Dam Toys Elite Firearms Series 3 The Vector CBR Rifle EF018


My first batch of pictures here, and first review. You have to smart small sometimes. Lets get into this.

Pretty standard box with the different versions on the front, and a small label on the side to tell you which version you are getting.

Inside is a molded tray holding all the bits, and a resealable bag underneath holding the vest and pouches.

The molds are the same as the Virtual Toys (VTS) Darkzone Agent figure. No surprise, as VTS and DAM are the same company, one being the military line and the other the semi-licenced movie and game line(this is the VTS arena).

This is the full package. Nice greyish brown Swedish splinter style camo pattern. You get a set of 3 60 round mags and 2 10 round (I think it should be 15 round, but I could be wrong. A look at the magazine details show maybe 12 round.) Glock pistol mags. Back up sights, C-More red dot optic, black sling, forward grip, and silencer. A black chest rig, and 3 different style magazine pouches are included as well. M4 Style, pistol mag style, and a set for the longer Vector mags.

The original Kriss Super V, as it was formerly called, was designed to use standard Glock pistol magazines in 9mm calibre. There was also a rumour of 12ga. shotgun shell version being made at that time, but I have yet to see or hear of that design being made yet. This 1:6 scale version is in .45ACP

It took about 2 minutes to assemble the Vector. Pretty complicated stuff. :wink:

One thing I noticed on the vest and pouches was a lack of quality in the sewing, and the fastex buckles. The buckles looking like something from sets seen almost 10 years ago or more. Really cheap plastic, and come apart easily. And the sewing on the M4 pouch straps was pretty poor. Also the straps are too long, and stick out past the pouches. It’s an easy fix, but at the price they are charging for weapon sets now, you shouldn’t have to fix them.

Lots of small details. Engraved printing. Magazine release. Charging handle. Forward grip. Some takedown pins(molded, not removable. That I can tell anyway).

I think the front Back Up Sight is wrong. it looks to be a second peep sight. I think it should be a pin/peg set up at the muzzle end. Looking at the box art, it’s hard to tell if it is incorrect, but it appears they are all like this too. A quick search online, and even loose sales look the same.

Right side details. Moving safety switch. Moving PEW switch. More fine engraving detail.

Fire and PEW PEW


Charging handle flips out.

Top down view. More C-More details. Side rails from the top, with flashlight pressure switch. Sling attach point on the top rail.

Right side details with the ejection port opened. Another interesting detail is the switch for the flashlight that has the cord run through the inside of the frame, and out one of the heat vents. Nice detail.

Folding stock.

Adjustable butt on the stock. There are no rigid pins to hold the position of the butt. it doesn’t fall out, but the fact that you can move it but not pick a position is an interesting but kind of wasted detail. It could be glued if you want it to stay in one spot. Or if you are feeling extra crafty, you can make your own pins. maybe some time down the road on that one…

Magazine details.

One of the things I may have to do if I use this Kriss on a figure is glue the stock in position. Folding stocks have a tendency to do just that when you are posing them on a figure. That can be a bit annoying. And like the original VTS offering, the silencer tends to angle up a bit when attached. So I am not sure if that is on purpose, or a design flaw with the plastic set. Otherwise, the parts fit well, and for the most part are snug and stay put.

Overall it’s a pretty cool piece. I may have to track down some of the other accessories from these as single bits, as it seems a bit cost prohibitive to buy them all, and mix and match parts. I was looking at the tan version with the M4 style stock and civilian style barrel shroud as an alternative version, just for fun.

I managed to get a good deal on this one on auction, so the price was decent in that respect. Shipping cost included. The regular retail price on these seems to be a bit high now that I see the final in hand set. To me it’s just a bit hard to justify a $50 1:6 scale firearm and accessories that cost that much, and still have some QC issues.

All the negatives aside, I’ll still fine tune it a bit, and use the heck out of it in a future bash. I have been a big fan of this firearm design, and I think it is currently the best option of all the Kriss Vector options on the market now. Not all of them are created equally. And I have another one of these on the way too. Big plans. Stay tuned.

If you have some more pictures and opinions, feel free to add them.

DAMTOYS EF012-18 Kriss Vector SMG Tactical Sets

Desert Raider approves.


