DAMTOYS Chinese People's Armed Police Force

Item N°


  • 78017



  • Headsculpt
  • Bare Hands (2 pair)
  • Bare Feet (1 pair)


  • Long Sleeve Shirt (BLK)
  • BDU Jacket (BLK)
  • BDU Cargo Pants (BLK)
  • BDU Belt
  • Solovair Boots


  • QGF-03 Kevlar Helmet w/ Cover
    • ESS Ballistic Goggles

Vest and Pouches

  • Vest
    • Utility Pouch
    • Admin Pouch
    • Rifle Mag Pouch x6
    • Grenade Pouch x3
    • Radio Pouch
    • Gas Mask Pouch
  • Buttpack

Tactical Gear

  • Tactical Rappelling Harness
  • Elbow Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • PETZL Pirana Descender
  • Carabiner x3
  • Climbing Rope
  • Cable Ties x3
  • SureFire G2 Nitrolon Flashlight
    • SureFire G2 Nitrolon Flashlight Speed Holster


  • Vertex Standard VX 920 Series Radio
    • Vertex MH-66A7A


  • Norinco QBZ-95 :cn:
    • QBZ Mag 5.8×42mm (30rd) x3+1
    • QLG-91B :cn:
    • 35mm Tear Gas Grenade x2
    • Y/MA 95-002 Telescopic Sight
    • Rifle Sling
  • QSZ-92 :cn:
    • Mag 9×19mm (15rd) x1+1
    • Drop Leg Holster


  • China Flag Patch

They put so many logos on the box I always wondered if this is kind of a special release. At least on a Chinese ebay-like site it retails for more than several SS and DAM expo figures.

The figure itself is very light on gear and there wasn’t much to be assembled. Fortunately, I got this one from 7toys7 back then when MSRP was about USD 140 and international shipping from Hong Kong only USD 3.50!

This figuer comes with the DAM 1.0 body and the hands are quite bulky. However, what I prefer over the 2.0 is the arms can be posed closer to the torso when standing relaxed. With the newer bodies it always looks like they bulked up too much.

Straight out of the box minus the jacket and harness


His face looks familiar, but I couldn’t figure out the actor

Long sleeve shirt

Belt, cargo pants and fake pockets

These side pockets are at least able to hold sth, but can barely be opened because they are kind of sewed up

Crotch with a double layer of cloth


Fake chest pocket

Loop for the mic

Shoulders, patches and sleeves



Buttons are fake as well. To put on/off the jacket you need to remove the hands first

The zipper

Boots are cloth and the ususal good quality

Looks like the distinctive Solovair sole

Elbow and knee pads

Knee pads have long straps and can be fitted with the boots applied

The harness is the same as the MSRT 78016

Can be fitted by pulling these straps

Attachments for the harness

Pirana descender and two carabiners

The deatils come even nicer with the golden color


Helmet should be same as the 78043 IDF

Mannequins head is too large again

CAPF logo with the Forbidden City and Chinese Wall

Straps are not staining. I have the feeling that staining balaclavas and helmet straps are sth from the past. At least with the high end brands. My only incidents ever were with the SS062 FBI CIRG and SS067 FBI HRT. I never witnessed anything else from newer figures regarding SS, DAM, DID, HT etc

Inside. The helmet fits the headsculpt quite well. Maybe slightly too tight. Hopefully it won’t scratch the painted hair.



The taint is great and I think unique to DAM figures so far. Looks black, slightly purple.



Admin and small pouches


Rifle mags

Radio with the velcro to hold the cable

Gas mask pouch (unfortunately none provided, also too small to hold one in 1/6)

Adjustment can ne made via these velcros on the back


To disassemble the vest open this velcro

The inside

Buttpack that goes with the vest

Side pouch

This way the pins are used to attach the pouch to the belt

Carabiner and cable ties to add to the vest’s belt

DAM’s favourite radio. The vertex standard was featured with every Russian I think.

The cable is very tight and won’t remain in place when displayed unless you stuck it under a rifle sling or similiar.



Remains in place


Pistol holster pretty much the same as the 78043 IDF

Mag pouch

To secure the pistol we get kind of a velcro that is pushed through two cloth loops


Slide is too tight


Comparison to SS

No big difference, however SS looks just slightly more crisp and clean.


Originally they only supplied 3 mags and two grenades, but I added more to fill up all pouches



The later 78022 PLA version featured these lethal grenades

Both grenade types feel kind of like they are made from metal or consist of sth similiar

Plain rifle


Working charging handle

This is the rail were the scope attaches





Sight is tight enough to not being flimsy

Barrel is hollow unlike others from DAM

Grenade inserted

Through pushing out this metal pin you can disassemble the GL

Geared up rifle

Comparison to SS again. Same outcome and SS provides a spring in addition

Completed figure

Final words:

It’s quite not an outstanding figure judging from its outward appearance. I sometimes forget I have it, but it’s a nice and unique police figure.
DAM introduced its QBZ here for the first time, like the QSZ, however I think Earth Weapons was the first company to release a proper QBZ version.

in the end, I got it for a fair price and the only niggle was too little ammo supplied and a missing gas mask. But that seems to be the standard today!


I liked the look of this, when it came out, particularly the head sculpt. O bought the loose nude, as well as the weapon and pads, and a few other bits. Have them boxed up with other components, for a CPD figure.

What’s a CPD? Would you share a pic?

Great review again chpo.

Close Protection Detail - With Chinese VIPs requiring protection, both locally, and abroad, bodyguard services have been provided by both the government, and a burgeoning private sector development.

The PAP has been responsible for such duties, as well as guarding some embassies, and the Central Security Bureau is apparently the state organ for addressing growing concerns.

There’s a lot of variation in the appearance of detail personnel, which appeals to me, and which allows some interesting possibilities.

Here’s one of Cpl Ho’s fine bashes, in this case, a PAP CPD guy, in Iraq.

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Thanks for the information. There’s indeed a lot of room for variety like with PMCs. Hope you are getting bits from the coming DAM Snow Leopard figures. They would add great to this matter.
Should be these with a corner shot and a QCW-05

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Yeah, I haven’t been willing to commit to full figures, saving that for Russian subjects, but there are a lot of loose items that are appealing. The Wiki on the Central Security Bureau lists their weapons as the QCW-05, and the Taurus PT709 slim compact 9mm.


That looks like compact pistol. Would be a nice welcome next to these QSZ-92

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