DAMTOYS FBI SWAT Team San Diego Midnight Ops

Item N°


  • 78044B



  • Headsculpt
  • Mechanix Wear M-Pact Gen 1 Tactical Gloves x3 (Coyote Tan)


  • Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt (MultiCam Black)
  • Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants (MultiCam Black)
    • HELIKON-TEX Cobra FC45 Tactical Belt
  • Under Armour Tactical Logo T-Shirt (BLK)
  • Rocky S2V Duty Boots (BLK)


  • Ops-Core SENTRY XP Mid Cut Helmet (FG)
    • Helmet Cover (MultiCam Black)
    • Tape Set (GRAY)
    • S&S Precision Manta Strobe
    • Princeton Tec Point MPLS LED Light (BLK)
    • Contour GPS 1080p HD Helmet Cam (BLK)
    • L3 Technologies GPNVG-18 - ANVIS w/ Battery Pack
  • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0

Vest and Pouches

  • Crye Precision JPC (RG)
    • 5.56 Mag Pouch x2 (RG)
    • BCM FASTmag GEN.III (FG)
    • Radio Pouch (RG)
    • HSGI TACO MOLLE Pouch x2 (RG)
    • GPNVG Pouch (RG)
    • Utility Pouch (RG)
    • Grenade Pouch (RG)
    • Shotgun Catch
  • Climbing Harness (MultiCam)
    • Dump Pouch (CB)
    • Medic Pouch (MultiCam)
    • Crye Precision GP Pouch 11x6x4 (RG)
    • Shotgun Shell Catch

Tactical Gear

  • FBI Badge
  • Hydration Pouch w/ Tube (RG)
  • Medical Sheers
  • Yates Gear 565-Helo Personal Retention Lanyard
  • Omega Pacific Screw Locking “D” Carabiners
  • Oval Carabiner
  • Lixada Terminal 8 Descender
  • Pen x2 (BLUE/RED)
  • SUUNTO Vector Watch


  • Thales AN/PRC 148 MBITR Radio
    • 3M Peltor Comtac XP Headset
    • Amplify Nexus U94 PTT


  • MK18 10.5" :us:
    • SureFire SOCOM Muzzle Brake
    • Troy Industries TRX Battle Rail Alpha 9" (BLK)
    • Magpul MIAD Modular Grip Gen 1.1 (BLK)
    • Troy Industries BattleAx CQB Stock (BLK)
    • Troy Industries SSQD Swivel Sling Adapter
    • Magpul PMAG30 Window 5.56×45mm (30rd) (SAND)
    • Magpul PMAG30 5.56×45mm (30rd) x4 (SAND)
    • Magpul PMAG20 5.56×45mm (20rd) (SAND)
    • Trijicon ACOG TA31ECOS 4x32 Scope w/ RMR Sight, TA51 Mount and Tenebraex Killflash
    • SureFire Warden Blast Diffuser (SAND)
    • SureFire M600 Light
    • Magpul AFG Angled Foregrip (SAND)
    • Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Front Flip Up Sights (SAND)
    • Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Rear Flip Up Sights (SAND)
    • EOTech ATPIAL LA-5/PEQ
    • Troy Industries Modular TRX Rail x3
    • Troy Industries 6-Hole Squid Grip x2 (SAND)
    • One Point Tactical Sling
  • Glock-17 :austria:
    • Glock Mag 9×19mm (17rd) x2+1
    • SureFire X300 Ultra LED Tactical Light w/ SureFire DG Grip Switch
    • Tactical Pistol Lanyard (BLK)
    • Safariland 6004 SLS Tactical Holster
  • Remington M870 Shotgun :us:
    • Magpul CTR Cage 1LX50 (GRAY)
    • Magpul CTR/MOE Cheek Riser (BLK)
    • SureFire 618LMG Remington Replacement-Forend WeaponLight
    • Shotgun Shell x5
    • EOTech 552
    • Shotgun Sling
  • ARM MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL Flash Bang w/ Elastic Band


  • S21 x2
  • FBI SWAT San Diego Patch
  • FBI (Multicam)
  • FBI (Green)
  • FBI SWAT small (Multicam)
  • FBI SWAT w/ Eagle
  • Eagle/US Flag Split

This one took a lot of time considering if to buy or not, knowing it has a lot of similarities compared the earlier FBI HRT. However buying was the right decision. The camo looks great and is pretty much unique so far. The A and B versions only differ in the GEN 3 color (Black/Ranger Green) and the rifle.

Could be Mark-Paul Gosselaar

My shirt had a ripped thread, not the only problem with this figure. Unusual for DAM

Somehow sewed together

Under Armour shirt

No underwear

Close ups of clothing, pockets, zipper

Elbow padding

Sleeves and gloves

They even did the tag

Pants, funtional pockets and knee pads

This zipper however is only for show


The loose ranger green clothing for comparison

Boots are from cloth and nicely executed. DAM didn’t release cloth boots on a regular basis lately

The plain vest

Plate provided for the front and back


I only managed to put one mag in a pouch. It was too tight and two mags went back into the box

Fastmag holder. Has the perfect fit to be neither too tight nor too loose for the PMAG20

Radio pouch

NVG pouch

Pistol mag pouch

Grenade pouch, in which I added a loose M67 later

Utility pouch

Bladder without a bladder, only foam

Tube with details, but doesn’t open

Shotgun holder

Complete vest

Dump pouch

Medic pouch, can’t be opened

GP pouch



Tactical glasses

Helmet with cover and accessories

I didn’t apply the stickers. I think it only had one of these small stickers and I added a second one. Probably attach them later because they will lose their stickiness with time.

