DAMTOYS Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alfa Group LX


Item N°





  • Headsculpt
  • Oakley SI Assault Gloves x3 (COYOTE TAN) LX


  • A-TACS CAMO Combat Shirt (A-TACS FG) LX
  • A-TACS CAMO Combat Pants (A-TACS FG) LX
    • HELIKON-TEX Cobra FC45 Tactical Belt
  • BLK RFL DIV Sheepdog T-Shirt (OD) LX
  • LOWA Mountain Boot GTX (BROWN) LX
  • IRT Reflective Armband


  • ops-core FAST Bump High Cut Helmet (TAN) LX
    • ops-core FAST Side Armor (Slim) (TAN) LX
    • A-TACS CAMO Helmet Cover (A-TACS FG) LX
    • ITT Industries AN/PVS-14 MNVD w/ Arm Mount
      • Helmet NVG Mount
    • Contour GPS 1080p HD Helmet Cam (BLK)
    • Princeton Tec Charge MPLS LED Tactical Headlamp (Tan)
  • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 2.0
  • Balaclava (MultiCam)

Vest and Pouches

  • Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig MK II (MultiCam)
    • HSGI TACO MOLLE Pouch x2 (OD)
    • BLACKHAWK! Single Mag Case Single Stack x2 (FG)
    • ROP Flare Pouch x2 (MultiCam)
    • SRVV Single Grenade Pouch GP-N-1 x2 (MultiCam)
  • SRVV Bulletproof Vest ASPIS (MultiCam) LX
    • GP Pouch (MultiCam) LX
    • Radio Pouch (MultiCam) LX
  • SRVV Tactical Belt (A-TACS FG)
    • Suspenders (MultiCam)
    • Dump Pouch (MultiCam)
    • Drop Leg GP Pouch (MultiCam)
    • Medic Pouch (MultiCam)

Tactical Gear

  • ROP Flare (RED/GREEN) x2
  • SUUNTO Vector Watch
  • TNVC VIP Infrared/Visible Wearable Strobe Light
  • Omega Pacific Screw Locking “D” Carabiners (RED)
  • C-A-T
  • Tri-Fold Restraints x2
  • Light Stick x2
  • SureFire G2 Nitrolon
    • SureFire G2 Nitrolon Speed Holster


  • Vertex Standard VX 920 Series Radio
    • MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X Headset
    • Amplify Nexus U94 PTT


  • AK-105 (Автомат Калашникова-105) :ru:
    • CNC Warrior AK 100 series 4 pc Muzzle Brake
    • ZenitCo B-31C “Klassika” (Б-31С “Классика”) Handguard (Tan) LX
    • ZenitCo B-30 “Klassika” (Б-30 “Классика”) Handguard (Tan) LX
    • ZenitCo B-33 “Klassika” (Б-33 “Классика”) Receiver Cover (Tan) LX
    • ZenitCo RP-1 (РП-1) Charging Handle
    • US PALM Enhanced Pistol Grip
    • AK-105 Mag 5.45x39mm (30rd) X4+1
    • L3 EOTech ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15)
    • L3 EOTech G33 Magnifier
    • L3 EOTECH EXPS 3
    • SureFire M720V RAID WeaponLight w/ Switch
    • ZenitCo Front Grip RK-0 (РК-0)
    • Rifle Sling
  • B&T MP9 :switzerland:
    • B&T MP9 Mag 9x19mm (15rd)
    • B&T MP9 Mag 9x19mm (30rd) x2+1
    • Aimpoint Micro T-1 Red Dot
    • Custom PEQ Laser
    • B&T QD SMG/PDW Silencer
    • ZenitCo “2PS + LTSU” Klesh Tactical Light and Laser (“2ПС + ЛЦУ” Клещ )
    • B&T MP9 Sling
  • Glock-17 :austria:
    • Glock-17 Extended Mag 9x19mm (31rd)
    • Glock-17 Mag 9x19mm (17rd) x4
    • SureFire X300 Ultra LED WeaponLight
    • SRVV DELTA Holster Universal (MultiCam)
      • MOLLE Extender Adapter (MultiCam)
  • Emerson PUK Knife
    • Emerson PUK Sheath

ZenitCo catalogue for reference


  • Russian Flag
  • FSB Small x2
  • FSB Large
  • FSB Alfa
  • Alfa Group (BLK/GRAY)
  • Alfa Group (RED/WHITE)
  • Skull
  • Scandinavian Runes x2
  • Reflective Sticker

As a side note, I bought all CLASSIC version parts necessary to remodel this into the 78047B loose.

