DAMTOYS 78082 Marine Corps SAW Gunner Urban Warfare Exercises Gunnery Sergeant Crews

Parts List:

Detailed Head sculpture
DAM 3.5 action body with over 30 points of articulations
Action hands for gloves
USGI D3A Leather Gloves
Hands x2
Woodland camo BDU jacket
Woodland camo BDU pants
BDU belt
HRM tactical vest
PASGT Helmet
Woodland camo PASGT Helmet cover
Speed lace combat Boots
Tactical knee Pads(black)
Tactical Elbow Pads(black)
XM991/U flashlight
Lc2 suspenders
Lc2 individual equipment belt
Lc2 M16 mag ammo case
M249 SAW ammo pouch
Lc2 1QT water canteen cover x2
Lc2 2QT water canteen cover
Lc2 first aid/ compass case
SDU-5/E light pouch
Woodland camo field pack
Machine-gun barrel carrying case
USGI NBC/Gas Mask bag
M40 Gas Mask
M40 Gas Mask hood
1QT water canteen with NBC cap adapter
2QT water canteen with NBC cap adapter
SDU-5/E Distress marker strobe light
MILES (Multiple integrated laser engagement system)
Helmet mounted sensors
Torso mounted sensors
M89 simulator system firing laser
Green Key
M249 SAW machine-gun
M249 SAW ammo box X2
Metal chain ammo
Machine-gun sling
Blank-Firing Adapter
M16 mag x3
M9 pistol
M12 military pistol holster
Handheld game console(transparent VER)
Interactive play-cable
Trading Card game x3


I’m the weird dude that is really thrilled by the spare barrel and barrel bag.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a loaded up SAW gunner, with MILES gear, too.


All of Dam’s kits are really detailed. And if (more likely WHEN) I buy this kit, I won’t be using the MILES gear. I’ll either use the whole lot for parts or just go for the old school look.

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I misidentified the uniform as MOPP in the other discussion thread, looks to be a standard BDU shirt and pants.

I might pick up a M249 out of curiosity (glad to see DAM finally did the folding carry handle), but I don’t know if it can top SS’s metal example. I created my own “early” M249E2 by combining parts from SS089 and SS107 to get an LMG with no optic rail on the feed tray cover.

Gotta grab a translucent Game Boy too!

This tyre is a legend by now. Really paid out for DAM. Hopefully, they didn’t have to part a Taowan truck :laughing:

and now 78082


I just bought some 12mm monster truck tires off ebay…but these dont seem to be the right size. Does anyone know what size and or where I can get tires this size? I want to take better pics and I’m under the ridiculous impression that I need better props.

Same! That’s a small, but important detail, that literally every other gunner figure has omitted.

If they wanted to take it to the next level, though, they should have made it ripped in half and spilling out asbestos.

I think there will be no spare barrel. The parts lits has no spare barrel listed. Just the “Machine-gun barrel carrying case”. Also the photo with all parts does not shown a spare barrel. Just the barrel bag. I think the photo with spare barrel and bag shows the measurements of the bag and that you could put a spare barrel inside. This will be a seller trick from Dam to get your attention.

Now that you mention it, the 12th picture down shows him holding the barrel bag, with the SAW at his feet, minus the barrel.
I am declaring this a bum move on their part.

I looked around, and tried a number of local RC shops, and even some pet supply areas (dog chew tires of various diameters). The last tires I got were AUSTAR T3021 2.2 Inch RC Car Tires For 1/10 4WD Rock Climbing. They seem pretty good, fairly knobby.

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Yes, but on the 12th photo he is holding the barrel in his right hand and the bag in his left. You never see a second barrel anywhere. So you could put a second barrel in that bag but then you just know there is one in it :-).

For the price Damtoys is charging for their figures they should throw in a third barrel…


Thanks for the info, my friend!

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I agree, and the ability to remove the barrel is a good feature. It’s that they include the bag, usually referred to as a spare barrel bag, or an “A bag”, but went cheap on not including a spare barrel.
I guess I’m spoiled, by the WW2 German machine guns, and loose parts. Maybe DAM loose M249 barrels will show up, but would that mean a bunch of receivers and buttstocks would be piled up somewhere?

Does the figure come with a trigger hand?

They list Hands x2, and Action hands for gloves (bendy, I think).
I’m guessing they are “close enough” for a trigger hand…or two.

elbait did some 1/6 tires a while back. Give me a PM and I will ask him.

This is releasing soon, review pics are up on bbicn.

I’ll grab a couple of the clear Game Boys from this release, but I’m more excited at the prospect of 78083 (hopefully) being next in the production pipeline.

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soon… (bbicn)

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I just got mine on Wednesday. The Urban one. Look cool…

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