DAMTOYS 78061 French Police Unit RAID in Paris


I’ve got the two Hot Toys GIGN figures, and an incomplete bash, based on the old Medicom figure’s loose parts. Picked those up years ago, from a dealer now long out of business.


These Medicom figures were tackling nice niche topics back then. I only own the Austrian GEK and Japanese SAT, but, like you did, with some upgrades they still can stand the age of time.


Shipping soon… (13.May.2019)


I didn’t even buy the 78059 SOBR. They are too fast releasing figures, but good to know. Thanks


For sure they are faster than at Soldier Story :blush::wink:


Yeah, SS106 is coming in June earliest!


yep… it seems to me that the last update was August 2019… wait and see… again


I can’t find the announcement on DAM’s Facebook anymore. Did they pull it?


its on their instagram page.


DAMTOYS products from May to June approximate shipment schedule:

W07 blade boxing (expected May 10th)
MUS010 allosaurus A / B section (expected May 12th)
78061 models (expected May 13th)
CS004 guardian ghost (Expected May 17th)
1:12PES003 (expected May 17th)
DCG003 Nana/004 Lucy (expected May 22nd)
MUS007A/B (expected May 27th)
DMS007 Red Sea Action (expected May 30 No.)
W04 Black Hand (expected to be released in late May)
W11 Hellscream 2.0 (from the end of May to the beginning of June)
MUS008A/B (early June)

All schedules are only scheduled to be shipped, and will be extended if uncontrollable factors are encountered. I hope to know. Finally, thank you for your patience and support - DAMTOYS


Maybe a little delay on the output, but if they publish the photos of the packaging is that it is on the way to shipping soon …


The usual process is to publish the packaging photos when production run is nearly done, then 1-2 weeks later they send product samples out to the usual industry sponsored posters and then finally on to distributors. Almost all of their recent releases have had replacement parts announced for later dates to correct broken or missing items, so here is hoping this one escapes that recent trend. Quite the busy schedule!

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What I said on BBICN forum, at least we will not have a uniform color error :yum:… and I hope that there will be no bad surprise on the accessories (helmet, GL-06 became sadly famous in France with the GiletsJaunes events :nauseated_face: …)

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(first pictures figure in hand, BBICN)


Looks very nice. THX for sharing :+1:.

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Looks like they are moving everything to the new body style when they had gotten the previous body to the stage where they had consistent QC. If you want to use an old head on the new bodies you’ll need the new neck pegs since they are are shorter and have different diameter ball ends for the end that connects to the body.


Glass half full:
DAM sets another challenge for us, changing neck pegs…

Glass half full of piss:
DAM is all out of shits to give, about hobbyist happiness…


You can swap the neck pegs between old and new and use the heads interchangeably on the bodies, but neck pegs aren’t readily available and retailers all part bodies/heads out differently with respect to the neck pegs so it creates some extra headaches for kitbashers.

The Raid body here seems like a straight swap out of the arms from their old rubberized arm bodies onto the new body so it should be otherwise identical.

For the new body itself it has some pros. The upper torso profile isn’t as wide so you can get the arms to hang more naturally to the side of the body instead of having to be angled outwards due to the width of the upper torso of the old body. The shoulder post area where the arms mount to the body is a bit more robust. The hip and shoulder joints have a more consistent tightness to them and I have yet to see one with a loose leg. For the cons the neck is now fixed position and the ankle pegs are permanently attached so you loose some articulation there. Neck peg mounting system is not quite as robust as the previous system, and I’m not sure if the internal connector can be swapped out for a Hot Toys one like the previous body.

There is a bit more variance from sample to sample compared to the last runs of the previous body which was very consistent. Hopefully I’ll find some time to kitbash something with the new body and see how it compares in use.

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This new body looks like a VTS Rioter body with Damtoys rubber muscle arms atached.:thinking:



Yes, it’s more or less an updated version of the body they have used in a few forms on VTS figures. The muscle arms are a slimmer profile and looking at the early photos they seem to handle posing much better than their earlier arm sleeves. A better choice than the single jointed plastic muscle arm they used on the VTS, provided they don’t fail prematurely. If you look at Soldier Story and DAM you can see they are revising or making new bodies better suited to their coming licensed movie figures.