DAMTOYS Chinese People’s Armed Police Force Snow Leopard Commando Unit Team Leader


Item N°


  • 78053



  • Headsculpt
  • Mechanix Wear M-Pact Gen 1 Tactical Gloves x3


  • T-Shirt (BLK)
  • BDU Top (Pixelated Tiger Stripes)
  • BDU Pants (Pixelated Tiger Stripes)
  • Cap Hat (Pixelated Tiger Stripes)
  • Belt
  • MAGNUM Stealth Force 8.0 Boots


  • QGF-03 Helmet w/ Side Rails
    • SureFire X200
    • TT Industries AN/PVS-14 MNVD w/ Arm Mount
      • Helmet NVG Mount
    • Oakley SI Straight Jacket Sunglasses

Vest and Pouches

  • Type 15 Body Armor
    • Throat Protector
    • Groin Protector
    • Rifle Mag Pouch x4
    • Double Pistol Mag Pouch
    • Double Grenade Pouch
    • Admin Pouch
    • Radio Pouch
  • Gas Mask Pouch
  • Medic Pouch
  • Canteen Pouch

Tactical Gear

  • US Military 1 QT Canteen
  • Casio G-SHOCK DW-9052 Digital Watch
  • Ballistic Shield
  • Elbowguards (BLK)
  • Arm Shields (BLK)
  • Shin and Knee Guards (BLK)


  • Vertex Standard VX 920 Series Radio


  • Norinco QBZ-95 :cn:
    • QBZ Mag 5.8×42mm (30rd) x3+1
    • Aimpoint CompM4
    • Aimpoint 3XMAG w/ Flip to Side Mount
    • SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light
    • Scope Rail
    • Rails x2
    • Rifle Sling
  • China South Industries QCQ-05 :cn:
    • QCQ Mag 5.8×21mm (50rd) 3+1
    • Silencer
    • Sling
  • QSZ-92 :cn:
    • Mag 9×19mm (15rd) x2+1
    • Drop Leg Holster
  • Flahbang Grenade x2


  • Armed Police Force Special Troop Patch
  • Snow Leopard Commando Unit Shoulder Patch
  • Snow Leopard Commando Unit Patch
  • China Flag Patch
  • Insignia Patch

Out of the box with protective covers and the pixelated tiger stripe camo.

Here some reference for Chinese camo patterns

No idea who he is


Uniform and basic clothing

Same padded underwear as the first Snow Leopard figure, but they provide additional waist padding and a black instead of a brown tee.


Zipper is the only function

Right sleeve with velcro

Left sleeve with rank insignia velcro and partially sewed up pocket

Elbow padding

Arm pit


As usual, velcro to tighten the sleeves at the wrists

The gloves remind me on the former SS067 FBI. Paintjob seems to be more shiny again and the wrists are a bit weak for DAM standards, but seem to be fine for now.


The tag

Same belt as the 78052 Snow Leopard with great detail.

Pants with a lot of padding. Please note that you might see some cloth boots here, since some pics are taken from my earlier 78052 review.

Side pockets

Butt pockets are not fake

Reinforced crotch

Kneepads with padding

Pockets at thigh height. The right side has male velcro attached to it to hold the holster in place, which works well.

Option to tighten the pants at the knees

Pocket next to the ankles


Boots are molded, which surprised me a bit as DAM didn’t do any molded boots since the 78024, if I remember correctly. This also means the nude comes without feet.



Again, same cap as 78052

The helmet is the one from the 78052, but without the cover and NVG mount and side rails attached


No padding for the inside

Straps are slightly too long, which could have been prevented by providing inside padding. You could adjust the them, but this results in the strap hanging loose. Will be covered up by the throat protector anyway.

NVG mount with functions



Side rails

And adapter for the light


Complete helmet

NVG functions


Same holster: pistol fits properly and it’s not too tight, which might rub off paint or scratch the item otherwise

Further items to attach to the duty belt

Canteen pouch

Gas mask pouch. With DAM I always wonder where the actual gas masks are, when they give you a pouch for it. Only figures I can remember were the SDU ones, but there you couldn’t remove the filter to fit the masks into the pouches.



