DAM toys ARs

Hey guys somewhat of a newbie here getting back into the world of 1/6th. I was curious if all of the DAM toys ARs come apart at the rail and barrel system I recently got the original operation red wing figure and the M-4 kind of came apart. Im just asking because I would like to keep buying DAM the quality is great. Thanks guys

The M4s usually do. I know that very old ones have the charging handle come in one piece with the upper receiver and I don’t know about their handguards and barrel. The CAR-15 from the 78043 is based on an old mould. Here you can actually remove the barrel, but no moving parts available.
The newer M4s with a d-ring can be completely disassembled. One exception is the VM-027 Punisher rifle. D-ring and barrel seem to be gluued in. Different handguards might have different characteristics though. My 78049 M4 with the free floating GG&G forearm can be disassembled. However, the 78063 seems to have a glued in barrel.
The 78042 and 78044 with the Troy Industries rail have it removable, but the barrel will remain in place.
You might hear collectors with a different experience, as sometimes glue is used in the wrong place or simply forgotten, which leads to unforseen features like a removable barrel.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about DAM 416s.

By the way, try M4s from E&S, too. They are more modular in a modellers view, like exchangable pistol grips due to weak glue etc. and more stock options.