DAMTOYS, Hot Toys & DID L85 (L22) Rifles

I am reviewing the DAM and HT L85 weapons here. Unfortunately I neither have BBI nor DML versions of these in my collection to add them.

First of all I should stress the inaccuracy in scale regarding the HT rifles. The smaller rifle and mag is from HT.


Item N°

  • British Army Blues And Royals Regiment In Afghanistan - Tank Commander [Full figure]


  • L85A2 :uk:
  • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3+1
  • SUSAT L9A1 4x Optical Sight
  • Iron Front Sight
  • Sling

The Scope is simple, but unique. No wording or anything else.

Mag is just average for current standard


Rifle plain

Despite some inaccuracies, these HT rifles have nice features DAM is lacking

Charging handle is not spring operated, but you can open the dust cover.

Handguard can be opened. This small white tape was applied in order to keep it closed. It was too flimsy and didn’t remain in place.

It can also be disassembled

This is required to open the stock and receiver. No detail inside though.

Geared up

I learned now that they don’t use the iron sight combined with the SUSAT-

Item N°

  • British Army Blues And Royals Regiment In Afghanistan - Lieutenant [Full figure]


  • L22A2 :uk:
  • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (20rd)
  • SUSAT L9A1 4x Optical Sight
  • KAC Vertical Grip
  • Sling

This grenade launcher actually belongs to the Lieutenant figure. However, I prefered DAM’s overall look, considering both L85 GL models are more or less the same. So I kept this base body and applied the L22 conversion from the Tank Commander figure to have more variety in my SA80 rifles. The Tank Commander had two barrels to choose from. The L85 and the L22.
Also originally the Tank Com had 1x 30rd and 1x 20 mag, the Lieutenant 3x 30rd mags.

GL can be opened too, but there was quite some resistance



Carbine conversion

Geared up

You can see the issue with the tilted scope or whole rifle not being assembled symmetrically


Item N°

  • 78023 [Full figure]


  • L85A2 w/ RAS Rail :uk:
  • Magpul EMAG 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3
  • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3
  • Trijicon ACOG TA31ECOS 4x32 Scope w/ RMR Sight, TA51 Mount
  • ACOG Wing Mount
  • Rheinmetall Defence LLM-01
  • Retractable Tactical Grip Bipod
  • British Army SA80 Bayonet w/ Sheath and DPM Frog Scabbard
  • Magpul Ladder Rail Cover x3
  • Sling
  • Sling Adapter


You can even see the Magpul icon on the removable ranger plate



LLM 01

Rail cover

Bayonet with sheath, rope cutter, I think and saw



You can see the bolt. It’s a spring inserted.

Looks like this could be opened, but it was too tight. Didn’t dare.

Some people had problems figuring out what to do with the sling mount.

Geared up

Item N°

  • 78033 [Full figure]


  • L85A2 :uk: w/ HK GLM or AG-SA80 :de:
  • Magpul EMAG 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3
  • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3
  • ELCAN specter DR OS4x Combat Optical Sight w/ SHIELD SIGHTS CQS Red Dot Sight
  • Rheinmetall Defence LLM-01
  • Sling
  • Sling Adapter

Mags are the same as the other DAM set.



The scope is highly detailed

You can even disassemble it


I am only highlighting the GL here. The base is like the HT rifles exactly the same. GL can’t be detached.
Safety switch is working

It looks like the Handguard part could be opened here as well, but it was too tight too and didn’t want to break it.

Geared up



Item N°

  • K80134 The Guards [Full figure]


  • L85A2 :uk:
  • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd)
  • Carrying Handle
  • Iron Front Sight
  • Bayonet
  • Barrel and Receiver Cover

Flap for ejection port can’t be opened

Working charging handle and spring loaded

Barrel without iron sight

Iron sight attached

Handguard can be opened but without any hinges. You just plainly remove it.

Removing the cover is the only way to detach the carrying handle

Fire selector not movable

Buttstock and iron sight in line

Bayonet slides on like a dream

Sloppy paint job


Mag is reasonable detailed

Receiver cover

Handguard cover sits very tight. It’s quite difficult to pull it off and not get caught anything in the hole/notch of the cover intended for the iron sight

Ready for duty. In this case just for posing.

It’s deffinitely in scale. Anyone knows why the out of scale Hot Toys rifle only has 4 holes in the upper? That a mistake or different version of the rifle?

Final words are it’s worth having. For DID standard it has good detail considering it’s a plastic item.
Quality is not like DAM or SS though.
It has some features and comes with the unique covers. In hand it looks even better than the preview pics, as DID overexposed them in my opinion.
I might ditch my Hot Toys L85 for this, however this DID rifle lacks certain moving parts and I think they took a short cut by making the removable handguard piece without hinges or is that like the real thing?


Excellent photo review once again. Thanks for sharing.

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Agreed. These rifles are fascinating. Despite initial problems, some more recent comments by users indicate that the upgraded versions are improved, and reliable. They seem to be present currently, in the hands of regular units and LEOs, with the M4-types in the hands of specops. Their unique profile gets them included in occasional film appearances, I’ve noticed.
HT’s weapons scales have been cussed and discussed for years, tho I don’t think they ever went as overboard as the massive DiD EBR.

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The SS model is the 1-4x Specter Dr whereas the UK opted for the fixed 4x Specter LDS. Drives me nuts they didn’t opt for the 1-4x, if only because a 1:1 replica of the LDS has yet to be made.

DAM got a lot of the details correct on their L85A2 Afghan spec rifle. Would have been nice if they had included the correct wing mount for the red dot on the ACOG:

As for the rifle H&K did some great work improving the reliability and not long ago rolled out the A3 revision:


Over time the L85 has grown on me as some modern touches have been added to bring it up to date.