Closer look. I eventually needed to extend the waist straps on the body armor to be able to close the buckle.

Disassembling the plate carrier


Throat protector. Attached the wrong way here. Front is at the rear.

The snaps (buttons) don’t fit perfectly, but do the job. Best working example here are DID products in my opinion.

The throat protector is attached to the vest by these loops and straps.


Provided plates inside

Completely disassembled

All the pouches that will be attached to the plate carrier later

Med pouch

Rifle mag pouches

Double pistol mag pouch

Radio pouch

This time it wasn’t easy, but I discovered my first flaw, which is acceptable though. Later on the straps ripped and so I could assemble it correctly.

Velcro is sewed on the wrong way

Admin pouch

Double grenade pouch

Needs to be said, that most pouches had their straps sewed like this at the end. In this case it’s actually an advantage, because the straps tend to be too short sometimes and it works like barbs.


The design of this vest requires you to fit the throat piece first

Then one by one the straps need to be attached

This is how it looks completed



As the Type 15 armor doesn’t provide any female velcro, the black Snow Leopard and the largest patch contain straps for the molle webbing instead.




DAM’s overused Radio. I highly doubt that it’s due to the accuracy of this figure.

Protectors with straps. Should be exactly the same as the 78024 FSIN ones.

Unfortunately, they all come without velcro and elastic bands only , which makes it very hard to put on. It was a chore.
My suggestion for this now might be to remove the pants first, then put on the shin guards and try to slide through the nude legs at the end. This way less friction might be involved.



Shin and knee

Flexible at knee joint

Shield comes in two parts and is a new mold from DAM





Quite hard to make the hand grab the handle


QSZ-92. This is directly from my other review, since it’s exactly the same pistol



Comparison to Soldier Story

QBZ-95 partly from my older DAM 78052 review

Please note that DAM only provides 3+1 mags, so one less than you need to fill all pouches. I got one extra loose. But after I realized I have no pouches for the QCQ-05 mags, I removed the extra QBZ mag again to make space for two QCQ ones.

Plain rifle can’t be disassembled like it’s counterpart from World Weapons or Soldier Story.

Working charging handle, but not spring operated




Top rail

Detachable rails

Side rails

Rail adapter to slide onto the existing top rail attached to the carrying handle to fit others than the usual QBZ scope.

Scope. Only function is to open the flaps. Sunshade can’t be removed.





Shell catch

Attach like this


Then add the actual catch pouch

Open to release shells

I won’t do any comparison to the Soldier Story QBZ-95 here, as this one looks like it can be fully disassembled and I wanna save that for another review.

Fully geared


This reminds me on the 78047A figure with the MP9, where the sidearm was the actual weapon people were waiting for, including me.

I was quite surprised seeing removable pins to disassemble this one.

Unfortunately, the only thing it’s doing is opening the stock to remove the spring.

Plain smg

Working charging handle, but difficult to show off with one hand on the camera, as it’s spring loaded and I was afraid of scratching the paint

Serial number

Working fire selector

Can be removed

Barrel (out of focus, will take a new one)

Carrying handle with rail. You might be even able to attach a scope, but the rail is thinner than the QBZ one, so no parts can be exchanged here.

Iron sights



Silencer attaches very smothly

Complete figure

IMG_6523 IMG_6529

Quite similar to the first DAM Snow Leopard on the first sight, but other than the uniform and pistol, it has good variation and new parts. Many will be happy with the QCQ finally made and with such great detail. Also the highly used QBZ comes with different options now, as they added more rails.
A lot of westerners most likely will dislike this as a whole. For me, however, it adds good variety to my police collection. ButI am fine with Chinese by now, as it’s my fourth figure already and am looking forward to the coming Russians and the RAID.


I’ve got this figure on order, it has a lot of promise. A good entry for international LE and CT figure collections.