DAMTOYS British Army In Afghanistan Minimi Gunner

My review on OSW

Yeah, it’s a nice figure. I only have the Minimi from it however.

My beef with the Minimi Para is the fixed carry handle. While it’s found on older derivatives of the Minimi, I’ve never seen a Para-length barrel with one.

It bothered me enough to not pick one up!

Now someone show me photo evidence of one with the fixed carry handle and make me regret not grabbing it…

Hi, it is my review on the OSW site which I finished today. I’m new to both that site and this one and really new to the modern 1/6th figure scene

The Dam Minimi gunner is my first out of the box figure and I learnt a lot putting it together

I was hoping to post the process on here but being new it will only allow me to post a couple of pics, so here is my finished piece

The kit is outstanding and very well detailed and I can now see why these figures have such a high selling price


Welcome, awesome job on your review. Keep it up!

Thank you, I really enjoyed the figure and photographing the build. I read so many reviews on figures before I bought the set to make sure I was spending wisely so hopefully my post will help somebody else make their mind up lol

Welcome aboard. This figure was an expo exclusive, and those (unfortunately) always command high prices.

If this was a regular release, MSRP would have likely been $140 - $160 USD.

It appears that I can now post up my full build which can be found on the link above

I’m sorry if it’s hijacking the original thread but I thought it would be confusing to start another with the same title

Please chuck any advice at me you can, as I’ve said I’m new to this and after reading a few posts on this site I’m taking it all in like a sponge lol

The Boxed Figure

The figure is a modern British infantryman in Afghanistan around 201 / 14. He still wears the desert DPM which will soon change over to the multicam uniforms

The figure comes in a very sturdy desert pattern DPM box which has a small history of the modern British army on the back. The box opens like a book to show a separate card liner with illustrations of the figure and kit found inside

Beneath that are two foam trays containing the figure and accessories and it’s when I saw the quality I realised why these sets go for such big money

Too me the figure itself is outstanding with great proportions, fantastic head sculpt and just a good quality feel to it. I have a large collection of early Action Man figures and you can see where they were made as toys and this figure is designed purely for the collector

The figure already comes dressed in his DPM combat shirt, trousers, boots and gloved hands and I noticed that although the trouser cargo pockets cannot be opened they have had some padding added inside that give them the appearance of being used which I thought was a nice touch

I really like the head sculpt, it’s very realistic and has the look of a young, fresh faced British squaddie

I was surprised to see that his boots are actually material and rubber and not moulded plastic. They are little gems in there own right and are identical to my own pair of Lowa Elite boots


The set comes with three hands, all wearing tactical type gloves and they are quite flexible so should grip items tightly. I like the tiny manufacturers tag on them, a really nice touch

The V2 knee pads were added next and after fitting I moved the knee joints about a bit so the straps would sit naturally to the legs. They were then given a light dusting of pastel weathering chalks to show a bit of wear and tear

The drop leg holster for the Sig P226 is comes with 2 magazine pouches and I found these and the holster itself were only lightly clipped to the leg cradle. I don’t intend messing with the completed figure so put a touch of superglue into these items to make sure they don’t come loose and go missing

I used tiny strips of insulation tape to secure the surplus straps after fastening everything together and gave the completed rig another fine dusting in pastels to get rid of the new look

The Sig pistol didn’t look overly impressive to the naked eye but when you see it during taking pictures you realise how much detail is on it. It comes with 3 magazines, the slide moves and the hammer cocks back. It has a nice metallic finish and is nicely marked on both the slide and magazines

Another very small but very detailed items are the G-Shock watch and wrist Foretrex 101 GPS device

The patches supplied in the set are nice and clear and very well done

They have tiny strips of backing Velcro which holds them fine but I added a tiny drop of fabric glue to make sure they don’t peel off over time. After fitting I gave them a light dusting with weathering pastels just to tone them down slightly

Probably the most taxing and frustrating part of the build was the Osprey body armour and webbing porches

It uses the molle system and each pouch has to be added individually to the vest by fitting their straps through those found on the vest

It’s hard to do this in 1/1 scale on the real thing but this is compounded in 1/6th scale

There are a few different pouches, both in plain tan and DPM material. Each has a tiny foam insert to fill the pouch up but they all open so the foam can be replaced by accessories if desired

I started with the larg DPM leg pouch, adjusting the straps to get a good fit and taping down any excess with the slither of insulation tape again and dusted with weathering chalk to finish

I followed the box photos for the pouch placement but they could be fitted in any configuration that you want

The hardest part I found was after fitting one pouch it would loosen as I tried fitting the next. I used tiny drops of fabric glue on each strap to secure the pouches when the completed figure is handled

There are a few tiny accessories with the set, including pens, multi tool and tourniquet and these were added to the chest panel

I dusted everything again with weathering pastels and fitted the body armour to the figure

The weathering adds a lot to the figure and once everything is completed I will go over it again to bring all the parts together

The next thing to be fitted was the H4855 radio and headset. The radio itself fits into the pouch on his chest and the headset uses the webbing strapping to sit on the head. The only thing to point out is the boom style mike which in real life would be twisted to the users mouth. The tiny mike took a little persuading to get into position and I found it easier to place it in hot water for a few seconds before gently bending towards his mouth. Take care with this, it won’t take a lot to snap the piece off completely

The Mk.7 combat helmet is a really nice piece and already comes with net cover and night vision straps fitted. I couldn’t see how the chinstrap came loose so undid one of the tiny metal rings on one side, fitted the helmet, re-fitted the ring and then pulled all of the straps tight. It’s fiddly but well worth the effort getting it to sit correctly on the head

The night vision system took me a while to work out as well and I had to refer to quite a few pics. It turns out the goggle clips onto the cradle quite easily when you eventually work out how it should go

The helmet was finished off with a tiny Petzl head torch and tactical goggles Everything was again given a dusting of various earthy pastels to take the newness off

His main weapon s the para L110A1 light machine gun or Minimi. Dam have produced a fantastic little model here and it’s a far cry from the Palitoy Action Man weapons I’m used to collecting. The top cover opens and there is a small section of link ammo to feed into the gun if using the large ammo can which fits beneath the body of the gun and is already in a DPM cover

There are also 2 30 round magazines, an adjustable sling and Acog scope. I decided on the belt fed system so stored the two magazines in his webbing. Detail on all the items is fantastic but I had to remove two 5.56 rounds from the link to get it to sit naturally. They will always be useful in the spares box or could have coloured tips painted on and kept as identifying tracer rounds in his headband


The figure was finished off by adding his backpack and remaining accessories. Once everything was together I finished off with the weathering, tying all the pieces together so they looked like they were being used in the same environment. I really enjoyed putting the figure together, although its a straight out of the box build I learnt a lot and look forwards to my next build. Dam toys have produced a fantastic figure here and it’s nice to see an earlier Brit getting some limelight

Please feel free to comment (criticise lol) on the post, hopefully somebody might find it useful

It’s been a day of firsts

My first modern 1/6th figure build and my first video uploaded to Utube

I’ve put the Dam Toys figure into a small video to show it off


Nicely done. Figure looks great.