DAM TOYS Green Beret in Afghanistan

Hoping someone here has a little more knowledge than I do. For the DAM TOYS Green Beret in Afghanistan, he has the SOPMOD M4A1 RIFLE and M1911 TACTICAL PISTOL. I am wondering what other rifle(s) and sidearm (s) they might have carried, that are available in 1/6. Thanks.

Are you looking for something period correct or just in general? In more recent years they have been seen with MK18, M4’s with the Daniel Defense FSP rail, most of the FN family, SR25, M110, Glock 17 and 19, M9s and others. A range of those have been done in 1/6, with the DD FSP variant being one I don’t think anyone has done yet.

I am looking for period specific to the recent 78057 special show release.

Osprey Publishing has a great book on this subject matter from that time period. From their section on equipment and weapons:


  • M4 SOPMODs (Block 1) with and without M203s
  • M24
  • MK11 MOD 0
  • SPR (MK12 MOD 0)
  • M82A1

Machine guns:

  • M249 (standard and para)
  • M240B


  • M9 or M1911A1 pistols

Submachine guns:

  • MP5A3 and MP5SD3 submachine guns (deployed but rarely used)


  • AT4
  • Carl Gustav

Adam’s fine thread - 5th Special Forces Group Afghanistan 2002 - some good pics there, of their carbines.