The plain Sentry helmet. This is a nice addition to this hobby with the cover overlapping the headphones.
They also applied a very stretchy helmet strap like E&S does atm. I don’t know if this is due to the real life counterpart, but it makes it easier to close the straps in combination with the headphones.


Cover comparison

NVG and mount

Detached. Just slide them off

One part missing,…

…hence only one bungy cord to attach. Ordered a spare one

The helmet mount


Be careful not to break anything when inserting the black base of the mount

Broken LED helmet light out of the box

Glued back on

Helmet cam

Manta strobe

Headset and radio



Remove the battery by unscrewing


All put together

Removing this part makes it easier to attach the PTT to the vest

SUUNTO watch. I was confused with the time displayed first in the middle, but it’s the elevation. Time is down below: 08:56.

Strap can’t be opened

Ball pens


Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice

Carabiner and descender


Flashbang with band

M67 loose and not from this set

Glock 17 is a bit pathetic tbh. Soldier Story is miles away and also E&S overtook here. Little detail and a not so crisp mold.

Mags have a silver painting at the bottom. Otherwise nothing new


Holster was too tight and I needed to file the inside in order to insert the pistol. It’s a mold from some years ago apparently.

I detached the holster more or less accidently and found some wording



Loading port




Ammo and holder

MK 18

This is kind of an intereristing mod. Almost every accessory of this rifle has been traded in for a another part. Grip, stock, muzzle, handguard etc.

Muzzle is not straight

Charging handle

No need to provide a spring again like the HRT?
Had to insert one of my spare ones


Magpul grip

MIAD Pat Pend

Taking off the rail. Sits a bit loose



Back up sights





Squid grip

Blast Diffuser

Fountain Valley, CA


Attach this way


Ranger plates can be taken off


The caliber is upside down.


I will take some more shots when the new NVG aririves. So far it’s without.

I had quite some damaged and adjustment required items in this box set. Hope this was a one time thing. Otherwise I am very satisfied.


Some more pictures with the recently arrived and intact NVG


Part list follows.

Someone knows what the GP pouch is for? A rope?

another great review in the books.

I agree, a very good review, that’s a lot of work. DAM seems unfazed by the process of all that detailing, tho it looks like they need to add on some more QC personnel. From an “it’s all good” point of view, they really pour it on, while covering some subjects. That said, at times I find myself thinking, “That’s a lot of FBI subjects popping up, these days…”.

It seems like a case of two steps forwards, one step back with them recently. The base body QC has improved considerably since they retooled their range of bodies. The trade off has been paint apps on head sculpts and assembly of smaller pieces on weapons/equipment. Paint apps on head sculpts in particular are a sore point and the worst among the brands for QC issues. Things like paint splatter, entire missing sections of paint, etc.

Disappointing given they have raised prices about $20-30 across the range and most of what I see are things that are not the result of a defective design but the result of things that would only require a cursory glance to flag. That points to an overburdened production schedule and product getting rushed out the door. Charge $5 more and get it done properly as the industry as a whole has a terrible process (or none) in place for taking care of customers.

Is this MK18 an 10.5 " barrel version? It has a 9" Troy TRX handguard.

Could someone help me out here identifying this MK18? There is nothing on the internet that helps me. Seems like the MK18 is just a widely spread term and could contain any barrel length and attachments?

MK 18 is a US military designation for a specific spec AR configuration. That grew out of the Close Quarter Battle Receiver program (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close_Quarters_Battle_Receiver). As for the FBI they seem to be using a mix of Colt M4’s with the Troy Alpha rail here as well as the Geissele MK4. They have had several different barrel lengths shown in later pics.

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I try to understand. So mine should be the MK18 mod 1, I think. Still unsure if 10.5" or 14.5" barrel


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Here are some reference photos of the two handguards from active duty FBI rifles:


Something with QC went pretty wrong considering the NVGs. In my review it was missing this tiny triangle shaped block to hook the helmet’s bungee cord.
Buying the A version several years later, one lense cover is missing. Is that pure coincidence?

Awesome review C. Nicely detailed pics and explanations. I’m a bit late to this post. This was made during one of my dry spells, and I wasn’t in to see it.

Those NVG’s seemed to have multiple issues. I picked up a set from the green version, and they also had missing bits. I ended up making the little triangle piece out of styrene and painting it, as I didn’t want to buy another one.

I only bought parts of this one. I should have picked up that vest. If I can find one at a decent price, I still might. Same with the helmet.

And I wanted a shotgun, so I could swap the stocks from the rifle. The rifle is well done, but the mix and match furniture made it a must buy with the other versions to make an all black, or mostly black one.

Packaging will need two green QC Passed stickers in the future.

:laughing: That will come in tandem with a price raise.

I recently got the NVG pouch for a kitbash but for some reasons it does not fit the NVGs which is by Easy & Simple and I accidentally broke it while trying to fit it inside. Does it have something to do with the size of the NVGS for both brands?

I am too late here but don’t do it. The ES NVG is significantly larger. The DAM one is already a tight fit and didn’t remove it. NOt sure if this is a scale issue or different types of gear.

I need to super glue back my NVGs