DAMTOYS 78075 SSO Special Operations Forces of Russia; Unboxing Review

And time for another unboxing review. Here we have the DAMTOYS 78075 SSO Special Operations Forces of Russia. Sure, it’s been out for almost 2 years, but I just got this last week, and ripped right into it. Lets get into this.

This is the original promo pic post. DAMTOYS 78075 SSO Special Operation Forces of Russia

There are two unboxing videos on YouTube, but no written ones yet, that I could find.

It’s been quite a while since I bought a full boxed Damtoys figure. This one flew of the shelves pretty quickly, and rapidly increased in price. Just short of two years after release, it’s common to see this selling for almost double the original retail price. I got lucky with this fellow, and actually found it in a store for a “respectable” price. We don’t talk price in the world of mini Spec Ops. We just make it happen.

The Box. Nice box in sleeve set up. Classy and simple. A small insert with production pics of the figure, so you can use it as an instruction/assembly reference. Inside, we get two formed plastic trays with all the parts. QC Stamp on the box is nice.

Head and Body. The head is an amazing likeness of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Right down to the cauliflower ears. The eyes are exceptional. Slight hint of pink to suggest a bit of bloodshot, or blood vessels. So many figures just have the whites of the eyes all white, and that’s not really accurate to most peoples’ eyes. The slight beard, and stubble of the facial hair.

I think my only complaint is the gap at the base of the head, to the neck joint. It’s a bit big. But if you leave the collar on the shirt up, you don’t notice it as much. And really, with a quality sculpt like that, it’s a minor complaint.

Body has good snug joints and poses well.

Under the clothing, there’s a plastic cover that covers the torso, and another down to the hip/waist/groin area. This is to prevent staining from the uniform. I have seen this on a number of loose Damtoys figure bodies. So I imagine it’s on most. I left it on as I didn’t feel a need to remove the clothing to take them off, and it helps with the dye issues. If it bugs you at the collar, you can trim it back at the neck. It’s this material and doesn’t have any bulk, so fitting clothing and gear over top won’t be an issue if you leave it on.

Uniform. We get an ATACS-AU uniform. It’s a decent version of the pattern. In my assessment it seems a bit better than the version from the Caltek ATACS figure.

In the pockets, there are some foam stuffers. Makes it look like something is in there. Pockets work. Tightening straps work with the hook and loop material (apparently the V word is a brand name, so I’ll refrain from using that in the future).

Boots. Very nice. The name of them has escaped me, and it’s not on the list of parts for the figure. Nicely made, and a nice shade of brown. Lots of excess lace material. I just tuck that extra lacing up the pant legs. EDIT; Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid TF hiking boots. Thanks oso2013 and chpo, the name just vanished from my mind.

Damtoys likes these boots, and have used them on a number of figures, in both high and low cuts, and a few different colours. I have a few others loose, and they have always been quality pieces.

Blackhawk SOLAG gloves in green. Came wrapped in plastic so paint details didn’t rub off in the packaging. And spare wrist pegs, always nice to have spare pegs.

Carinthia ECIG G-Loft Jacket. Nice windbreaker style jacket. Working front zipper. Elastic cuffs. Nice draw string details at the lower hem. The strings could be trimmed back a bit so they don’t hang out as much.

It’s a bit baggy, but not too bad. You could put another shirt under there, and still have a bit of room to move. The fabric is just thin enough to not make the figure look too bulky as well, even with the vest on.

Stuff-bag for the jacket. Interesting feature, and a neat option. I don’t expect it would get used much by modelers.

For the build up, I stuffed it into the backpack, after trying the jacket in the bag.

Tac Tec plate carrier. Probably the most original part to the figure, next to the head. Well sewn, and has lots of details.

It even has the quick release pull at the front of the vest, which attaches to the black pull cables that go through the rear adjustment straps. And it looks like it actually would work on the miniature vest.

Front side of vest.

Back side of vest.

Inside of vest with padded and ventilated areas.

The bottoms open up so you can stuff plates inside. You would have to make those, as they are not included in the set, and may hamper movement of the figure anyway, adding bulk and rigidity to the vest.

Black pull cables from the front release pull, to the back adjustment straps. The back straps look like they should be adjustable, but it couldn’t see any way to tighten them if you need to.

Another feature is the pull handle at the back shoulders. Grab the loop and pull to drag a wounded or unconscious team mate to safety. It pulls out a bit just like the real deal.

Front release pull details.

Sewing flaw in the MOLLE loop on the right side of the vest. Missed a spot. So much for that green QC sticker. :wink:

Load bearing belt/harness.

