DAMTOYS Mk18 (SHCC 2017 - NSWDG in Afghanistan)

Item N°


  • 78049 [Full figure]


  • Mk 18 MOD 0 :us:
    • GG&G Free Floating Tactical Forearm 1201
    • GG&G 1/2 Length Forearm Side Panels x2
    • GG&G 1/2 Length Top/Bottom Forearm Panels x2
    • GG&G 1/2 Length Offset MIL-STD-1913 Rail
    • GG&G 1/2 Length MIL-STD-1913 Rail
    • B.E. Meyers & Co. Flash Hider
  • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd) x5+1
    • Tape x2
    • String
  • Magpul MOE RVG Foregrip
  • Eotech XPS3 Transverse Red Dot Holosight w/ GG&G Lens Covers
  • L3 EOTech G33 Magnifier
  • EOTech ATPIAL AN/PEQ-15 Laser
  • SureFire M600 Ultra Scout Light
  • LBT 2500BZ Sling AOR1
  • Sling Adaptor
  • Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS
    • LBT-2626A GPS Wrist Pouch in AOR2
  • M4 QR-Code stickers
  • Light Sticks x2

This one didn’t interest me at all, when it was on ebay for USD 100. Lately I saw it on a Chinese site for around USD 45 and just got it for the sake of it. However, it’s much more interesting than just the GG&G sight cover.

All parts

Full floating arm rails and covers

Different QR-codes

Plain rifle

Sticker applied

Working charging handle, but why should I expect a spring with an overpriced expo rifle? :smile:

Working fire selector

The handguard on which I will take a closer look later

Length in inches T-15 till T-29

Couldn’t figure out the exact reason for this so far

Stock can be detched like ususal

Whole rifle disassembled and I added a spring here

Different colored mags

One has the magpull applied already

Additional string and tape provided to do so with the other mags as well, if desired

Light sticks are optional, but I liked the look of it



GPS pouch




Magnifier like we know it from the 78047 FSB figure

The sight with the covers, which are quite tight and not flimsy at all. There might be the option to detach the covers but breaking this part would be too stupid, so I didn’t dare.


RIght side



Rifle with complete handguard

Geared up



Actually not much to say about this rifle. Some new parts are included that basically show of their features by themselves. Everything fits properly on the rails, the magnifier is slightly too tight though.
Quality is like you expect from DAM. Stock is slightly bent downwards, but still acceptable.
Handguard is a bit fragile and the rails attached a bit loose. All these are only niggles in my opinion. Good I picked this unique rifle up in the end for a reasonable price, which means I didn’t buy it on ebay.


You mention the stock being bent downward, that’s the buttstock, right? Is there a slight curve across the top of the rifle, from the charging handle to the front of the forearm, or is that a trick of my eye? Numbers of shoulder weapons seem to have warping, or mis-fitting from the manufacturer, of late.

The tac light is a bit garish, reminds me of the more orangish/bronze-ish finish on one of the Elcan Specter scopes (Soldier Story?), a few years back. billpete was a bit perplexed by that finish, saying he hadn’t seen it during deployments.

Only a trick of your eye. These close ups are deceiving sometimes. Problem is that the buffer tube is not assembled in a proper angle and this resulted in a hanging buttstock.

The light is actually golden. Don’t know how accurate that will be.
I always liked the orange of the Elcans though.

Ooh, I like that MK18. That whole figure was awesome. Wish I coulda bought one.

The Mk.18 didn’t interest me, but I did grab two of the M79s. DAM should reuse the mold and do a Vietnam grenadier.