It’s a common issue with the Vectors due to how they designed the hole in the body where the barrel inserts and the barrel itself. Basically the the end of the barrel that inserts has a bit of a ramp where the back of the barrel has about a third of the barrel cutoff. The idea being if the receiving hole on the body is perfectly flush then that chopped portion of the barrel inserts and then butts up against the front of the body where the barrel goes back to it’s full size. The problem is depending on how much glue is used, the position the barrel is held in, and some variations in the angle of the opening on the body, the barrel tends to have a slight upwards angle to it.

Depending on how much adhesive they used to secure the barrel you can warm it up with a hair dryer then push downwards on it (careful with the pressure) and that will lift the barrel section inside enough to break the glue bond. There is a pretty audible sound when the bond breaks then you can wiggle it free (also how you can swap barrels if you want an all tan Vector. You can then either leave it unglued if the friction fit is secure enough and push down in position when the suppressor is used or reglue the barrel while holding it in a more level position.

The other issue tends to be the the charging handle assembled a bit sloppy at an angle. The front rails are often not aligned properly either, although they are only friction fit so if yours are uneven you can push them in gently to level them. The buckles have been a general issue for DAM over the last year or so of production. They are using something that is more like a resin material for the smaller buckles and it tends to be not great quality. A bit more care in their QC would be welcome as most of their weapons tend to have assembly quirks. Perhaps they could divert some workers off their dinosaur line to give their bread and butter a bit more attention.


Wow, that Vector looks great! Nice review, thanks.


DAM messed this up, but it should be 13rd (G21) and 25rd (MagEx 25+) respectively.

Would be nice if DAM had actually manufactured this kind of mag extension in several parts than a one piece mold.

It’s the only KRISS I didn’t get, but in hand the paint job looks much nicer.


I figured the magazine round count was off, but I didn’t look into it. I do know the original TDI Kriss (Transformational Defense Industries, the original name) was chambered in 9mm, so a new caliber in .45 ACP would mean a slightly decreased round count in a similar sized magazine.

I may have to grab a couple more versions of this, but I will skip the white camo version as it’s the same as this one, and I won’t be doing any winter type figures.

I actually made a custom Kriss about 10 years ago when it was first announced, but after comparing it to the current DAM Toys offering, mine looks a bit under scaled. I based it on a Hot Toys Glock 17 magazine because that was what was being used at that time. I them scaled it to fit a 1:6 scaled hand, and measured from there. One day I may even dig out that old project, and finish painting it haha.


Do the civilian versions with the barrel shroud have the same issue, or is it just the ones with the silencer that have the issue?


They use the same mounting design, but I don’t recall them being as pronounced. Given the extra length/weight (would tip them downwards rather than up and the fact that they aren’t permanently glued it alleviates the problem whereas the shorter barrel gets glued to that slightly ramped lower surface of the cavity it plugs into.


@cdn_rhino Just checked this review you posted on OSW and not even one comment.
Looks like modern military is completely dead now over there.


No comments, but it had a few hundred views. So that works for me. I don’t always comment on things I view too. It’s more about informing folks about the in hand product that fishing for comments.

Speaking of that, I have the Multicam chest rig just purchased from AdamC. I’ll add some pics shortly. The other chest rig must have been a bad one. I also have and OD green Kriss coming too. Got lucky on an Ebay auction.


Thats’s true, works kind of like release pictures. But still, I wonder, as other threads are more frequented than military.
Your review turned out nice. Curious about Division figures.


A great review. I may have to get one and sub it in for my Division Agent. The original is nice but now all the updates and camo look better.


An OSW link to the review of the first VTS Darkzone Agent.


I just realized, I never did the Renegade or Tracy figure reviews.


This is the OD Green version EF014. I have posted some comparisons to the camo version above, and the original VTS Darkzone Agent version. And any updates missed or variant info.

Bits in tray.

Some more sewing QC issues. Grey pouches with the OD Green Kriss.

Grey pouches. Same sewing quality as the black. Not great.

Different vest versions. Multicam, grey, and black. The Multicam version I have, from Adam C, is sewn quite well, and has no issues compared to the other ones I have.

EOTech details, left side.

EOTech Right side.

The glass inside the optic is a nice detail.

Front sight on this one is the proper peg style, not another rear peep sight.

All accessories. The silencer mounts straight on this one. I just found out the tactical light is removable

You can see the angle of the barrels on this one. Only the OD version is straight.

Comparison of the brown camo, VTS Darkzone agent, and OD Green. Only the OD one has a straight barrel when the silencer is attached

The Vector symbol plug on the VTS version.

The Plug is removable for the tact light. This is a new find for me.

DAM C-More and Vector color matching