Lots of assorted pouches. First aid, grenade, magazines, utility, flare, admin, and radio.

Lots of pouches, but not enough stuff to go in them. So why have them? Or why not add stuff to the set?

The green first aid pouch, at the top right of the picture, is quite a nice part. I should have taken more pics of it. It has a couple straps to attach the platform of it to the MOLLE loops on the belt. Then, attached to the platform is the pouch itself, with a short lanyard with a fastex buckle. That’s a cool little functional pouch. The red cross patch that attaches to it is one of the patches that has a hook backing to attach to the loop surface on the pouch. When weaving the straps through the belt, one of the pouch straps almost completely came off at the seam, I would like to say I was clumsy with it, but a closer look showed a sewing flaw. It’s hidden, and stays put on the belt, but it is a flaw.

The 4 rifle magazine pouches in the center bottom row attach to the vest in the promo pics. You can put these anywhere. On the front of the vest, attach these 4 first, then add the pistol mag pouched to the rifle mag pouches. The add the two utility pouches. Or… don’t follow the promo pics, and put them wherever you please.

SRVV Multicam MUL backpack. Reminds me of the Flyye HAWG hydration pack.

Everything works as it should. All zips, straps, buckles, pockets.

It’s a well made piece, and it looks great. I would like about 3 more of these for projects. I guess I missed that train.

AK-103 rifle with all the trimmings. Well almost all of them. Lots of molded details, and a great paint job. Troy full length handguard. SRVV Elite sling.

The accessories fit nice and snug. The fancy paint job is appealing, and probably helps to keep the accessories snug. The barrel and handguard are snug, but could be a bit tighter. I may take the rifle apart and permanently glue them to the rifle so they don’t come loose. After handling and posing the figure I noticed they had loosened up a bit, but weren’t so loose they were falling off. Something to watch for if you haven’t built your yet.

This guy seems like he should have some silenced weapons. The muzzle brake isn’t the type that supports one though. Oddly, he doesn’t have a light or laser as well. Some Zentico bits that could have easily been included in the set.

Folding stock. It appears to have been glued. That could be squeeze out from the joint on the rifle. Maybe came free taking it out of the tray. The folding stock hinge is loose, and the stock flops around. It’s hard to pose on a right handed figure with a loose stock folding. It will have to be glued again to stay in place. Most folks don’t use the folding stock features anyway.

Spring loaded receiver.

Metal upper receiver cover.

Magpul CTR Cage stock. Pull out pin and the stock extends. Magpul cheek riser is included.

Magpul MOE grip.

Buttplate can come off the stock.

Side detail of optic mount rail.

Zentico handle. Nice molding detail.

ELCAN Spectre DR optic.

Red dot sight. Left it off for now. Has a little adhesive strip to hold it on to the Specter.

Forward grip.

This long rail section isn’t mentioned in the original promo pic parts breakdown. Unless you modify the rail, this is the only position it would fit in without cutting, or trimming off pegs on the back side. You could probably fit it on the bottom, but would float free at the front end.

Troy Squid Grips. To use these like the promo pics, you have to cut them to fit the holes in the hand guard. I’ll add those later when I decide how I want the final layout of the rifle.

PMag details.

Clear lenses on the Specter DR.

Full build up of the rifle. Love the clips on the sling.

I ended up taking the sling off for posing pics because of the issue with the loose stock. One more thing to fix later.

Glock 17 pistol set up and holster. More nicely molded and painted parts. ATACS-FG holster. This holster has been used a few times, in different colours, and works well. Nice soft holster that holds all kinds of pistols well.

Magazines have some nice molding details in them, to count the rounds in the magazine.

We get a pistol with a silencer length threaded barrel, but no silencer. Missed opportunity.

ATACS-FG balaclava/hood.

With the dyes on this balaclava, I wouldn’t leave it on the head too long because of possible dye transfer. Set the dye first just in case if you want to leave it on long term.

Radio, PTT switch, and headset. Nice molding and printing details.

When fitting the headset under the helmet, it gets a bit finicky. It’s a tight fit with the headband. And one of the earphones kept falling off the rails/rods.

Grenades and pop flares. x1 RGO, x1 RGN x1 red flare, x1 green flare.

Why the texture difference on the grenades? The RGN has one layer of metal, the RGO has 2 layers of metal, and more fragmentation. The RGO is textured so you can feel the difference in the grenades in low light conditions, and doesn’t add to fragmentation abilities. I had to find out what the difference was, so I figured I would share that with you all, in case you didn’t know.

