DAMTOYS 3.0 Body Neck Modification

关于DAMTOYS 1/6 男款3.0素体 颈部修改 及 材质调整的说明: 1.素体颈部内部结构做了修改 。 2.PVC躯干材料和硬度做了相应调整。 感谢大家的支持与期待

DAMTOYS 1/6 Men’s 3.0 Body Body Neck Modification and Material Adjustment Instructions: 1. The internal structure of the body neck has been modified. 2. PVC trunk material and hardness have been adjusted accordingly. Thank you for your support and expectations



Wow, new neck in development?! Nice!

Basically going back to the old system then. The current shipping body was a stop gap anyways as that was always intended for the VTS and licensed movie/etc lines. That body however has the best tooling tolerances they’ve done so far and allows for much more natural positioning of the arms to the side of the body. With the revised flexible upper torso material and old neck peg system this will be the ideal body to be using. The only other change I’d like to see them make is changing the neck peg to the Hot Toys medium length neck peg standard as this would open up more heads for a proper fitment on the body.