DAMTOYS DMS030 Resident Evil 2 Leon S Kennedy

Parts List:

Faithful and detailed LEON S. KENNEDY head sculpt, weapons and accessories
DAM 3.0 poseable body with over 30 points of articulations
Tactical gloved hands including:
One right hand for holding weapons
One left hand for holding handgun
One left hand for holding shotgun/SMG
One left hand for holding flash light
RPD uniform shirt
RPD uniform pants
Uniform belt
One (1) pair of elbow pads
One (1) pair of knee pads
RPD body armor
Duty belt including:
Handcuffs pouch
Ammo pouch
Radio pouch
Flash light pouch
Drop leg holster
Matilda (Handgun)
Removable custom parts including: Gun stock, Muzzle brake, High-capacity mag
M19 (Handgun)
W-870 (Shotgun)
W-870 with custom parts (Long Barrel, Shotgun Stock)
LE 5 (Sub-machine gun)
Anti-tank Rocket
Flash Grenade
Hand Grenade
Combat Knife
Combat Knife
Key x4
First Aid Spray
Radio set with Hand mic
Handgun Ammo
Large-caliber Handgun Ammo
Shotgun Shells

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Oh…man…they didn’t scrap this project.

Well, it’s a must-buy. Nothing else for me to say. Maybe once I collect my thoughts a little!

not my cup of tea, but nice they included an assortment of weapons, the box of ammo is cool as heck too !

Now that I’ve had more time to gather my thoughts, here are my impressions:

DAM knocked this one out of the park.

I may be biased as the Resident Evil 2 Remake was my personal Game of the Year for 2019. But I feel this release does justice to the character and the franchise. The likeness is great, and the sheer amount of accessories included is much appreciated. Both types of knife, both types of grenade, ammo boxes, a first aid spray…

I’ll get one glaring downside out of the way: the boots appear to be molded. So long as they aren’t cut high enough to inhibit ankle movement, I am okay with this.

The weapon selection is ridiculous. Every weapon Leon can obtain in his campaigns is included, save the Desert Eagle (“Lightning Hawk” in the RE universe) and the jury-rigged custom flamethrower. The EF024 and 025 sets can now be retroactively considered to be accessory sets for Leon here. I wonder if Capcom is aware that DAM is releasing the Desert Eagle under their in-house Elite Firearms branding? The fictional long barrel and ammo box are clearly lifted from the game.

I think every firearm is a new mold. DAM could have gone the lazy route of reusing their existing 1911, 870, or MP5 molds, but these are new molds which accurately depict their in-game counterparts. As a weapon collector, I’m torn as this means the weapons have less applicability. The W-870 (W presumably standing for “Windham,” a weapon manufacturer in the RE universe) has a squared ejection port and three screws on its receiver, neither of which are features of a 1:1 Remington 870. The LE-5 retains the missing iron sights, slim forearm checkering on a wide forearm, and stubby stock as featured in the game. This weapon will go great with my RE2R custom HUNK, who is currently wielding an SS MP5.

I hope we see DAM release Claire Redfield as a companion piece to Leon. The fact that all four of the RPD keys are included with Leon here (he does not obtain the Heart Key, Claire does not obtain the Club Key) kind of leads me to worry that Leon will be the only character DAM releases. Or it may mean nothing, perhaps a hypotherical Claire figure will have some different collectable items from the game.

Should we see Claire, we can expect the following weapons:

-“SLS 60” (S&W Bodyguard w/ Tyler T-Grip, possible barrel extension as accessory)
-“JMB Hp3” (Browning Hi-Power Mk.III, possible extended mag as accessory)
-“Quickdraw Army” (Ruger Blackhawk)
-“GM 79” (M79, both sawed off and with a stock and ladder sight)
-“MQ 11” (Ingram M11A1, possible extended mag or suppressor as accessories)
-“Spark Shot” (fictional mag-fed tazer on steroids - possibly not as Leon’s Flamethrower was left out)
-“Minigun” (fictional minigun)

DAM has molds for the sawed-off and full-size M79 and MAC-11 (& suppressor), but they may just create new molds as the game does take a few liberties with the designs of both weapons. I hope we get a 32-round MAC-11 mag compatible with their existing MAC-11 as that is something I have wanted for a while now.

Well done DAM, well done. I’m looking forward to this one, let’s see if they can stick the projected Q1 2021 release date.


Still can’t understand the mid-80s to early 90s obsession with that thermobaric rocket launcher in video games and movies, but a very cool figure nonetheless. Really liked those resident evil games back in the day.

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It probably saw frequent use In fiction as it looks mean, ugly, and intimidating. See also the SPAS-12.

As for its use in the original RE1/RE3, it was probably chosen because its blocky design made it easy to render on the PS1 hardware. Later RE games use the M202 in tribute to those early games…oddly enough, the original RE2’s rocket launcher resembled a Stinger (that somehow held two rockets). So I guess the M202’s use in the remake of RE2 is one of those tributes to the original RE1.

Other RE rocket launcher trivia:

RE CODE: Veronica and RE0 used fictional designs. The remake of 1 did as well, but only for the unlockable infinite launcher. The launcher provided during the final boss fight was the M202.

The standardized rocket launcher for RE4 - RE6 is the RPG-7.

The infinite rocket launcher in the RE2 remake is the (single shot! disposable!) AT4. I think it would be funny if Leon/Claire threw each tube away and pulled out a new one for each shot, but nope, an infinite stream of rockets comes out of the same tube.

I have to admit when I saw this I thought ‘Yes’ finally we’ll get some high caliber Resident Evil Figures (SWToys are okay but the HS are lacking and hardly if ever come with accessories). I’m just hoping the price isn’t that bad but judging from the few that popped up on eBay the last few days and now on a few online retailers I don’t know. The price of a HT figure not withstanding I’m wondering if this will be the only figure of the lot; was hoping to have a companion Claire Redfield even although I’d given up hope and was in the process of kitbashing one (even picking up an ACE M79, Dam Ingram M11A1, and a DML Browning Hi-Power 9mm). Will I purchase one; between the pre-orders for another Classic late 90s Square Enix game figures and DAM Russian Sniper I’m on the fence on this one. More than likely I will but the price is definitely giving me pause here especially if I have to purchase a possible companion piece afterwards.

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Wow, Really Cool! Even though I’m not into games characters, but this is “Dam” cool release on RE2, nice headsculpting, weapons galore and even comes with ammo cartridge boxes for some of the weapons!