DAMTOYS 78087 Spetsnaz MVD OSN Vityaz

For examle here (Germany):

(additional) Model makers corner

The 3D figures are kind of cool, but they are apparently the immobile statue type.
Having a movable 1/6 clone of yourself might be too much to ask…
Besides, I guess I would rather stick my head on some macho muscular body, anyway! :rofl:

A flexible 1/6 Version with body would be the cake on top. But that would be very expensive. So you could use your own 3D head and an body with rubber arms like Dam or Soldier Story. For your “macho” Version :smile:. You cold also use the body from the Dam Frank Casey Figure or the heroic muscle body from Kaustic plastik.
The main problem would be to paint the head so that it looks good.

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@Col.Braddock is right, I meant to suggest that the head would be a custom copy of your own, while the body and everything else could come from standard companies. If you were to go the muscular route, there would be plenty of options.