock sculpts.

A few of the Type 63 assault rifles, from the “dance troop” militia figures ended up loose, and I got one of those. They have the curved, 20 round magazine, and the real weapon has a bolt system like the AK, tho it externally resembles the SKS.


I actually don’t have much of an interest in the SKS as a weapon, I know others that shouldn’t require any modding have been released by other companies. The DAM Mad Max one is available on the cheap and I’m merely curious if it’s worth plunking down $6 on!

I’m pleased to report that modding the SKS is quite easy. The block on the forearm pulls right out and does not leave any sort of “wound.” It is held in place by weak glue, and plugs into the SKS’s natural channel in the forearm for the bayonet.

The front scope rail is also held in place by weak glue. The rear iron sight it sits on is fully detailed, but has some glue residue.

The rear scope rail is pegged and glued in. I had to break it off and file down the peg ends.

Not bad for $6!


Looking really good.

Well done.

That’s excellent news. I will be looking for one now.