DAMTOYS 78059 Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs MVD-SOBR "LYNX" Special Forces

True! But the 74u has a shortened receiver with a fixed rear sight, necessitating a new mold. DAM got lazy there and we dislike their laziness. The PP-19 has enough parts commonality with the AK-74 range that I’m sure they reused some molds.

I missed the promo release. That’s pretty awesome.

Can anyone tell me what AK version rifle this is?

It’s only kind of an AK. Please have a look here:

Thank you for clearing that up for me.
I kept thinking that it was a Russian version of the MP5 weapon.

Did DAM use a newer kind of body for this figure?

I’m waiting for my boxed set to arrive, but in the meantime bought on eBay a loose Gorka suit with t-shirt which arrived yesterday. Tried it on my usual go-to body (BBI G3.5) and both shirt and pants looked too tight on the figure. I tried on two more bodies and could only make it look loose (which I believe is the way Gorka suits fits) on a standard Dragon body (DML sniper Roy).

Looking at the pictures posted here the suit looks quite loose on the figure, which makes me wonder whether DAM used a slimmer body for this figure. There is though an alternative explanation - there are copies of the uniform been sold as DAM’s…

Any information on this question?

Yes they have switched to a newer body with 78059 and 78061 so it looks like they will be using this one moving forward. It’s slightly slimmer as they redesigned the upper torso to allow the arms to sit closer to the side of the body instead of angled outwards. It equates to a 0.5 cm difference in diameter at the thickest part of the upper chest. If you look at the angle of the upper torso you can see it is straighter now rather than angling outwards as much as they reduced the widest part of the upper torso frame. The upper torso is slightly longer than the old body, and the legs range from slightly shorter to longer depending on the ankle version they use.

From BBICN user satanzero here is a comparison of the two.

From BBICN user Guitar’s photos of 78061 you can see they also have a modification to allow for increased height by lengthening the ankle. Saves on the tooling costs I guess if they want to use the body for movie/comic/video game figures of varying heights.

The Gorka suit is modeled on a new version that is elasticated at the knees and abdomen for a slimmer fit. Here are some photos that were posted at DAM’s request over at BBICN to show the differences and show how you can cut the elastic on the inside of the pants if you want a looser fit.

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Thanks very much for the intel Adam. I can see this particular Gorka suit is meant be slimmer in its fit. It looks quite well on my DML body so I’m keeping it for my bash.

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