DAMTOYS Extreme Zone Samurai Sakifuji Craig Review

Well here it goes. My first review in a long while. Mostly due to time, but also some dead tech, and me slowly figuring out how to make what I have work to get pics out. I digress.

For your reading and viewing pleasure, the review of the DAMTOYS Extreme Zone Samurai Sakifuji “Craig” figure.

The Box Eye catching graphics. Has a bunch of text and stuff all over it. I opted to ignore the wrapping and get right into the figure. I may return to this. Or maybe not haha. Angled black slip cover over top of a nice window box that shows the figure. I cheated a bit and ripped into the figure before taking pics first. So I had to stuff it back into the box afterwards to get pics. Your figure will probably not look like these initial pics.

When you remove the contents, you can probably use the box as a nice window box display.

Inside is a two layer molded tray. Top layer is Craig, and some of the smaller accessories and hands. Second layer is the bigger accessories. Weapons, bags, figure stand.

Some paint transfers noted on the tray, from the katana sheath. A bit harder to see on these resized pictures.

Nice layout. Visually appealing. Not too much wasted space. That’s a good start.

The figure and clothing.

Lets talk about the man Craig. The head has a very close likeness to Alexander Ludwig, most recently his appearances on Vikings, especially with that hairdo. The head sculpt is exceptionally well done. Paint is amazing. One snag on mine is the topknot/ponytail. It’s very loose on mine, and keeps falling out. And I didn’t originally notice when taking pictures, but the brown paint is slightly darker on it than the hair on the head. I am also getting Tom Holland with facial hair vibe as well, though that is not as pronounced as Ludwig. The head, neck and hands attached to the body all have plastic wrap on them to prevent paint transfers in the packaging.

The joints on the body are really snug. That will make for great posing. But the neck is also super stiff, and the head isn’t posing the greatest at the start. I am going to see if I can loosen it up a bit. I think it could be an issue with the joint on the body side of the neck joint. Sometimes the soft torso gets glue fowling.

A quick search shows the feet are flat, with no toe joint like Hot Toys bodies. This may or may not help with posing if they get swapped out.

The clothing is cool. Nice windbreaker. An interesting nylon looking affair with lots of pockets, zips, and velcro straps. The hood on the jacket has a flat wire inside which will make for some cool shaping.

The pants are styled very much like typical Asian martial arts type pants. They are short at the ankles, and have a bunch of working pockets as well. If they were longer and slightly different material, they would actually look similar to work pants made by Snickers or Helly Hansen.

Under the pants are a pair of stretchy black tights/leggings. Nice for bulking up the pants, and better than socks. But I think they do impede posing at the hips and knees a bit. More on that later.

A stretchy black shirt is also included.

The shirt and tights may stain the body over time. We’ll see what happens down the road.

A feel around the ankles has me thinking there are some foam bits around the ankles. A quick search shows that is true.

There is a belt with some Samurai labeling on the ends, and it is extra long. Probably long enough to go around the waist twice. Attached to that is a small loop piece that can be used to attach the sheathes for the swords. Nice feature. It is currently ignored at this time as I chose to build it a different way.

Speaking of build up. There are just enough accessories that you can leave bits off, and go for a less cluttered and more streamlined look. Take some time to look at the teaser pics, and the parts in the set, and then choose the direction you want to go. There are some funky features on the parts, and not everything is straightforward as to how bits are attached.

There are 6 gloved hands. Left and right trigger hands, left and right sword hands, and left and right open hands.

The Weapons

We have that nifty Sig MPX and a pair of swords.

The MPX is well made. The accessories fit fairly snugly on the rails, which is nice for a change. Only the grip on mine was a bit loose, and slides on the rail when it comes time to pose using the grip. I may have to glue that. Included accessories are the T1 Micro, Magpul forward sling attach (I have flipped it over since I took the pics), iron sights, and x 3 spare Taran Tactical magazines, one in 20 round, and x2 in 30 round. The Magpul stock has a small adjustment pin on the bottom forward end, and mine is a bit loose and falls out. On previous DAM rifles with this style stock, I can’t even get that pin out. You can move the charging handle, but there is no spring inside. Dust cover opens to reveal a nice titanium nitride coated bolt. Same treatment on the barrel. The forward handguard can slide off revealing the barrel and silencer. It appears the silencer is not removable, and has that lightening bolt detail on it (more info on that later). According to the teaser pics, the whole stock comes off. It looks like it just slides off the back of the receiver, and is not like an M4/M16 with a buffer tube.

One of my magazines has a paint flaw in the metallic red paint. Almost makes it look like it has been used, so not necessarily a bad thing, but still a slight QC issue. There is some nice molded printing on the magazines.

There is a nice katana with sheath, and wakizashi with sheath.

The katana has a metal blade. The sheath for it has lots of nice detailing in gold on it. Unfortunately some of the paint rubbed off on the parts tray, and if you scroll back to the top you might see that in the picture. Or maybe not as I shrunk the pictures to post them here. The sheath got missed with the clear plastic wrap, but DAMTOYS remembered all the body parts. Oops.