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I didn’t notice that. So my comparison is wrong. I gonna delete that. Thanks

The GL is called GLM. I didn’t really get any further searching on the internet. Some called it UGL, some AG36, AG SA80 etc. I just referred to the wording on this model then.

What’s the mount for the ACOG called and this green flap at the ejection port?

UGL = underbarrel grenade launcher. Official H&K designation is AG-SA80. The mount for the ACOG red dot sight is usually referred to as a wing mount as there are a number of brands that have made one. I believe the original issue one was made by Shield. Green flap is the dust cover.


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Thank you.

By the way, I know that channel forgotten weapons. I watched several of them, but missed the L85. It’s very informative and ineteresting. Especially when he is disassembling them.

When I asked billpete (from OSW) about a figure’s loadout, some time back, he mentioned his personal dislike of the mini holosights atop scopes. His experience had been that they got knocked off during use in heavy terrain.

As for the ACOGs, this interesting bit popped up on https://laststandonzombieisland.com/2018/05/21/army-bct-now-returning-to-iron-sight-training/ - a bit of that old saw, “The only constant is change,”

So their 1/6 counterparts behave like the real thing. I knock them off my figures constantly :slight_smile:

Great review chpo!!! Granted HT with their scale problem, but they produced the best weapons (IMO) out there when they closest competitors were bbi and dragon. Now…forget it! They would not be in the game!

My greatest problem with the HT L85 is that the rifle literary crumbled in your hands. It always came apart!!! Always!!!

Thanks. I will try to add the new DID L85, if I get it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enter the hobby when these where the big 3 competitors in the market. I grew up with SS, DAM and Crazy Dummy, before ES was established. I was used to a certain rifle quality standard, which was apparently only achieved a few years back around 2013/2014, I guess. Before, even SS had stiff and not so crisp rifles.
The only things I own from the brands you mentiones are the BBI FAMAS (best FAMAS in 1/6), HT L85, L22 and P90 (all nice, but out of scale) and DML P90, OICW sets and the G3 (great detail, but could use more functions). These are the ones that are still on par with modern 1/6 stuff, at least more or less.

@AdamC told me lately that HT even tried to cover all their military traces by removing the former release pics from the official site.

I would like to replace it with the new DID L85 I mentioned above.

I know, I taped the stock and the handguard, so it doesn’t open randomly. Also the connection between receivers and barrel is quite fragile. Still funny it’s so rare and expensive anyway. I would prefer any L85 over it, as long as it has the same features, detail and a proper scale. Then I gonna sell off my HT model!

I didn’t even know that DiD did a L85???!!! Do you have a pic?

Yeap! I have all the weapons you have mentioned above. I love the bbi Famas, but the scopes are way out of scale! HT P90 are still the best P90! You started collecting too late. Hasbro Barrett M82…WOW! This weapon, have to put the bullets into magazine and when you put it in and pull back on the charging handle, IT SPITS OUT BULLETS FROM THE MAGAZINE PORT!!! Unfortunately, these guns are ultra-rare. Have not seen them up on ebay for years now…10 years? And they were ultra-rare 10 years ago! I got mine from a trade on OSW over 10 years ago (?). But the fortunate thing is, guns are way more better built now-a-days then before. Way better! That is why I keep upgrading my guns. If there is a better one out there, then I will replace it with bbi, DML, HT, and others.

Just released, probably still not available on the market, as I didn’t see any loose parts so far. If you scroll down to the comments, there should be two in hand pics of the rifle.

Do you have a pic of that one?

I do the same, but some guns are quite difficult to replace. Especially all the guns that are out of service in real life. Only chance for us are historical figures, I guess. A new release of a 80s/90s French foreign legion figure would be great with a FAMAS.
One company re-did the P90, but with the exact Hot Toys mold, which makes no upgrade.

Yeah, that is why I, and you probably have, the same guns but from different manufacturers.

Just added the DID L85A2 at the end of my original review.

Shortcut. The real ones use hinges so that you can have access to the gas system as needed, setup is replicated with the Daniel Defense rail as well. Most of them are like that. B&T had one where the upper portion hinges forwards rather than to the side. DAM replicates the hinge mount kind of but is seems like they glued theirs shut, certainly doesn’t appear easy to open and not going to force them.

No idea. They might have based on an earlier prototype, variant or a cadet version of the rifle, or they just goofed.

DID version seems ok for a quick fix, too bad they didn’t include a Sustat. Hopefully someone will get around to the A3 version.

I thought so too. At least it looked like more then only a one piece mold. But I didn’t dare to open. DId you make it?

The Hot Toys SUSAT cannot be fitted onto the DID rifle unfortunately, unless you file like half a millimeter each side.

A3 would be great!

You weren’t kidding. Easiest way to get it off seems to be to get the back and side part of the cover opening over the sight post mount then rotate the cover sideways removing it like a screw. With it being so tight I’d be concerned with breaking off the front sling mount. I have no idea what sort of voodoo they employed to get the things on in the first place.

That’ll be it. I only removed it once for taking the pictures and most likely will leave it attached now.

Sounds like you got one yourself. Are you satisfied with the product in hand or still only a temporary fix as you guessed from the pictures?

They are put together well enough and are of a better quality plastic than DID’s earlier efforts. As long as there are priced right I’d say they are a good place holder until something else comes along. The only disappointment is they didn’t bother to include a Sustat but it is understandable given the very specific theme of the figure. It would be nice to have a more detailed in scale model of the pre-Afghan spec models to go with the two excellent DAM variants.