DAMTOYS 78061 French Police Unit RAID in Paris

What I said on BBICN forum, at least we will not have a uniform color error :yum:… and I hope that there will be no bad surprise on the accessories (helmet, GL-06 became sadly famous in France with the GiletsJaunes events :nauseated_face: …)

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(first pictures figure in hand, BBICN)


Looks very nice. THX for sharing :+1:.

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Looks like they are moving everything to the new body style when they had gotten the previous body to the stage where they had consistent QC. If you want to use an old head on the new bodies you’ll need the new neck pegs since they are are shorter and have different diameter ball ends for the end that connects to the body.

Glass half full:
DAM sets another challenge for us, changing neck pegs…

Glass half full of piss:
DAM is all out of shits to give, about hobbyist happiness…

You can swap the neck pegs between old and new and use the heads interchangeably on the bodies, but neck pegs aren’t readily available and retailers all part bodies/heads out differently with respect to the neck pegs so it creates some extra headaches for kitbashers.

The Raid body here seems like a straight swap out of the arms from their old rubberized arm bodies onto the new body so it should be otherwise identical.

For the new body itself it has some pros. The upper torso profile isn’t as wide so you can get the arms to hang more naturally to the side of the body instead of having to be angled outwards due to the width of the upper torso of the old body. The shoulder post area where the arms mount to the body is a bit more robust. The hip and shoulder joints have a more consistent tightness to them and I have yet to see one with a loose leg. For the cons the neck is now fixed position and the ankle pegs are permanently attached so you loose some articulation there. Neck peg mounting system is not quite as robust as the previous system, and I’m not sure if the internal connector can be swapped out for a Hot Toys one like the previous body.

There is a bit more variance from sample to sample compared to the last runs of the previous body which was very consistent. Hopefully I’ll find some time to kitbash something with the new body and see how it compares in use.

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This new body looks like a VTS Rioter body with Damtoys rubber muscle arms atached.:thinking:


Yes, it’s more or less an updated version of the body they have used in a few forms on VTS figures. The muscle arms are a slimmer profile and looking at the early photos they seem to handle posing much better than their earlier arm sleeves. A better choice than the single jointed plastic muscle arm they used on the VTS, provided they don’t fail prematurely. If you look at Soldier Story and DAM you can see they are revising or making new bodies better suited to their coming licensed movie figures.

The grenade launcher can be a bit tricky to open the first time as the chamber locks to the body through a latch. If you look in the first picture below you can see the hooked latch at the end of the top rail. Use the blade of a small knife in that area and gently push towards the back and up to disengage the latch.


Good to know :+1:. Will try when the launcher arrives.

First pictures of my RAID figure. Want to add a little personal touch with this new face … after adaptation on the new body Dam. Not too much room to put the radio system with this head a little wider … I’ll put all that on the head “Will Smith” original …

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Man this face is just wide :laughing:

Somehow DAM’s and ES’s figures always look better in real life than their mediocre preview pictures. Only SS manages to do the other way round!

The Launcher has arrived today :smiley:. Really great piece and looks very cool. You can open it very good too if you put the tube between two fingers and move it carefully from side to side and
simultaneously up little bit. Works very good every time i tried.

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Received the boxed figure today. Still considering doing a review, but these lengthy things took out the fun for me lately.
At first look I am a bit disappointed at the head sculpt. It doesn’t look that life like as the preview made me think.

Long anticipated and finally someone added another French unit to the collection


it is a pitty to hear this about the headsculpt. The photos in preview has been looking very good. Otherwise it is a great Figure i think.

Hey all, sorry to bump this old topic. There was some discussion about DAM changing body styles and neck pegs, so I have a couple of questions:

I have a 78062 body (seems to be the 2.0) and 78066 head (came with a 3.0 body in the boxed set) on the way. The body has its original neck peg. Will they be compatible as is?

I have also read that the foot pegs on the 3.0 body are not removable. Is this the case? If so, are the pegs fully compatible with earlier DAM beets (boots with a peg connector and no removable feet/boot feet)?

78062 is the older style body so to use a head from the newest versions of the body like 78066 you will need the original neck peg from the 78062 body or one from that generation of body. DAM changed the neck peg mounting system (positioning of the inner neck connector is slightly different) between body generations but as long as you match the neck peg to the body generation you are fine.

Feet are removable on the newer bodies, ankle pegs are not. The outer diameter is slightly larger on the ankle peg ball ends with the newer body. Feet from the older body generation can be a tight fit or the ankle cups may crack when using them on the newer body. If the beets are a pliable material inside you should be able to heat them up with a blow dryer to provide a bit of give when inserting the ankle peg.

Thanks Adam, just what I needed to hear. I should be good to go as the 2.0 body set does include the neck peg.

Did the ankle peg sizing change with 2.0 or 3.0? The 2.0 body set on the way includes the ankle pegs too. Actually, the beets I’ll be using have their original pegs as well. So foot peg fit should not be an issue.

Hopefully I’ll be able to assemble the figure I’m working on soon (once all the components arrive) and post some pics. Inspiration struck me and I followed through on it.

The OD of the ankle pegs has a slight difference on the ankle pegs, enough that if the older ankle cups are a bit more brittle they’ll crack. Normally they are meant to have a bit of give but there is always some variation in the tolerances between production runs. I use the older feet on the new bodies to get a tighter ankle peg foot joint when needed.