The wakizashi has a plastic blade, and a sheath made to look like bamboo or wood.

Then there is the mesh/perforated looking sword carrier. Nice addition, but this piece is strange. There is no obvious place to hook it onto the pack, or duffel bag. I ended up clipping it to a couple of the buckles on the messenger looking bag. Just slip the sheaths into the carrier.


The shoes could go in clothing. I included it here. Similar pattern to the sneakers released on a few other figures, like the DEVGRU AOR1 version that came out a few months back, and I believe another figure as well. This time we get a black Multicam pattern on the shoe. Also of curious note is that little lightening bolt detail we see on the silencer has been repeated on the sole and tongue of the shoe as well.

LBT (London Bridge Trading Co) Black duffel bag. Nicely detail part, full of straps, buckles zips and pockets. Pretty much everything works, and looks great.

Vest. Nice Samurai badging at the shoulders. Not sure if it is a brand, or a nice detail added for this figure. Either way, it’s a nice added detail, and same as seen on the belt on the pants. All the zips, buckles, and pockets work. And there are a lot. Makes me want to raid the spares box and fill them all up. I still may do that.

Black messenger bag. Nice single sling piece, with another strap that buckles to the sling, and goes under the other arm. The way it is designed, it looks like it only fits to go on one way, over the right shoulder.

I ended up attaching the sword holder to the buckles beside the MOLLE loop patch, on the ends of the bag.

Respirator. This is the same respirator seen on the Darkzone Agent (the Division) line of figures. Nice to see it added here as well. It comes with this little shield/cover on the front with the fang detailing on it. Great news, if you don’t like that detailing, you can pull it off the respirator as it just clips on. Nice.

The way it is put together all the bits to make the respirator are glued on. If they get assembled a bit off, the parts have a slight alignment issue, and in my cast the fang shield sits a bit off center.

As a hint with this piece, don’t leave it on the head too long. Those elastics look like they will stretch and stay that way over time. I suspect like all elastic bits those straps will probably be no good a couple years down the road anyway, and may need to be replaced with something not elastic.

Other bits; Black Pouch thingy. In the teaser pics, the magazine pouch is attached to this part, and slung over the shoulder. It has a nice long strap to go over the shoulder, and another one with a clip that goes… where does that go? To the messenger bag? Somewhere on the jacket? Maybe a belt loop on the pants if you leave the jacket off? You have a few options there.

Sunglasses. Look like standard fare Oakleys.

Bluetooth headset. Not sure what these are brand wise. The wire attaching the two is metal and can be posed, and kind of helps to hold it to the head. I think the ear pieces are on backwards on mine. Those are the little white bits (not shown yet). The don’t settle into the ears well, and I used the respirator straps to help hold it in place.

A detail note, the SCPS labeling on the earpieces is also visible on the box. Maybe some kind of series getting started here?

Light, watch, spray paint(?).

Is that spray paint? Maybe for blacking out security camera lenses. Or maybe that spray to make security laser beams visible. The label is already starting to peel on mine. In the teaser pics, the pouch for the spray can is attached to the messenger bag, so I did the same. Before I took a single picture of it. You’ll see it in the posing pics.

White Timex looking watch. I didn’t add it to the build up yet.

Angle head flashlight.

Spare joints and badges. Is that one badge supposed to be a Starbucks looking detail? Maybe a mermaid. Lime to look at the teasers again. Badges are adhesive backed, not velcro backed.

Figure Stand. Always nice to see figure stands. Especially with this figure when folks will want to be posing the heck out of it. Just by luck I picked it up, and found that it is opaque. Some clever modeler will probably figure out a way to light this sucker up. Neat feature, but probably unintended.

Magazine pouch. The one failure in this set. It absolutely does not work. I can get it threaded onto that little pouch piece mentioned above, but the magazines do not fit into this part at all. Maybe I’ll try some pistol mags later, if I decide to add a pistol, but for it’s intended use in this figure, it’s pretty much useless as-is.

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Overall views.

This figure is probably one of the best made figures I have seen in a long while. The quality of the sewn parts is amazing. The hard parts are really well done. The body and head sculpt are very well done, with tight joints all around.

Stuff that doesn’t measure up so well? The magazine pouch is a failure on mine. The legs seem to have limited movement with the stretchy tights. It could also be a body style issue as well. I’ll dig into that later. Also the limited neck movement, which I will look into later. That could also be a body issue as well.

The quirky nature of this neo Samurai looking dude, and his interesting looking gear might put some buyers off this figure, since it really doesn’t fit any known source or niche. That being said, he comes with a lot of cool bits. And it loose parts sales have been any indicator, individual bits are selling quite well. If you don’t like the whole figure as-is, it’s worth considering as a supply of loose bits for future figure bashes.