Out of the box it comes with the vest on already and a lot of plastic covers for protection like Soldier Story is doing it lately. I am still hoping it’s not due to cheap paint that’ll stain eventually.

Jai Courtney ( @Murakami Thanks)

Usually, I accidently remove the neck connector on the 2.0 DAM bodies as well when attempting to remove the head only. This is what it looks like.

The plain figure

The Sheepdog shirt

The gray shirt for comparison from the CL version, which had a too small collar to pull over the mannequin’s head

Applied the combat shirt

Taking a closer look at the A-Tacs-FG with a working zipper

The sleeves have a lot of padding and an option for patches


Elbows with fake zipper


Wrists have the usual velcro

Comparison to the CL camo

Pants and belt

Belt is the same from the all the earlier releases

A-Tacs-FG pants

Comparison to the CL version

Pouches and paddings. Please note that the zippers here are fake too

This higher located fake zipper appears only on the left pantleg

Tightening option for the ankles via velcro

The boots are great indeed. I falsely assumed them to be molded from the preview pics, but I was wrong, fortunately

This is Soldier Story quality to me

Comparison to CL version

Molded gloves. I am not sure if it’s visible on these pictures, but DAM seems to have changed the paint job on them in general. The color they apply now is flatter and not so shiny anymore, which adds to a more realistic look.

Comparison to CL

Tactical glasses as usual

Balaclava is made from really thick material and is barely stretchable. Be careful when putting this on the figure with the glasses’ temples under the hood, otherwise the temples might break.



Other angles

Inside without padding, but I guess you can’t have this in combinaion with a helmet cover, which velcro would interfere here with it.

HEAD-LOC wording

Protective covers

Slide them on the top rail first and hold the rail very tight with your one thumb

At the same time apply pressure from a 45° angle or bigger with the other thumb on the cover and push it forward.
These covers have a rubber like rail adapter and are likely to break otherwise and the rails on the helmet as well.

The result

Finally press in the other rail adapter carefully. Insert one side first and then the other. Due to the rubber you can just squeeze it in.
Sliding both in simultaneously seems impossible to me.

Helmet with side covers

Camo cover

Applied. Use some force when pulling over the cover to give it a proper and tight fit.

NVG mount

NVG and arm mount

Attached to the helmet

Helmet camera

Helmet light



For comparison the CL helmet with side armor and camo cover

Tactical belt with suspenders

Med pouch

Dump pouch has no option to fold it

Drop leg pouch


Single mag pouch integrated

Molle adapter to hang the holster a bit lower

Completed belt without the knife. I used both TACO pouches for the MP9 mags already and bought two more loose to fit the knife and the short MP9 mag later, as you will see on the complete figure.

Updated figure with belt

The plain plate carrier

I assumed this is the quick release

In the end this piece provides an average amount of features and no inserted plates

GP Pouch

Radio pouch

Completed carrier, which parts are all exclusive to the A figure

Updated figure

Chest rig with the unfolded chest piece

AK mag pouches


Their is some room in the chest piece and behind the mag pouches

I realized then that you are actually able to store the chest piece behind the mag pouches and secure it with the flap that’s visible on the pic from the inside of the chest rig

However, I kept it unfolded and attached the admin pouch that’s exclusive to the B figure

Grenade pouch

Flare pouch

TACO pouch

Pistol mag holders


Completed chest rig and updated figure

I had some trouble figuring out the setup with the AK and MP9 together. The preview shots from DAM showed several scenarios with the vest or chest rig only, but also both combined.


High-Vis band

Light sticks

Tri-fold restraints

This is how they work. I used some spare cuffs, because using them like this might also break the folded, thin plastic

Carabiner. Applied, the red color gives a nice contrast to the camo and the rest of the figure

VIP light

Wrist watch with elevation meter

ROP flares


Radio with comms equipment



If there would be one tiny niggle, it would be that the cable doesn’t hold properly inside this clip

Added RGD-5 grenades. Make sure to buy them loose for this figure and the upcoming 78058 SOBR

PUK knife


First of all, I need to stress again that the DAM G-17 is the worst shit in this hobby, considering DAM is a premium brand charges premium prices. Bad quality, no details and falls apart when looking at it. The only things saving this one for me is the camo and the extended mag.
DAM highly needs to retool this pistol, like E&S did ages ago.