Accessories. Oakley shooting glasses (yellow tint), watch, light, ID armband, tourniquet Surefire helmet light, Manta strobe, x2 chemlights, pen (red), x10 patches, hook patches (for inside helmet).

Only 3 of those patches have the hook backs on them so they attach to the loop patches on the jacket, vest, pack and pouches. The other 7 patches have adhesive backs. My issue with this is they have a tendency to fall off when they’re attached to uneven surfaces, like fabric or loop side. The glue dries out faster, and they fall off. What I may do in this case is carefully trim the hook patches for the inside of the helmet, and glue them to the back of the patches. Or source some proper hook backs.

OD green watch. Reused from a previous set.

Tinted lens Oakley glasses.


Surefire helmet light. This slides into the helmet rail on the FAST helmet. I haven’t seen this piece before. One thing I noticed when it attached it to the helmet rail was that the rail adapter is separate from the light. Neat feature. you can attach it to a rail or a clip if offered both parts.

Manta Strobe. Hook backed to attach to helmet patch. Nice battery printed detail.

FAST Helmet. You really need those hook patches inside the helmet to help to pull the cover tighter.

Paint issues inside the helmet. Not a big deal unless you have the helmet off. The hook patches for the helmet cover straps will also cover that flaw.

Harness built up, and put on. Don’t tighten up the straps too much for height, otherwise the pouches will interfere on the pouches on the Tac Tec vest.

Full build up and posing.

Combat doggy for fun. He arrived from the same shop, not included with the figure.

Final impressions.

Well, this is one of the better figures in a while. No major QC issues. Just some small sewing things, and that headset coming apart.

I’m curious about a lack of some parts in this set. No knife and sheath. No NVG. No silencers (rifle is debatable with the muzzle brake), no zip cuffs. Maybe a hydration pack straw. Could have added a few more grenades to fill pouches. Those fillers that are usually in a set, and obvious additions, but are for some reason missing in this set. Also missing are some bits for the rifle, like a light and laser. You can always leave stuff off. But it’s harder to add when you need to pick up loose spares from some other set.

A mention in the promo pics, was the use of a proper Russian style helmet instead of more Westernized gear. And the fact that so much of the gear was reused parts from previous figures, both U.S. and Russian, just different colours. Unavoidable is some aspects, as some gear is just universally used. But there are some neat parts original to this set as well, and that brings it back up a bit. Sure some parts are reused, but the use of them in this set were well chosen, as were the colour options.

A big selling point is that head sculpt. Bravo. Such a well done head sculpt, and excellent paint. Nice use of an MMA fighter, when we usually get actors, or some other athlete. As soon as these hit the loose markets, it was a hot ticket item. And that helped drive the sales for complete boxed sets as well. We get a good looking fresh figure that has some great gear picked from the cool bits of other sets. It makes for a decent set that checked all the right boxes, and it worked.

My two biggest complaints are actually that I didn’t buy it early, and that I didn’t get 2 more for spare parts. Good old hinsight.

I’m quite happy with my one set though. Now I’m off to fine tune this set.

Feel free to add your own comments, assessments and pictures.


Great review…like erverytime! :+1:

Probabyl Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid TF Boots


:+1: Correct, also DAM did LO MID an HI, so a big range to choose from


Excllent review in great detail…thanks for sharing.

I am more and more impressed by the quality of the eyes of today’s figures… even the faces are ultra realistic…

Haha… can take 2 boxes of each figure, but that seems irresponsible, and glad you got that one…

Thanks again for sharing and the photos. :smiling_face:


Another great review, cdn_rhino. I actually look forward to them.


Another helpful review. Thanks for sharing!


I enjoy your comments, the hobbyist-eye POV. The near-clinical observations of fine details and flaws are more than one might expect, and to be appreciated.

“We don’t talk price in the world of mini Spec Ops. We just make it happen.”

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@oso2013 and @chpo , thanks for the boot info gentlemen, it slipped my mind. Edited the review.

@krisbe511 glad you enjoyed it. Fiscal responsibility is such a bummer. Really cuts into the fun hobby stuff. :wink:

@FlyAndFight and @turkeyshot, glad you enjoyed the read.

@Murakami I calls em as I sees em. This one wasn’t perfect, but it scored a lot higher than most do. I am very impressed with this one.

Okay, price was great all things considered. Original retail as opposed to 2 year old secondary market. That being said, it’s still high for a figure. But, we don’t talk price…