That should be the one from this figure. My source called it LYNX-T


Yep, which is why it is all the more confusing they chose a helmet with coms, included the mic, but not the connection from the helmet to the radio to enable it to be used. :confounded:


We need to take a look at the connection when released. You can probably connect a DAM Beslan radio. Another person said, could have been on OSW, that this helmet has kind of a wireless connection? Not sure about that.

I should probably buy a Beslan Altyn for that already before they are gone. Just in case :slight_smile:


It uses a cable in the same manner as an Altyn. Not sure if DAM tooled them the same.

Perhaps there will be a luxury edition announced soon for $20 more that includes the cable?

I half wonder if they are trying to cash in on the PlayeUnknown’s Battlegrounds hype with this release and are charging a premium. Collectors in China seem less than impressed with the price.


Price doesn’t bother me. I changed my boxed figure supplier now, but before I had to pay like USD 230 in average for a figure, incl. shipping and customs. However, USD 189 is quite some, considering SS is till going with less, except for their Voodoo.

Regarding PUBG, you’re referring to the helmet? At least it’s a much better version than the Flagset figure. Probably kitbashers will go for it as well. How comes they all just start right now aquiring licenses in such a large amount?


Big government push in China to promote the movie industry which is why you’ve seen new expo/festival shows in recent years start up. Box office numbers there are being falsely inflated so it gives the impression the market is huge. On the more practical side it is always a good idea to diversify and I think most brands feel a license gives them some prestige.


It’s a Japanese military blog, but it features a lot of Russian pics. The rifle reminded me on this SOBR figure, the uniform on this in the link:

Some more


For sure a very beautiful figure damtoys, even if I prefer the version 78059 8th anniversary … maybe I will be tempted if I have the means at the time of the release.