DAM trying 1/12 scale?

Not really sure what to make of it. They look well done given the scale but probably too small for my liking.

They would solve the space problem a lot of collectors have, however I prefer 1/6 where detail is just right, which drew me to this hobby.
Asking for a 1/12 gun with moving parts would be probably impossible. I am not in for this.

DAM should just do a SAS in 1/6.

Yeah I can’t quite see a good balance between detail and something that won’t fall apart. I can see it maybe filling a niche for some for the reason you mention. Customizing 1/12 would be a royal pain.

Like putting on cloth gloves.

If this keeps the companies alive who do 1/6 it’s fine to me. Like SS doing Ghostbusters now or Transformer clocks. I could also deal with bigger gaps between releases, which SS practices quite good already, looking at their delays.

DML’s SAS “Nigel” sure has gotten shorter in his old age…

I have absolutely zero interest in this.

I would guess they’ve been watching too many reruns of 6 Days. I would think if they had chosen a more popular subject matter or something a bit more unique it might have garnered more interest. Maybe they are looking at things like Figma/Playarts and wondering if there is a market for them to develop in smaller scales given the typical higher prices from Japanese brands.

I saw these posted a while back on OSW and actually think they’re cool. I’d imagine they wouldn’t be so much for customizers or bashers, but rather more for straight up collectors who want a figure finished right out of the box. I also wouldn’t expect them to have as many moving parts as 1:6 scale weapons for obvious reasons; I see the major parts moving and the rest just being a detailed sculpt. Personally, I’m also committed to 1:6 scale figures and don’t want to branch out. (To date, the only exception I’ve made were just a few 1/18 scale troops which consisted of my favorite RAH characters and some BBI Elite Force.) But, as a self-admitted action figure nerd I wouldn’t mind seeing these do well for 1/12 scale collectors.

Speaking of OSW, the pics of DAM’s new 1:12 Vietnam figure were posted there recently. Predictably, the figure’s based on Taylor from Platoon, with an Elias figure teased as well.

So this is where the M16A1 and Colt 653 are being used. We really wanted these in 1:6!

Though if DAM were to go the IDF Colt Commando route, I would be…not interested.

One onesixer thinks maybe DAM might do 6-inch Russians, if the scale pans out. He noted that he has a number of 1:12 Russian weapons, and that more are available. I looked online, and there are a lot of weapons in that scale, mostly connected to hero-type stuff.
Some of us discussed this at Timewalker, last night, with 1:6, 1:12, and 1:4 scale figures around us. There’s enthusiasts for all three scales, but each scale has certain characteristics that make or break deals.

I don’t see 1/12 succeeding in military but it has legs in pop culture given how Hot Toys and Sideshow fleece their customer base. From the looks of it DAM shifted their History series into 1/12 given the two nam figures and the SAS figure would have been History series products. Reminds me much of the diecast industry where increasing 1/18 scale prices have forced some brands into pushing 1/24 hard as an alternative, with limited success. In the short time they have been promoting this scale they have already raised prices 37% between offerings. DAM seems like a rudderless ship if you ask me.

I’m on the fence with these new figures. On one hand, this new Platoon series looks promising but I’m not sure if I want to take the plunge into the 1:12 realm. Guess I’ll have to wait for some reviews to really make up my mind. :thinking:

I am personally not attracted by these series 1/12, even if many brands come out figures (Dam to come, Coomodel with samurais, MEZCO …). The detail will never be comparable to a reproduction 1/6 … but maybe this market will interest those who do not / can not afford to buy 1/6 whose prices have not stopped increasing these last years. By the way, I want to note that Soldier Story stays in a competitive price (example with the box SS105).

I also have ThreeA figures and they have 3 formats available: 1/6 (30cm for men characters and 35cm on many female characters :kissing_heart:), 1/9 3Ago (20cm) and 1/12 (15cm) … I will do some pictures to compare the versions. The quality is quite impressive at 3A

Here are the visuals of the 2 SAS versions, which come out these days …


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Crazy Figure just released 4 Russians in the last months covering a lot of gear 1/6 collectors would probably like as well. I still can’t see the advantage in these as they increase 1/6 prices and have far less detail. It saves you space though.
Anyone knows which company Crazy Figure belong to or are they standalone? Looking at them reminds me on DAM.

I think its a splinter of DAM. Seems funny that they would do the BHD figures and now the Russians. I’m waiting for the Grenadier to drop and buy him. See how those came out. If they do the Tears of the Sun line I’m going to be broke.

DAM alsonhas their own lines going. They seem to be fixed on Platoon. May not have them all for 1/6 but 1/12 will.

If they made more contemporary figures, like from Neptune Spear or even later, I’d probably get one. Might fill in that GI Joe-shaped hole in my heart.

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