DAMTOYS EF012-18 Kriss Vector SMG Tactical Sets



Agreed. The hole/peg for the flashlight module or cap is pretty shallow, so if they are glued and the glue’s weak enough, it shouldn’t be hard to force them out.

I do plan to swap the flashlight out of the green Vector to one of the Darkzone Vectors if possible.


Looks like they messed up the mags again only deatils on one extended one.



And @AdamC, there’s your answer regarding the barrel shrouds: they plug in. The “barrel” essentially doesn’t exist. Also disappointing…


@Scrib I can see why they did it to make them more practical to ship. I wish they would have done the same for the barrels which seem to be glued in. Confirmed at least on a few units that the flash light unit didn’t seem to be glued in.


I received 012-017 today. Just some quick words. QC is better now. Only one broken front back up sight. And if you are missing a fire selector, it’s somewhere in the box. Look carefully, I had three loose ones hiding in there.
Barrelshrouds/muzzles are interchangable as are the lights/covers. Overall quality is good.
The optics they use are mostly the same as the 78047 and they come along quite flimsy.
Besides they only provide one detailed extended magvper weapon, so I ordered 11 extra.

If some of you have the VTS Tavor from the VM-017 figure as well, there are lots of options to change gear here!


Just realized that DAM advertised these with 60rd mags, but they are all MagEx 25+ with 25rd.
The G21 should be 13rd and not 10.

Would be very nice if it came in parts like this as well. At least two separate parts for the extension where you could insert the G21.

Will try tomorrow if the extended mags fit any Glock from DAM and maybe even ES. SS I am quite sure it won’t.


Fits DAM exclusively


Yes, everything is good. Even the rail part fits nicely…but…they did mess up on the magazine or the magazine well. It does not fit firmly in the well. Other than that, it is a great gun.

chpo “And if you are missing a fire selector, it’s somewhere in the box. Look carefully, I had three loose ones hiding in there.” Mine was missing the selector, so I looked around for it and found it!


Glad I could help. Nowadays they add other items to boxed rifles and drive up the price. Reordering a rifle just for the fire selector would be very steep!


Spoke to soon! The flashlight pressure pad is missing on one of my Vectors!!! Agh!!!


That’s unlucky. I had one broken iron sight. Look on taobao for replacement. They parted everything out.


I am missing the rails… Looks like they forgot to add to sides of one of my Vectors…



Thanks for the link add.

I like the fact that DAM made it compatible with their other offerings.

After reading the relies in here, it seems like there is a bit of variance in the accessories, and QC in different versions of the sets. and that was something I have pointed out in the review of my figure as well.

The barrel shroud is supposed to cover a longer barrel length of the civilian models. Keeps is regular civilian folks from burning ourselves on the hot barrel. That little nib holding on the shroud also looks like it will add to the angled barrel issue of the silencer borne models.