DAMTOYS 78063 DEA SRT Agent El Paso

It is a well packed Figure and it is very good they add a complete multicam Uniform and a complete civilian “uniform” with the Jeans and Flannel Shirt. The Long Sleeve ist the third “Uniform” option for Display the Figure. That is really great. Also they add the first time two complete pairs of gloved hands and one additonal hand. There are many parts includet but i think the price will increase again.

I love this - looks like a newer version of the FBI HRT figure (when in MC) but with a whole lot more character and thought put into it. The PICO is great (especially for CANSOFCOM), the rifle is … interesting I guess, the plaid and police shirt are awesome (especially for a Garand Thumb type operator). Still the glock looks like it’s carved out of soap though.

Here are some Information about the Figure / Equipment etc.


I really into this figure. Really, what’s not to like? Perhaps the only thing I’d have done differently is the cornrows, as this limits the figure IMHO to keeping it’s helmet on. Multiple clothing/uniform options, customizable loadout, cool weapons etc. Though the price might be higher, we do get a lot more. This figure will be perfect as a “Sicario” Delta bash if you take away all the police/DEA patches, and you’re still left with stuff to bash another figure. Definite buy for me.

DAM is all about getting extra mileage out of their weapon molds, even the crappy ones. See also the short-barreled 870 with the vent rib. This configuration is not offered by Remington on their 870 MCS, and while it is theoretically possible to smith up a real 870 to look like this, it would require a lot of work. Sawing down a civilian 870 with the vented rib and reattaching the guide ring for starters.

I like it, specially the HS of Grinder from the movie SABOTAGE.
First time I see the PIG gloves, TYR Plate Carrier and the G4 Crye pants and shirt in 1/6 scale.
After a lot of loose parts for a kitbash inspiration.

We’ve officially cracked the $200 USD price point. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Boooooo! That just sucks…

Perhaps a standard and a deluxe version ?

Standard looks very deluxe haahhahah.
As discussed on other threads think just shows certain sellers increasing pricing. Hobby kinda feels its going that way, to a degree. My regular suppliers keeping pricing sensible…so I am buying. Juts pre ordered him $150 inc shipping to UK. Have seen this figure @ $208 (+ shipping add did not say). No way paying that hahahha - Go and collect 1/18 Marauder stuff, or 1/12 star wars. I like a good return on my £££££
Happy shopping all…find the bargains

$215 at one regular online dealer, $190 at another. The shifting sands of the products seems to mean some dealers are being more particular about what they carry.
It’s an interesting figure, lots of stuff, and a few weak spots (I agree that DAM needs to sort out their Glocks). I find myself thinking the yearly shift in the price ceiling has no limit, except in value rendered.

Yeah, $215, that’s not even close to the $200 dollar mark. Then add and $25 for shipping too. It’s a real nice figure but… I dunno.

Even with that price tag, this one blows my hair way back. I’ll have one.

I don’t even mind the hairdo.

This figure can be done as-is for me, swap uniforms… changed, swap weapons, changed, add some Division type gear, changed, hell add some sci-fi gear… changed again.

I believe the saying is “winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

This is a great looking figure. Probably the first DAM figure that’s not a con exclusive that has really stood out. The amount of gear is a nice bump. So the 200+ tag is sort of fair. I am happy that we finally get other gloved hands that are not just rifle grip or bare.

I guess I am the odd man out and it may be that I haven’t been around many Glocks but I don’t see the design as all that bad. To me SCARs and Glocks always looked like lego guns based on the block design anyway.

I blame fairys and dinosaurs. This would be an ideal time for competitors to pivot towards gear sets and open up a much wider price gap. At these prices the bodies and head sculpts are becoming less relevant and if anything, far more divisive.

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DAM has decided to retire their previous multicam fabric in favor of a new more subdued fabric. All previous DAM multicam products are henceforth double rare.


Very nice. The new color looks much better. Perhaps this will be the best MC Uniform in 1/6?!

I agree. That new set looks so good. I will have to grab a set or two.

I also prefer the new version. Good choice.

Me too.:slightly_smiling_face:

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