DAMTOYS 3.5 Body Preview

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Okay…looks good to me! :+1:

This looks a lot like a very refined ACE body.

I’m sure Ive had more than three different kind of their bodies already!

For me, the worst one so far is the one that comes with the Russian Naval figures. That body is so tall and a nightmare trying to get other Damtoys heads to fit.

It would be so much easier if they kept their heads interchangeable like Soldier Story.

Yes the 3.0 body that came prior to this latest revision was a bit of an oddball in that it came in several variations involving varying lengths of the lower half of the body. When it originally launched the lengths of the upper and lower halves were out of sync with the prior 2.0 series bodies, so several revisions were made to restore the original upper and lower half lengths so that clothing fitment was consistent.

The neck peg length also changed on the 3.0 series body. To use a DAM head from the older 2.0 series bodies you need the 3.0 series shorter neck peg to get it seated at the right height. Likewise for a 3.0 head on a 2.0 body you need the longer 2.0 series neck peg. The inconsistencies in things like this make it a pain for kitbashers or just people looking to replace the older dud bodies of previous DAM figures.

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Starting to look like a soldier story clone with hot toys legs.

A word of warning to anyone don’t try fitting the feet from the earlier Dam bodies to the new 3.0 bodies ankle pegs, the ball socket’s will shatter they are a different size I just found out the hard way.

My most recent bash has a 3.0 body, and the feet (which I believe are from the Lynx figure) were too loose, if anything, so I covered the peg in glue, and that solved the issue. But since I plan to get feet with bendable toes so that I can put that bash in high heeled oxfords, I’ll keep your warning in mind. And speak of which, do you know what I could use to paint the lips and nails on a figure?

Hi, I am sorry, but I haven’t the foggiest I don’t do Ladies well not in 1/6 scale.

I forgot to mention it, but the figure in question is a male one.

I would think that you could use regular acrylic model paints. On Phicen bodies. I have used Micron Pens and they stay on well on that material. With the military bodies and their less flexible surface, acrylics should stick. I have a Celtic warrior figure I want to paint on body and face with their typical blue woad warpaint and plan to do the outlines with Micron, then filling with acrylics, but haven’t found the time, so far. If I ever get it done, I will report the results.

Looks good to me too.