Adam seems to be absent for the moment, so we need to wait for the full preview image set, but there is another French to come. We get a KFS V2 helmet now with neck protector (Can you actually detach the neck protector?), G36C with cheek piece and different handguard, GL06 with new stock and other adjustments. I really like figures that come with several handguns like this one. A Bren rifle would have been a good choice, too. Also, let’s hope the new G17 fits the old holster much better (seems like they didn’t redo that piece of rubbish). And finally, relaxed palms are back!!!
After wrapping up French and Russian, I really hope there is more European forces to be seen soon!


Beautiful figure, with lots of weapons and some new accessories … for this half civilian version :blush:

differences between the two versions…


Now, I only want this for the next French:


Wait, is that an AK?

If I am not mistaken, it’s a Czech 805 Bren by ČZ.

In use at least with French GIGN and the Czech military.

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If DAM follows on with more French LE subjects, I’d like to see them do a figure inspired by ‘Braquo’. Street clothing, leather jackets, LOTS of firearms, some orange arm brassards, marked POLICE.