DAMTOYS PMSCs Contractor In Syria Shipping Soon

Originally published at: https://kitbashes.com/2017/10/28/damtoys-pmscs-contractor-syria-shipping-soon/

Final Packaging Design. DAMTOYS has confirmed the delayed PMSCs Contractor in Syria is now wrapping up production and should be released shortly. Many kitbashers have been eagerly awaiting this release, with the AK draped in Mapgul furniture gathering the most attention. This Western inspired tactical AK includes the Magpul MOE handguard, vertical grip, pistol grip,…

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Definitely a slick release. The tacticool AK-103 is the prize of the set, of course.

I wish DAM would update their Glock molds. The 17, 18, and 26 all suffer from a chunky frame and a squished trigger guard (as if to compensate?). This is the third of four figures DAM have released the 18 mold with (Spade J Memories, Frank Casey, and the upcoming Vincent & Kerr are the other three).

As such, I’ll be passing on the Glock.

Definitely been an issue with the more active military brands in recent years maximizing the use of molds. I suspect that has much to do with declining sales of boxed figures, a problem only exacerbated by the repeated usage of the same gear.

Well I’m still interested in the AK and Glock loose. :grinning:

Think so, too. It’s worth the whole set though to me. Maybe mixing the Deluxe vers. with the Standard vers. rifle!

I am absolutely interested in the AK!

I identified it as a 103 in my previous post…while it has the straight gas block of the 103 (as well as being chambered in 7.62), it has the older ribbed receiver cover. The receiver also lacks the 103’s stock release button.

So it’s either a franken-AK or a release from a non-Russian manufacturer. Of course, practically all the furniture that can be replaced has been replaced with Magpul products.

Will be interesting to see if the barrel and receiver dimensions are identical to that of their AK-74 line. Could easily convert this into a 74 derivative simply by slapping in a 74 mag should they be compatible.

I should also probably note that their existing line of 5.45 AKs can be converted into 7.62 derivatives simply by swapping in a DAM or DML 7.62 magazine. They are fully compatible since DAM’s early AK-47 and AKS-47 are DML recasts.

Wondering if they based it from an airsoft rifle. They’ve used several in the past as reference material to build their 3D models. Then again there are so many mishmash AK variants from all over Europe.

Figure is out in china!

AJ Unboxing: DAMTOYS 1/6 PMSCs Military Security Contractor in Syria
(出处: 兵人在线)

That’s an awesome pic.

Yep came out there last week. Mine just shipped from China today. Looking forward to this one.

Should finally have these tomorrow after a roundabout journey across the country.:airplane:

Good to know Adam. Looking forward to getting the weapons from this.

In case anyone is wondering the drum magazine does fit the Kriss Vector.

Oh that’s cool, I didn’t even think to check that.

Neat detail. I’ll try and pick up a black drum magazine from Vincent & Kerr and combine it with one of the Gen II Vectors DAM showed off at the recent expo.

I look forward to inspecting my AK from this set when I get home from my business trip tomorrow!

Mine arrived today.

How are you liking the figure? The only assembly gotcha I’ve noticed so far is to take care with the with the clips for the chest rig if you decide to attach it direct to the plate carrier.

I was on the fence about buying the figure for some time mainly because of the lack of photo references of PMCs in Syria. But when I broke it down to how much cool stuff the set came with I had to get it. I’m glad I did as it is one solid figure. My only gripe is with the foldable stock as it does not hold into place when unfolded and also the AK magazines are a bit loose on the rifle. I used a bit of tape to fix that issue. Other than that I am loving it. I really can’t wait for the FBI HRT figure next. I have a couple plans for that set.

FBI HRT will be nice. Lots of new gear!