DAMTOYS Chinese People’s Armed Police Force Snow Leopard Commando Unit

Item N°


  • 78052



  • Headsculpt
  • Fingerless Gloved Hands x3


  • T-Shirt (BROWN)
  • BDU Jacket (Pixelated Tiger Stripes)
  • BDU Pants (Pixelated Tiger Stripes)
  • Cap Hat (Pixelated Tiger Stripes)
  • Belt
  • FEIRSH Armed Police Portable New Type 07 Combat Boots


  • QGF-03 Helmet w/ Cover
    • ESS Ballistic Goggles
    • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0

Vest and Pouches

  • Type 13 Tactical Vest
    • Rifle Mag Pouch x4
    • Double Pistol Mag Pouch
    • Admin Pouch
    • Radio Pouch
  • Gas Mask Pouch
  • Medic Pouch
  • Canteen Pouch
  • Type 15 Assault Backpack

Tactical Gear

  • US Military 1 QT Canteen
  • Casio G-SHOCK DW-9052 Digital Watch


  • Vertex Standard VX 920 Series Radio


  • Corner Shot CSM :israel:
    • Batterie
    • Aiming Display Screen Cover/Shade
    • EOTech 552 Holograhic Weapon Sight
    • Rifle Sling
  • Norinco QBZ-95 :cn:
    • QBZ Mag 5.8×42mm (30rd) x3+1
    • Y/MA 95-002 Telescopic Sight
    • Rifle Sling
  • QSZ-92 x2 :cn:
    • Mag 9×19mm (15rd) x2+2
    • Drop Leg Holster


  • Armed Police Force Special Troop Patch
  • Snow Leopard Commando Unit Shoulder Patch
  • Snow Leopard Commando Unit Patch
  • China Flag Patch
  • Insignia Patch

Out of the box with protective covers. Looks like the pixelated tiger stripe camo.

Here some reference for Chinese camo patterns

Lately, I am really struggling to identify Asian headsculpts, so I can’t provide any name

Luckily, the first flaw/damage matters less as it’s covered by the helmet. Slight paint application fail or rub off.

Uniform and basic clothing

DAM provided a tee and padded underwear as well. Although I am not sure if it’s intended to be underwear or should only provide a more bulky look

The jacket is well done and quite detailed.

Firstly the zipper and collar

Chest pockets

Sleeves with female velcro for patches. All pockets are accessable, however the opening is very small and they are almost sewed up.

Elbow pads

Armpits reinforced


Sleeves can be tightned around the wrists

The gloves are well done and have, like I stressed in other reviews already, a flatter color tone, hence they look more realistic.
Downside are the wrists though, which are quite weak and flimsy. At least on mine.

Belts are usually a side item, but this one is awesome and works like the real thing

Pants with a lot of padding

Normal pockets

Kneepads with padding

Pockets at thigh height. The right side has this male velcro attached to it. I wondered first, but now I think it’s intended to hold the holster in place.

Option to tighten the pants around the knees

Pocket next to the ankles

Butt pockets work properly

Reinforced crotch


Second flaw is a missing metal ring to channel the shoe string. No big deal, but it’s still broken. Will order replacement

Ballistic glasses



Cap fits the head. It’s a new style I didn’t own before, since the SS100 and SS101 have the American style cap.

The slanted sticker could be fixed by just removing and placing it properly again.

Helmet fits properly, too. You can witness again, that the Big6 Mannequin has a too large head to close the straps. It fits all Soldier Story helmets properly though. Probably, because Ben used to work for them :smile:

No padding for the inside

Holster looks kind of cheap, but fits it’s purpose. Good thing it’s not too tight. One of my most hated 1/6 subject is to file too tight holster on the inside to make the pistols fit properly. Otherwise they get scratched or damaged.

The other items to attach to the duty belt

Canteen pouch

Med pouch

Gas mask pouch




I needed to extend this straps to fit the vest on the actual figure


Third flaw is a ripped thread. I fixed it by glueing it back. It holds just fine now and didn’t require sewing. No harm done to the function or visuals of the vest by the adhesive.

All the pouches

Assault rifle mag pouches

Double pistol mag pouch


Radio pouch

Admin pouch




All comartments can be accessed, but filled with padding. Since there are no items to store inside I didn’t remove it.




DAM’s overused Radio. I highly doubt that it’s due to the accuracy of this figure.

QSZ-92. This is directly from my other review, since it’s exactly the same pistol


Comparison to Soldier Story

QBZ-95 partly from my older DAM 78017 review

Please note that DAM only provides 3+1 mags, so one less than you need to fill all pouches. I got one extra loose.

Plain rifle can’t be disassembled like it’s counterpart from World Weapons

Working charging handle, but not spring operated




Top rail for a scope

Scope with cover and lense




I somehow refuse to call it a rifle or weapon. It’s more of a tool or adapter that is attached to a pistol.

Awesome piece though and lots of detail.

The stock can be folded


CAUTION: Refer to instruction manual

Moving fire selector

On/off buttons

Traveling handle/foregrip

Pistol housing with laser, light and camera

This device pulls the trigger

The cover.

FIT GLOCK MODELS 17-19-22-23

… Glock 18, SIG 226/228, H&K USP, Browning Hi Power, Beretta M9/92F/93R and QSZ-92 as well.

Padded on the inside

Unfolded screen


Slide it on to attach

Batterie compartment


Inserted wrongly, since arrows should be pointing forward

Top rail



Geared up

Apparently this is the bipod option

There is no monopod for the stock on this model.


Complete figure

Needs to be said that I am satisfied with DAM’s current releases as they all tend to look better in real life than on their preview pictures.
This one comes with little gear, but seems common with Chinese LEO figures. The camo, gear and other colors fit good and it’s nice to look at. The CornerShot is most likely the item to talk about here, because it’s highly anticipated and unique. If I recall correctly I saw a teaser for that like almost 2 years ago.
In the end, I only had 3 damaged parts this time,but QC will be still something to annoy customers. So far I had broken parts in my 78044B, 78047A and this one. So basically every DAM figure I got in the past few months.
Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the second Snow Leopard now as this one has the QBZ-95 with a different top rail and shell catch and the QCQ-05 smg.

By the way, we’ll probably see more cornershots in the future as DAM didn’t provide bipods and other accessories.

I’m finding their QC has gotten quite a bit worse over the last year or so. The paint problem like you had is a common issue. Every release I get at least a few like that. They are the only brand where I see larger sections
missing paint, which is strange as they’ll spend a long time painting the face then miss parts of the hair. It is almost like they are laying against something and the paint transfers off before drying. A bit unlucky on vest and boots, usually they are pretty good with those two. I would really like to see them improve the paint QC and weapon assembly QC. Their price point is too high now to be having these problems.

Great review THX. Not my part of interest but i love the Cornershot. Great Weapon System and maximum protection for the user. Very impressive Design. Very Detaild in 1/6 and it is cool that different Glock Models work.