The price is a bit higher on this one as well. But for good reason. Very little of this set it transferred/shared parts from other sets. That means an increased cost in individual parts. The only shared bits I could see are the shoes, flashlight, watch, sunglasses, respirator and some bits of the Sig MPX. Pretty much everything else is new stuff. Is it an acceptable increase for a figure? Maybe, maybe not. That depends on how much you enjoy the product.

I am enjoying messing with this one already. Just some neat fictional action figure stuff going on here. An it’s sometimes nice to not be bound by accuracy restrictions of current soldier figures.

Feel free to add any of your own pictures and comments to the review as well, as I may have missed some stuff in my rush to start playing with it.

Here are some posing pics for you enjoy.

Close up of how I attached the spray can holder and sword holder to the messenger bag.

White ear piece on the headset. I think that bit should be turned 180 degrees to fit in the ear better.

Respirator with no shield/mask.

The respirator shield/mask.


Great review! Love this Figure more now ;-). Very special design and nothing military at all but great done.
Now i know which actor you mean. I know him from Lone Survivor.

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Thank you for this beautiful sharing … I like the new style of the Dam box. Lots of accessories and clothes are fine … nice figure. I also really like the spray paint … my only complaint would be the katana sheath, which is very plastic … nice purchase and nice photos :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can remove the buffer tube with stock by sliding it up or down and attach the collapsible stock instead from the DCG003/04 or VM-019/019R.

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Great review. One of my favourite sets in a long time. My magazine pouch also didn’t work although after a lot of effort I squeezed one in.

Does anyone think he’s built after the parkour guy in Ryan Reynolds 6 Underground? The graffiti gear would match that idea.

Both the sheaths, and the wakizashi are very plastic looking. They could do with some fancier paint. Or upgraded pieces.

I noticed that on the teaser pics. I haven’t tried it yet.

This version appears to be pretty much the same as the VTS Darkzone Agent Tracy MPX from a few years back, with some newer goodies/furniture added to it. I’ll try and dig the first version out and get some comparison photos.

The base plate on the magazines seems to just be an add-on as well.

Well that’s not good to hear about the pouch. One mistake is a bad part. when you hear about more, that’s bad QC.

The haircut is close. I think the shape of his face is different though.

That’s the guy. He has done a lot of work. Mostly known for his work on Vikings, and earlier teen based movies. But he does have a number of other good roles like this one.

Dude! Trigger discipline! Standing next to Hoot “this is my safety.”… wiggles finger.

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Would sneakers like the ones included with this figure be suitable for contemporary DEVGRU figures? I’ve been hoping that some black foot-type hiking boots like the Salomon 4D quest GTXs or Salewa shoes would be either announced or become available to equip on all my DEVGRU bashes (The two I’ve made so far are currently equipped with LOWA Zephyr boots). Of the Salomons I’ve barely managed to get the six grey red and black ones from the SS 0081 figures for my CAG figures, and I’m not sure I can count on more of those popping back up. So until then, I suppose I could do a lot worse than the Multicam black sneakers from this figure.

Excellent review, super detailed and great photos! I feel like I’ve unboxed the figure myself, and now I don’t need to buy one :grimacing:

I really like the MPX, I hope they release another figure with one soon.

If there is any accuracy in the most recent DAMTOYS NSWDG DEVGRU AOR-1 version figure, he has a pair of the same shoes in AOR-1, they even have the same lightning bolt detail on the sole. Would they wear sneakers like that on an op? Maybe, maybe not, depending on the expected duration or operator preferences.

HAHA. Good news if you were on the fence about buying I suppose. Glad you liked it.

I think I prefer the earlier releases of the MPX with the Darkzone Agent Tracy versions, and Pisces versions. I find the extra bits, and that big stock make it look really clunky

Seems like Vans teamed up with Defcon to produce a military grade version of their Sk8 Hi skate sneaker, so it at least possible that operators would use such footwear, e.g. for VBSS missions or some DA stuff.
Nice shoe and I’d really like to have a pair in AOR1, but they’re freaking expensive…


Well there we go. Lightning bolt and everything.

As an owner of multiple pairs of Defcons and a big Vans fan in general, I can confirm that they are better quality than regular Vans, but probably not “military grade”. They’re definitely really nice shoes and have lasted longer than regular Vans, but I highly doubt anyone would use them for military purposes.

They were marketed towards Instagram operators as a limited gucci gear type thing for people that like to show off to their Instagram followers/buddies at the range and I suspect the vast majority of people who bought them were exactly that (myself included). With that said I was only around for the last 2 drops which were MAS grey and MCB, things may have been different for the AOR1/2 and MC tropic/arid releases but I highly doubt it.


Tooling is the same for all the MPX from DAM/VTS/VeryCool only difference is some variations in the color. Handguards, lowers, uppers, and stocks are all interchangeable. Here is the EBS001 lower with the upper and stock from the Combat Girls MPX.

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I wonder if the buffer tube stock from the samurai figure could be put on the e&s lvaw, it might require a little filing but the irl one would be compatible because it’s standard ris on the back of the receiver, I’m gonna try and acquire one of these and experiment

Hay woody I was able to put one on the Mcx