DAMTOYS "The Wandering Earth"

Based on the movie… new product… military science fiction style …

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Cool, cool. Still not a Canadian, but cool.


Nice! I hope it looks cool from the front as well :grin:

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But people say it’s to expensive to make new weapon molds for lvaws or knights armament sr16 e3’s , sorry for the negativity, this year just hasn’t been yielded a whole lot in the hobby I would have liked to have seen

It’ll be an expensive figure for them to make but this was one of the biggest Chinese domestic films so there is a much bigger market for this one.

I didn’t love the movie, but this is a really cool figure. I really dig the exoskeleton, and feel there is a lot of bashing that can be done using it.

The price will obviously be the main brake, but yes, huge success in China, potentially a lot of sales at home … they have just offered a figure “The Godfather” (Le Parrain in France :blush:) … because of the license, it’s offered for about $ 315 … we cross a “painful” financial level … so this one should be closer to $ 300 … :weary:

Here are more angles

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I’m not sure how a figure of an old man will sell well.

Why an old man?.. The main interest of this figure will undoubtedly be the “endoskeleton” … and the photo of the character who will surely be represented … :blush:

I meant the Godfather figure :smile: