DAMTOYS 78080 Operation Urban Warrior Gunnery Sergeant Crews

Parts List:

Detailed Head sculpture
DAM 3.5 action body with over 30 points of articulations
Hands x4
USMC T-pattern urban camo BDU jacket
USMC T-pattern urban camo BDU pants
BDU belt
HRM tactical vest
PASGT Helmet
USMC T-pattern urban camo PASGT Helmet cover
USMC Cap (woodland camo)
Speed lace combat Boots
tactical knee Pads(black)
LBV88 load bearing vest(woodland camo)
Lc2 individual equipment belt
Lc2 M16 mag ammo case x2
Lc2 water canteen cover x2
Woodland camo field pack
Medical case pouch
USGI NBC/Gas Mask bag
MILES (Multiple integrated laser engagement system)
Helmet mounted sensors
Torso mounted sensors
M89 simulator system firing laser
Green Key
M16A2 rifle with M203 grenade launcher(including:M203 handguard,leafsight,sling adapter)
M203 quadrant sight
Rifle sling
Blank-Firing Adapter
M16 mag x6
MP-781 cartridge(practice ammunition)X6
40mm grenade bandoleer
M18 smoke grenade
AN/PRC-128 radio
H250/U handset
AN/PRC-128 radio pouch
Mobile megaphone



What’s the lasertag tag?


So good. Even got the bandolier, radio pouch and LBE.

I know it’s accurate, but: does anyone know why the Corps used that black SWAT-type vest for a short period in the 1990s?

Markings on Dam Colts? This is insane :open_mouth:

I thought it was one of the items they were testing out during Operation Urban Warrior. Could be wrong

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Looks too dated to raise my interest, though I’m sure the MILES gear will attract quite a few.

Use of the next DAM 3.5 action body. I had never seen this type of Camo on a figure … except for the ThreeA brand, which is a bit similar …

WOW! Two great figures! I like the headsculpts and the M16s looks very good!

I’m curious how it looks like! :thinking:

See here

They’ve made some efforts to improve the range of motion. In particular they’ve modified the upper and lower torso. If the tooling results in the same production tolerances and quality control as their last two major revisions then this will be a nice upgrade.

Thank you Adam for the info!

This type of camo was first used by Dragon, way back when, for their “Duane” USMC MOUT figure #70121.


I think General Sam is correct on that. I vaguely recall a vest like this, where items like pouches were supposed to mount by popping into the holes. Seems there issues with retaining them, i.e., falling off.

Interesting. I imagine the velcro would not have worked very well when wet - the Canadian 82 pattern webbing had a similar problem, and used a very similar velcro + holes system.

If they continue this theme, it’d be cool to see some of the extremely dated “future warrior” stuff (like periscopes, cumbersome NODs and spy glasses) that the Americans were tinkering with as they headed into the 20th century

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More detailed OICWs than what Dragon gave us!

I remember thinking the OICW was the coolest gun ever when I was a teenager :roll_eyes: Source: various video games in which it is depicted as a supergun.

This and their other preview do look nice. I googled the pattern and was only ever used in Urban Warrior and the site I saw (most likely wrong) seems to say only 800 sets were ever made? Think might still get though as noticeably different and I would love to get some of the Miles system loose for my brits and Bundeswehr!!

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Not my cup of tea but I bet I still end up buying them!

Nice to get some expression sculpts, very Facepool :wink:

…suuuper. i like a lot…oldschool.
had seen this 1st gen of “digi camo” in real in westpoint years ago as i was in vacation in usa as an active soldier and made base-hopping…a half year before 9/11:-/

I wish a company would release a BDU jacket and pants in the urban camo coloration patterned after Woodland/3-color Desert. 21C’s tailoring is poor and Dragon only released the pants.

Why? I could make a custom HECU Marine from Half-Life with those BDUs!