DAMTOYS EF024-25 Desert Eagle

Parts List:

DESERT EAGLE handgun(black)
DESERT EAGLE handgun with custom parts(long barrel) (black)

Red dot sight
Boxed .50 AE MAG ammo

Parts List:

DESERT EAGLE handgun (steel silver)
DESERT EAGLE handgun with custom parts(long barrel) (steel silver/black)

Red dot sight
Boxed .50 AE MAG ammo

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when i saw the pictures with the ammo boxes, i thought they were launching into the 1/1 replica :yum:

Awesome, I just was about to track down further pistols from the DMS002, but this should do the job. Good to have DAM continuing their boxed weapon series.

I think this is a hint that they’ve shuttered the Resident Evil 2 figures. Or, if they are still in the works, Leon will not come with the Desert Eagle and you’ll have to buy it separately?

The finishes match those of the Desert Eagle in the RE2 remake (pre- and post-patch), the two-tone grip panel and red dot are similar, the long barrel is the fictitious type from the game, and most tellingly, the little blurb about the DE on the product pics is directly lifted from the game! The “DE” graphic and color scheme used is very similar to RE2’s as well.

These are cool and I’ll be down for at least one of each. Nice that they’ve included an ammo box - we need to see more of these!

They are numbers 24 and 25, aren’t we missing a few? By my count 19 - 23 are unaccounted for…another announcement soon?

1 - 5 M4
6 - 11 5.45 AK
12 - 18 Vector

edit: oh hell, the .50 AE “Regulus” ammo box is lifted directly from the game.

Man, I was half right. The RE figures are not shuttered, but you will have to buy the Desert Eagle for Leon separately.


DAM is on a backlog-releasing tear! Looking forward to these.

I’m surprised they didn’t rebrand them under the Resident Evil license and kick up the price a few dollars. To put this in video game terms, these are like DLC for DAM’s Leon figure as the two-tone grips and fictional long barrel are straight from the RE2 Remake.

Wait are these two pistols per set? I was under the impression it’s one pistol with additional pieces so you can choose which one you want to set up.

How are you guys gonna set up these guns? I’m wondering what to do about holsters and additional mags (and mag pouches) I’ll need to set up my figure with this. I’ve always wanted a pistoleer with a desert eagle as his main.

Yes, two sets with two pistols each. Looks like the scope fits all models and is attached to a rail.

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That a joke? They altered the color. Is much less appealing to me now!

Actually, I think these are both EF-025. The standard DE on the left may be a rare chase variant - the wood grip with medallion makes it resemble the Desert Eagle from the original 1998 Resident Evil 2!

That’s actually…kind of cool.

Learn more about the guns of RE2 here and its remake here.

I ran google translate on the bbicn thread, and this is indeed a randomly-packed chase variant (specifically, only EF025 is impacted).

A bit odd that they didn’t also put the ‘98 wood grip on the long barreled DE in the chase set, as the in-game DE retains that grip when you upgrade it with the longer barrel (a humorous typo in the first US edition of RE2 rendered the upgrade item as the “Mugnum Parts”). Perhaps this is because the upgraded DE in the ‘98 game used a true 10” DE barrel rather than a fictional one, and the Tasco red dot sight was not in the ‘98 game either.

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Might have to set these…

Nice indepth review by ekong on bbicn here (I’m on mobile and I don’t see the hyperlinking tool): http://bbs.bbicn.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=368089&mobile=2

Interesting how the Tasco red dot sight mounts onto the pistols. You slot in half of the scope’s rail mount in order to lock it in place. I hope it’s a nice and tight fit.


On a scale of 10, 10 being best, I would rate these at 8.5. Very well built.

As far as the ammo box, that is it. What you see there! You cannot put it into the box or take the bullets out.