A closer look


31rd mag and 17rd mags with and without grip extender


A total of 5 mags are provided

1 camo, 1 brown and 3 black






The shell is not glued on and can be taken off

Plain rifle with features

АВ for automatic and ОД for single shot

PN-1 is wrong. N is not even a Cyrillic letter. It’s supposed to be RP-1 (РП-1)

The very fragile charging handle. The whole bolt almost comes off when operating. Also very cheap that you still can’t see the mag and bullets through the magwell. We want SS deatil when they are charging even more.


Why it’s called 4piece


Completed rifle, where I decided for the CL ver, because I liked the partially black rifel more than the too clean looking all camo LX rifle.

When attaching the light, slide on the switch first and bring it in the most forward position. Then slide on the light. Otherwise there might be too much stress on the cable where it connects to the switch

I put the MP9 last, because it’s the nicest piece here, imo. I never had a figure before, where I actually liked the secondary weapon most.

Plain SMG with folded and unfolded stock

Close ups

Fire selector is movable, but stiff

Charging handle is even spring operated

More wording

I applied the two rails I could just take off easily before

Different mags: 15rd and 30rd

Small and large mag inserted

2PS Klesh

Custom Laser


Micro T-1

Well, the rail adapter was completely missing and DAM didn’t bother to send replacement or even answering my mail.


Red Dot arrived today!

And completed

That’s the full figure then

Reflective armband and sticker

Final words:

It was very pricy, but offers some great value. As usual from DAM there is great execution in parts. No glue stains and everything fits inside pouches or on the rifle rails.
Only DAM’s customer service sucked.
Nevertheless, without the TMP9, this figure would feel incomplete to me. This smg is probably the greatest addition to this hobby in 2018 for me.
Need to add that I didn’t suffer from any broken parts this time, only missing ones!

Looking at my current Russian figures it has good variety considering the DAM 78015 and the MCToys M-069A represented the Alpha Group as well.

DAMTOYS 78047A Russian Spetsnaz FSB Alpha Group (Luxury Ver)

Thanks for the review! :call_me_hand:t4:


Great review. :+1:

DAM really does love that belt don’t they?

Small thing, the marking on the charging handle extension is correct. It translates to RP-1 and has the same marking as the Zenitco original.



Excellent, excellent review again chpo. Sorry about your Aimpoint and the lack of a response though. Mine arrived today but no one was around to pick them up. Fedex will try again tomorrow.


That’s funny, yesterday night I thought it’s an И, which translates I, but now I see it’s an N like we use, so completely wrong. The detail is nice anyway.

That is what they do. At least they come up with overall nice figures, that cover all the reused gear more or less. But sometimes I doubt that everything they put on a figure fits properly or is properly researched like Soldier Story is doing.


Enjoy it soon. It’s a great figure in the end anyway :+1:


I’d file their figures under mostly correct with small things reused and some liberties taken that you could explain away as a “personal purchase” item. DAM seems to focus on taking a reference photo and recreating parts of it whereas Soldier Story often starts with the gear first then builds around it. The owner is a gear nut and regularly gets 1:1 gear to sample.

Given the price jumps it is a minor annoyance that they’ll do things like providing a color variant of a given item, or recycling a small part which doesn’t really fit. When a new item comes out like a watch, belt, pouch, etc you know at least every second figure for the next year or two will have that item. While Soldier Story takes their sweet time it feels like they at least try to make each release a bit more individual. As much as I like HSGI Taco pouches I’d prefer to have Crye’s pouches for example rather than those being subbed out because the tooling for Taco pouches means 3000 pouches need to be used up. I’d rather they just added a buck or two to the price.


I find that head sculpts are interpreted pretty broadly, when not dead-on. I wondered if this sculpt was inspired by Jai Courtney, perhaps because of his roles in a number of films, including ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ - based in Russia.



It might be a breach of “etiquette”, but Konstantin Lazarev posted pics of Russian operators in a competitive shooting event, and some were running SIGs. There’s so many of both SIGs and GLOCKs out there, in various degrees of detail, it would be worth doing a swap to a better piece.


Good call. Thanks, will change that!


Review is completed now!